For what reason during the night it hurts loins and back?

Racks night back pain not only violate the a full night's sleep and rest. They can be a symptom of any disease. But, before you contact your doctor, we will have to see how much of a pain in the back is stored after waking up from the bed. If after a quarter of an hour would pass, maybe the cause is not of a medical nature.

pain in the back during the night

Often the fillets hurts during the night because of uncomfortable bed, sleeping. Experts advise to vary the area of the night's rest. If after a few days, a night's sleep in the other bed fillets stops hurting, that is, to be happy – be healthy. You just need to change the bed mattress on the orthopedic or to replace the old sofa into a new one, with the appropriate overlay.

When you do this, to strengthen the muscles of the back is not superfluous to swimming and yoga, to pass the ten-day duration of the massage. During storage of back pain requires a comprehensive examination to determine the exact diagnosis.

Actually medical causes of lumbar night pain

When the night wound to the back in the lumbar region, it is by alone is not a reliable indication of any specific disease. My back hurts with a multitude of different pathologies. Therefore, the duty of the physician is to remove killed the patient disease from many other diseases with similar symptoms.

Often the fillets hurts during the night rest for the following diseases:

  • osteochondrosis;
  • a herniated intervertebral disk?
  • ankylosing spondylitis.

When osteochondrosis. degenerative process of the cartilaginous and bone tissue leading to severe dystrophic changes of discs and vertebrae. The cause of the disease usually become chronic overload and are presented in the history of the many minor injuries of the vertebrae. The body of the vertebrae is deformed when rubbed to each other. The disease is accompanied by pain in the legs of pain in the back.

Similar symptoms give you a hernia. If you have a hernia of the spinal canal squeezed the spinal cord, the nerves, the blood vessels. This causes the appearance of night-vertebrate pain.

Ankylosing spondylitis is also called bechterew's disease. It is a systemic disease, which mainly affects the joints of the spine and surrounding soft tissues. Night pain in the lumbar spine is one of the main symptoms of the disease. After waking up and rising from the bed, the pain goes away immediately, and only in a few hours. To reduce the pain help motion and a hot shower.

Right diagnosis will allow the doctor to determine the correct treatment of the disease. Self-medicate, when prompted for a night lumbar pain to do not recommended. After further diagnosis, the doctor will prescribe medication, including pain relief quickly.

If the cause of pain has become one of the diseases that is required is not coincidental, but systematic, comprehensive treatment of the disease. After treatment of the underlying disease night pain will stop by themselves.

A few more causes of back pain during the night

In addition to the most frequently occurring diseases, there are other factors that cause during the night acute or pulling pain in the lumbar region. The source of back pain during the night sleep can be:

  • cut previously trauma of the spine?
  • the instability of the spine?
  • causes of psychogenic character?
  • muscle spasm is?
  • kidney disease.
back treatment

Damage to any parts of the spine do not exist for humans without a trace. After that you may stay subacute inflammatory process, pinched nerve, branches, and other adverse effects. Over time, manifested by pain syndrome in the back or in other parts of the back.

Spinal instability is a characteristic of women, experiencing time after the onset of menopause. Also, the instability may have a genetic aetiology. Happens that hurts fillets in the night, and spasms of the muscles.

When renal pathologies night pain localized not so much in the back, as in thoracic spine. The sand or stones of the urinary tract, acute or chronic pyelonephritis, other kidney diseases can cause pain, radiating to the area of the sternum from the side of the back. It is characteristic that when kidney disorders and inflammation escalates it was during the night. In the afternoon pain syndrome is expressed not so bright.

Kidney disease accompanied, in addition to the night of pain, especially of specific symptoms. In particular, the patient increases the temperature of the body is suffering from pain during urination, often have to go to the toilet in the night. A proper diagnosis, the doctor can only after the analysis and examination of the kidney by ultrasound.

When the pain in the back should not be ruled out psychological causes. The strong mental stress experienced by the patient, reflects mainly the spine as a central pillar of the human body.