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Sara Souza


  • Causes, manifestations and degree of osteoarthritis of the knee joint. Methods of treatment of the disease: medication, gymnastics, nutrition correction. Preventive measures.
    4 September 2020
  • Shooting in children and adolescents hurts for different reasons. Most often, this is due to the high sitting on the table, scoliosis. also pain can be due to kidney disease. The treatment depends on the cause of the pathology. To prevent pain with the use of prevention activities.
    18 December 2018
  • Often people come for consultation to the doctor with pain arising in the right part of the back. Indication that safe, because the observe of various serious pathological disorders.
    8 September 2018
  • Pain in the back, tension and stiffness in the back — common problems, which sooner or later faces the majority of people.
    24 August 2018
  • My back hurts what to do – that is the question periodically gets up before every one of us. Here, you Will learn the main causes of back pain, and what exercises for the back that you can do at home
    23 August 2018
  • Limitation of disability often occurs due to pain in the lower back.
    14 August 2018