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  • There are more than 180 joints in the human body. Joint pain during exercise is common. It is important to find out the cause of the symptom and learn about the measures to prevent this condition.
    23 January 2024
  • What causes back pain? Types and manifestations of pain syndrome. Diagnosis of pain syndrome in the back. What to do with back pain?
    11 October 2022
  • Do you suffer from back pain and do not know what to do? What are the causes of pain and how to get rid of them? Find out about it right now from the article.
    15 October 2021
  • The appearance of back pain shows various diseases and disorders. It is not always possible to determine the nature of the symptoms. How do I know that it hurts the kidneys;
    3 November 2018
  • Because the fillets does it hurt? What can I do? Sudden and shooting, aching and long-lasting, sudden and of short duration back pain – this is always unpleasant.
    18 October 2018
  • Pain in the abdomen and back at the same time arise from the fact that the abdomen is a lot of vital organs, and back how to reflect the pain for yourself. Causes may be: diseases of the urinary system and the kidneys.
    21 September 2018
  • Basic principles of treatment, the Correct approach to treatment, Pharmacological drugs, physical therapy, Prescriptions of folk healers
    3 August 2018