Main causes of back pain in the area down the neck but above the waist

Discomfort in the back, usually caused by pathological disorders of the spine. However, it is not all that unique. Often the pain in the back under the shoulder blades is caused by diseases of the internal organs, psychosomatic causes, or traumatic injury. Therefore, before proceeding to the organization of the therapy, we need to know what exactly was the cause of the pain reactions of the organism. Usually, do it yourself it can not, you should go for a consultation with your doctor.

Causes of pain

It hurts the back below the scapula region for a variety of reasons. If a person experiences a sharp pain, then this is caused by an injury to the back or the spine, inflammatory processes in this. If the person is characterized by pain syndrome, such as pain, plan, moderate intensity, then, most likely, it is for pathologies of the spine or the heart, blood vessels, stomach years duration. Stupid pain observed in diseases of the bladder and of the heart.

Among all the conditions which cause pain under the shoulder blades, the most common factors associated with pathological changes in the vertebral column. This is explained by the fact that spine. (all sections, including of the chest) is constantly experiencing increased pressure, keeping the weight of the person's body and allows him to walk straight. If the man does not deal with strengthening the muscles of steel in the back, not watching posture, with the passage of time starts to hurt my back.

Diseases of the spine

it hurts the back below the shoulders


Back pain is one of the most common causes of pain in the back. The disease occurs when a person has irregular and insufficient physical activity. In this scenario, significantly weaken the muscles of the back and chest, which is complemented by unpleasant painful events, because of the spine. can not cope with the load. The intervertebral discs pressure of the vertebrae, which does not allow the disks to get enough nutrients. Under this effect are deformed, they change their structure. Thanks to these changes in the discs become irritated, the nerve, the spine is still elastic, the vertebrae and the discs that are formed osteophytes. All this combined causes in humans, back pain in the area of blades, left or right, depending on where exactly zaselyalsya nerve endings.

Osteochondrosis of the cervical spine is manifested discomfort in the occipital part of the head, neck, then pain goes down from – up to shoulder area. A person can feel that the neck, his head went numb.

The types of degenerative disc disease.

If the patient has osteochondrosis of the section of the spine, the back starts to hurt directly in the space between the shoulder blades. Pain is felt in the chest. People say that it is difficult for them to breathe (deep breath). And also, there are cases in which, due to the degenerative disc disease person feels pain in the heart.

Happens that a pain reaction in the back below the shoulders is manifested by low back pain lumbar spine. In this scenario, a sharp and painful reaction that can be observed on the back, gives in the lower extremities, and if the disease progresses, the pain begins to give in the region of the left scapula. In general, pain in the back, over the fillet, caused by the pathological changes in the spine, which is enhanced when the person actively moves.

To improve the condition of the patient man, using the recipes of folk medicine, as well as rubbing the injured area. If the pain does not stop, you should always consult a doctor. This pathology deals with the neurologist, who after diagnostic actions will make the appointment of the necessary medicines and complementary therapies (physiotherapy, PHYSIOTHERAPY, massage, etc.).


In the case when the back pain caused by myositis or insufficient muscle tone, then the treatment may be in the normal performance of specially selected exercise. Also, in this case, can be used rubbing the muscles in the area below the shoulders distillates (home or pharmacy cooking), apply tepidus ointment. But even in this case, you should get recommendations from your doctor, to avoid possible negative consequences, as well as to take account of the particular characteristics of the organism.

Intercostal neuralgia

The disease is caused by compression results nerve endings from the side of the vertebrae. Intercostal neuralgia is usually associated with paroxysmal moments of deterioration different in intensity and features. The pain is like a fool, so rapiente. During the diagnosis the doctor questions the patient, gathers a medical history, performs a physical inspection external, palpation, to install the most painful area. Also attributed to an x-ray examination, the ultrasound. Source pathological changes often formed in the area of inflammation of organs situated in the chest. Disease of the lungs, bronchi, pleura, often accompanied by what in humans pain in the back, in the area just below the shoulders. Sometimes, the pain in neuralgia is noticeable not only in the back, and the chest.

For the treatment of intercostal neuralgia techniques are used which aim, mainly, to the elimination of the cause that caused the crisis, the weakening or the complete address. Be sure to are drugs, stop the inflammatory process. In the treatment of neuralgia are also effective are considered to be physical therapy. All of these are designed to relieve back pain, stimulate tissue regeneration, to enhance the uptake of these nutrients by improving the blood circulation.

  • Noggin transcranial electroanalgesia.
  • UHF.
  • Fluctuationem.
  • Magnetic treatment.
  • Laser treatment.
  • Acupuncture.
  • The mud bath.

Traumatic injuries

A prerequisite for the manifestation of the pain reactions under the shoulder blades are often traumatic in nature as the most scapular bone and the spinal column in the area of the department. This kind of damage, the person becomes in hits, drops. The pain in this case, will not allow a man freely to move your arms, and the damaged area turns red and will become thicker. In case of injury to do chest x-ray, after which the doctor-traumatologist or surgeon will prescribe you medication.

The cause of the pain can be osteomyelitis, which develop into open lesions (sores). The disease is accompanied by inflammatory processes, a general poisoning of the body.

Pathology of internal organs


Very often, the pain under the shoulder blades is caused by diseases of the heart. For example, myocardial infarction is manifested by the fact that the person exerts pressure on the heart area and back pain in the region of the spine, the left shoulder blade. The pain may radiate in the region of the head, neck, and left shoulder, the hand, until the patient cannot move. In case, when the discomfort does not cease, if the man is a little movement or deep breathing, should be immediately sent to the hospital.

it hurts the back under the shoulder blades reasons

The stomach

Various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (e. g., a stomach ulcer) very often become causes for back pain in the area below the neck. During the process of the evolution of ulcers of the stomach causing destruction of the mucosa, nerve endings about aperture, causing bouts of severe pain, not only in the abdomen, but also in the back, under the shoulder blades. Is characterized by periodically as is apparent, significantly worse when abstaining from food and then the food without complying with the recommendations of the doctor. Painful events become less intense or they pass at all, after a patient vomit or to make hot compress. In addition, when a stomach ulcer, the patients are the following symptoms.

  • Vomiting when the pain is most intense.
  • Heartburn, belching.
  • Pain / under the shoulder blades in the back, as well as giving heart.
  • If the disease has destroyed the mucous membrane of the stomach very, or completely, then the patients note that they have pain in the back, shoulders.
  • Sweating.
  • Pallor.

Treatment of pain reactions from the side of the back when a stomach ulcer, in any case, can't organize yourself without talking to your doctor. Treatment in this case must be the underlying condition, which causes pain.

Between of traditional medicine, helping to reduce the acidity of the stomach, often referred to as baking soda. However, the doctors is the method is not supported, because the soda has a very aggressive effect on the reality on the mucous membrane of the organ, destroying it and compounding the problem.


Inflammation of the lungs is inherent painful reaction of the body to the chest, in the back. In addition to this, the man goes up the temperature, lung used wheezing, occurs cough, shortness of breath. If pneumonia blind, the spin down from the shoulders it hurts on the side of the damaged lung, if two-sided, with two sides.

Relief of pain depends directly on the effectiveness of the provided care for the patient with underlying pathology.

It hurts at the top of the back

If the person regularly works physically, stretching the muscles of the back, the reasons for the scapula-rib pain associated with excessive load on his back, the constant trauma vertebrae section of the spine, the muscle fibres, with hypothermia, staying in a design. Often, even the light breeze is enough to run out of the room and dressed him while the man felt the pain under the shoulder blades. The symptoms of the common cold are the following symptoms:

  • Damaged or frigus the muscular system causing weakly expressed pain along the spine.
  • The man is limited to the fulfilment of the contractual moves: it is difficult to perform bends the head, the body, to bend.
  • When you click in the area of blades speed is not very strong sensitivity.
  • Muscle tension goes out of the back, also, and on a leash.
  • Scapula-rib syndrome pain responsive feeling of weight in the middle, in the back, shoulders, upper limb, pain in the chest.
  • Deterioration usually happens when the person is experiencing physical stress in the muscles of the chest, the back.
  • If treatment is not started promptly, pathological disorders affecting the neck, shoulder joint, upper limbs, side of the chest, i.e. the area of the body that are located outside of the affected areas of the body.
it hurts the back under the shoulder blades from the stress.
The problem of detection and diagnosis of lung-rib syndrome consists in the fact that the discover definitely, not to be confused with other pathological changes in the body, it can be only during the attack. So if you see these symptoms you won't have to wait to continue, and as quickly as possible are examined.

Psychosomatic causes

If a person experiences regularly overload of a psychological nature, stress, this tension has a negative effect on the muscular system of the whole body, including the back. In this case, pain in the back below the shoulders but above the waist is not unusual. People usually complain that it is difficult for a long time to stand or sit, because my back muscle pulls. In "risk group" there are people who don't move during the working day and often fall into stressful situations, or are forced to cut the aggression, irritation to external factors.

In this case, the pain in the back to pass, when the person solve psychological problems, to learn properly responding to stimuli from the outside.

Causes of pain below shoulder blade area too. Therefore, to find out why my back hurts, in any case, you will need to diagnostic activities, which can't organize yourself. When you receive such a symptom, you should consult your doctor and then do the treatment.