User experience Hondrocream

Story sent Andrey, who happened to survive serious injury and to cope with the effects thanks to the use of Hondrocream.

Hello. I wanted to share with you my experience of recovery after a small "accident" happened with me during cycling. As a result of a collision with another cyclist I got a little shaken up and stretching. So as I have намечались amateur competitions, and the doctor recommended to load the body after this time, I need a fast result without consequences. Improvements able to achieve, in really record time thanks Hondrocream.

How to deal with constant pain?

The situation had безвыходная — doctor in regular consultations continued to advise the full peace and the lifelong upload it all got too close. I decided that even if it's not don't feel any pressure, проедусь with everything so definitely. But to do this I had to speed up the recovery and alleviate the pain syndrome. Bruises gave complications in the joints, so as to move could only with long breaks. While it didn't help my girlfriend (a doctor), while проходившая practice on the other side of the city, who could not be here every time I needed support.

I would recommend to ask your friends, увлекающихся cycling with me, how to get rid of the pain in the muscles and joints with continuous training or after injuries. The research gave the result — that's how I learned to Hondrocream.

Consultation with the doctor

To use ointment immediately after the recommendation has not happened. First of all, he's afraid of the side effects. Secondly, you should first consult your doctor to rule out the possibility of individual intolerance and components of the standard "don't hurt himself". After brief thoughts special gave it to me good and I bought Hondrocream.

The doctor recommended not to dwell only in the ointment, as there is a quick result from a product can not be. So I resorted to the composite measures, not eliminating even procedures, due to which three times the week I had to drive to the hospital.

The result of Hondrocream

The result made me wait for a long time. I got rid of настырной pain, unpleasant sensations from injuries that cause serious disruption. It was hard to move, but after using the cream he managed to free the girl from going in the shower (quite annoying, I'm not used to such).

It should be noted that the instructions need to be followed with accuracy, while not forgetting that each load on the victim end will give you complications in the future, and a burden for the body generally not recommended during the recovery. Daily rubbing cream on injuries, could accelerate the recovery, if and щадил yourself, bearing in mind the recommendations of your doctor.

Efficiency in

As I said, a miracle waiting, there wasn't time. In conjunction with all prescribed procedures and rich in vitamins nutrition, through my girlfriend, who daily wanted me and would help, could make a full recovery and return to previous mobility of the foot. Already after the full restoration I eventually used the ointment as a prevention for another cycling has become the last injury, and I have to say, it helped me not to get into a friend травматологу and again after the fall on the ice after six months, after the "accident".

Ointment acts, and do this really quickly. I can recommend to all your friends, увлекающимся sport, and those who are in experienced the consequences of a simple fall.