What if you have a sore throat: how to treat at home and when is it best to go to the doctor

The neck consists of vertebrae that extend from the back of the head until the upper part of the trunk. Between the vertebrae are special units, which absorb the pressure. The bones, ligaments and muscles located in the neck — all working to keep your head and make a move. Any abnormality, trauma, or inflammation, for it leads to painful sensations.

how to get rid of acute pain in the neck

What if it hurts your neck? Because from time to time this happens with everyone. Often this is related to over-voltage or incorrect posture. Sometimes the pain can be caused by injury due to a fall or sports.

Most often to get rid of the pain in the neck, it is possible for a few days at home with no extra money, if it's pretty negligible, it then passes by itself. Sometimes it can be a warning for serious injuries and illnesses, and requires immediate examination by a specialist. If the pain in the cervical spine strong, it takes more than a week and is accompanied by other symptoms, contact your doctor right away.

Causes of pain in the neck

When it hurts your neck? This may be due to various reasons.

Muscle tension and stretch

Most often this occurs due to:

  • poor posture of the body?
  • too big for finding a job?
  • failed poses during the sleep?
  • damage neck during physical exercise.


The neckline is particularly vulnerable to falls, bumps, sport and other activity, during which the muscles are forced to go beyond the usual range of motion. Fracture of the vertebrae there is a high probability, the spinal cord is also damaged.

A heart attack

Neck pain can be a symptom of a heart attack. However, usually in such cases, it manifests with other symptoms, such as:

  • shortness of breath;
  • increased sweating;
  • the weakness of the;
  • vomiting;
  • the pain in your hands or jaws.

If you have noticed that a lot of these symptoms, immediately call an Ambulance.

how to get rid of acute neck pain exercises


Meningitis is an inflammation of the thin shell of the spinal cord and brain. In many cases, patients with meningitis, along with fever and headache indicate unpleasant sensation and застои in the neck. This is a very dangerous disease that can end up fatal. If you find you have symptoms of meningitis, immediately for assistance, contact your doctor.

Other causes

  • Rheumatoid arthritis causes discomfort, swelling of the joints and bone spurs. With the development of arthritis in the neck area appear intense pain.
  • Osteoporosis leads to weakened bones and fractures. Greater risk of are usually affected from your hands and knees, but often suffers and the throat.
  • Fibromyalgia is a condition that causes muscle pain throughout the body, particularly in the area of the neck and shoulders.
  • With age, happens degeneration intervertebral disc. This situation is also called osteoarthritis — contraction of the space between ceruicis of the vertebrae, which increases the pressure on the neck and causes pain.
  • As a result of injury to intervertebral disc can begin strongly to protrude to the outside, that increases the pressure on the spine and the nerve endings, causing discomfort.
  • Spinae stenosis occurs when the spinal column narrows and causes pressure on the spinal cord or the nerve roots, when it comes out from the vertebrae. This may be the result of a long inflammation caused by arthritis and other diseases.

In rare cases, neck pain can occur as a result:

  • defects?
  • the infection is?
  • the abscess?
  • tumors;
  • cancer of the spine.

When to consult your doctor

If symptoms persist more than a week, you should consult with a specialist. Also, you need to go to the hospital, if you have the following symptoms:

  • intense pain in the neck for no reason?
  • the tumor?
  • fever?
  • headaches?
  • inflammation of the lymph nodes;
  • the weakness of the;
  • vomiting;
  • problems with swallowing and breathing?
  • nausea?
  • numbness?
  • ringing in the ears?
  • pain that spreads from the top down with your hands or feet?
  • inability to move your hands?
  • the inability to touch the chin to the chest?
  • disorders of the functioning of the bladder or bowel.

Also, contact your doctor immediately if the pain appeared as a result of a fall or accident.

How to deal with the pain in the neck

In the first phase, the doctor will check the physical condition and medical history. You are ready to tell you about all the nuances проявляющихся symptoms. Also, it is worth mentioning about all of the medicines you have taken lately. Any information on available injuries, even if you think, that has nothing to do with the problem, it will be useful.

The method of treatment depends on the diagnosis. In addition to the general review and analysis of the medical card, the doctor may prescribe additional tests:

  • analysis of blood?
  • x-ray?
  • the ct scan?
  • MRI scan-the scan?
  • electromyography, which allows you to check the health of muscles and nerve endings is?
  • a spinal tap, or lumbar puncture.

Depending on the results of the tests your doctor will refer you to the appropriate specialist. Treatment may include:

  • calor justo is?
  • PHYSIOTHERAPY and stretching it?
  • analgesics?
  • injections of corticosteroids;
  • muscle pills?
  • cervical guardian?
  • tractu resistance of the spine?
  • antibiotics (if infection);
  • treatment in a hospital (with meningitis and a heart incident);
  • surgery (rarely used).

Alternative treatment is:

  • the acupuncture?
  • the chiropractic is?
  • massage?
  • transcutaneous electrical stimulation of nerves.

Whatever the treatment method, make sure you find the right certified technician.

exercise first

How to get rid of the pain in the neck at home

If the pain is a small, try the following treatments:

  • The first couple of days, apply a cold compress to the injured area. Immediately after this, use a warm compress or take a hot shower?
  • Take over-the-counter pain relievers, such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen;
  • In a few days to abandon the exercise, weight lifting and activity, which enhances the painful. At least reduce the symptoms gradually back to a normal level of activity?
  • Every day charge for the neck. Slowly pull your head from side to side, from top to bottom?
  • Watch your posture;
  • During a call, don't clamp your phone between the neck and shoulder?
  • The more often you change the position of the body. Don't sit and don't stand too long without moving?
  • Gently massage the neck?
  • During sleep use the special pillow for the neck?
  • Do not wear a cervical brace, without prior consultation with a specialist. Improper use can worsen the symptoms.

Stretching helps to forget the pain

During the course of your work try to keep the monitor was at eye level, sit right down, keep your back straight, don't recurvus and the head high is very low. During the ride back from the steering wheel or to surf the internet from your smartphone, try to give yourself short periods of rest, to neck vertebrae didn't go very far forward.

The key to get rid of the pain — all the right moves and the appropriate stretching. The following exercises for the back and neck can do the job, and behind the wheel:

  • Make 10 circular movements shoulders back?
  • 10 times keep your shoulder blades together?
  • Keeping your head straight, the more intensely rest behind the eyes in the back of the chair and hold it in this position for 30 seconds?
  • Tilt your head to the side as close as possible to the shoulder, 10 times on each side.

Be careful when you sleep

If you often annoy pain for him, he's worth more closely associated with what conditions and in what position you are sleeping. Try to sleep only on the sides or in the back — do not sleep on the stomach.

When you sleep on your stomach, then you turn your head to this or that person and neck will harden in a few hours in an uncomfortable position. Such a dream may negatively affect the situation and the lower part of the backrest, since in the absence of proper support to the abdomen "falls" down.

For minor pain, in addition to the exercise, follow the instructions below:

  • Apply to the injured area is cold or hot compress. The first 48-72 hours, use ice, then proceed to warm compresses. Do not use compression during sleep, as this can lead to injury.
  • Take over-the-counter pain relievers, such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen;
  • Keep moving, but eliminate the movements that enhance the pain. This will help to reduce the symptoms and inflammation.
  • Gently massage the neck.
  • Try to sleep on a hard mattress, without a pillow or a special pillow for the neck.
  • Ask your doctor about the need to use a cervical band. Do not wear a bandage for too long, it can relax muscles.

9 yoga exercises for neck

Yoga — another good way to get rid of the pain.

1. The hands crossed on the chest

Convenient sit on the floor or in a chair with a straight back, shoulders relaxed, neck long. Pull your right hand so that it was at shoulder height, and bring it to the left. Turn your head, look through the right shoulder. This attitude allows you to stretch the muscles of the neck and the back of the shoulder. Hold in this position for 8-10 breaths-breaths, then repeat with the left hand.

exercise second

2. The "продевание thread the needle"

Stand on all fours, knees at an angle in relation to the hips. Pull your left hand maximum forward and drag the right down. Get down from the right shoulder and the cheek. Close your eyes, relax, feel like stretching the muscles of the shoulders, arms, upper back and neck. Hold in this position for 8-10 breaths-breaths, then repeat with the left hand.

3. The hands of the eagle

Stand or sit in a comfortable position, spine straight, neck stretched. Pull both hands, so that it is across the width and the height of the shoulder. Bend the right hand to the head and pass your left hand under the right. Bend and wrap your left hand around the right. The ultimate goal — to touch the palms. This may take some time, so if you haven't, then grab with the left hand from the wrist of the right hand. Take a deep breath. Lower your shoulders, gently pull your hands from your face and slowly rotate your head toward the left shoulder. This attitude allows you to stretch the muscles of the hands, shoulders, upper back and neck. Hold in this position for at least 5 breaths-breaths (ideally 10). Repeat with the other side.

4. Circular motion the head

Convenient sit on the floor or in a chair with a straight back, shoulders relaxed, neck long. Lower your chin toward your chest, then slowly lower your head to the right, trying to touch your right ear to your right shoulder. Immerse the tips of the fingers of the left hand on the left shoulder and the right hand over the left ear. The more you press your hands on his shoulder and the ear, the more stretched the muscles. This exercise of the pain in the neck and shoulders. Repeat with the other side.

5. Circular motions shoulders

Stand or sit in a comfortable position, keep your back straight. Place the tips of the fingers to the shoulders. Stretch the elbows to the other in the front part of the body, to stretch the shoulder and the upper part of the back. Up — to stretch the triceps. The edge — to stretch the chest and front of shoulder. Stretch the elbows of each other from the side of the back, to stretch the deep muscles of the shoulder and chest.

6. Stretching Cat"

Stand on all fours, knees at an angle in relation to the hips. In every breath deflect back, the eyes directed to the ceiling. With each exhale, pull your chin toward your chest, pull your tailbone, back округлите. This exercise helps to stretch the muscles of the neck, chest, shoulders, back and waist. Each position hold for 8-10 breaths-breaths.

exercise sixth

7. Arm at the elbow

Stand or sit in a comfortable position, keep your back straight. Raise your right hand upward, bend the elbow and down between the shoulder blades. The left hand, place your right elbow and pressing gently to increase the stretch of the muscle. This attitude allows you to stretch the muscles shoulders, triceps, back, and neck. Hold for 8-10 breaths. Repeat with the other side.

8. Hands in the castle behind the back

Stand with your feet at shoulder width apart. Put your hands behind your back and соприкоснитесь with the palms. Raise your hands as high as possible, until you feel as stretched in the front part of the shoulder. Hold for 8-10 breaths.

9. Fish stop with the support

Sit on the floor, legs pull in front of you or bend your knees. Place a small pile of blankets or two units for yoga behind yourself, so that when you lean back, the one found between the shoulder blades and the other under the head. Lower the back on the blocks, hands loose on both sides of the trunk. This attitude allows you to stretch the muscles of the chest and throat, as well as the front part of the shoulder. Hold for 8-10 breaths.