Pain in the back in the prone position: all the possible causes

Usually, the pain in the back lying down subsides or ceases altogether, therefore, many patients receive such symptomatic event for the normal fatigue after intense physical exercise. Is other the clinical picture is characterized by increased pain when the patient rests in a horizontal position.

pain in the back

Often aid pain is a symptom of a serious illness, that requires immediate treatment. When you receive atypical symptoms you should definitely contact a qualified technician.

Cause factors and causes

Clinicians there are two basic causative factors that can influence the appearance of back pain, when patients are in a state of calm. The first refers to saline pain, which is a consequence of the intense traffic loads, sharp, exhaustive physical exercise, long-term stay in a static position. The second group is characterized by the development of symptoms of serious diseases of the skeletal system or muscle-cartilage structures. Common causes are:

  • pregnancy (II and III trimenon);
  • the increase in body mass index;
  • end stage diseases of the skeletal system (arthritis, osteochondrosis);
  • pathology of the urinary and reproductive system?
  • malignant tumors of internal organs?
  • acute inflammatory diseases of the bones;
  • herniated intervertebral with locating in the lumbosacral spine.

The clinical picture is manifested individually for each patient, exactly as in the management of patients with growing pain to the patient lying on his back. Description of pain and its intensity depends on the degree or duration of pathological processes. The characteristics of the pain are the following:

  • pulling, burning, acute, obtuse, severe?
  • moderate, intense, can uneventful it?
  • bilateral or unilateral to you?
  • glitter in various parts of the spine (usually the lumbar, the sacral vertebrae, cervical parts);
  • long-lasting or other.

It is important to take into account the criteria for the pain changes when you change the position of the body, after the use of certain drugs. Pain in the back in the prone position may depend on the time of day.

Inflammation of the genitourinary system and pyelonephritis

Pyelonephritis — inflammation of the kidneys rising of the urinary tract. Pain in back when lying on his back, explained the position of the kidneys. Anatomically they are closer to the back, at the level of or below hypochondrium. Pain is caused and extension of fibro-parenchymatous layers of the renal structures. Pain in pyelonephritis pulling, are felt mainly in night hours. The trend for increased pain is manifested when strong vibrations, deep breathing, cycling or riding on a horse. During the inspection, the patient responds to the blow to the kidney from the side of the backrest or of the lungs jump on their heels.

Other symptoms are:

  • change the color of urine and atypical impurities (blur, white flakes, slimy ingredient, orange shade);
  • frequent urination with pain, such as cystitis (a complication as inflammation of the bladder);
  • an increase in the temperature of the body (it is characteristic for children up to 15 years).

Long-flowing pyelonephritis can cause serious complications in all the structures, it often becomes the cause of chronic renal failure.

Manifestations of degenerative disc disease.

To lead to a "bedridden" back pain may develop osteoarthritis — pathological change of bone, of cartilage in the intervertebral disc of any translation. The disease is prevalent among the dystrophic changes of fabrics in the axial skeleton.

causes of pain in the back

Lower back pain lying on your back with a background of degenerative disc disease is associated with irritation of the nerve roots located within the spinal column. Pain in osteochondrosis. may be the following:

  • acute (sudden, long-lasting);
  • deep, long-lasting, pull?
  • sudden severe with radiation to the lower extremities.

The pain may be aggravated during the night, especially during the time of the rollover with boca on the side. The pain intensifies, and while falling asleep in a soft bed, with sudden involuntary movements. Furthermore, patients note a decrease in the sensitivity in the region of the back, the appearance of muscle weakness, change in conditions-reflective reactions, burning sensation, tingling, or complete numbness.

Bechterew's Disease

The disease refers to specific situations, which are characterized by pain, otherwise referred to as ankylosing spondylitis. The pathology is autoimmune in nature, occurs in the joints of the spine or sacrum-iliac articulation joints.

When bechterew's disease noted pain in the back lying on his back, mainly, during the night. Every movement facilitate the patient's condition. Additional symptoms are:

  • limitation of joint mobility?
  • stiffness in the lumbar spine?
  • the curvature of the vertical axis of the spine from the type of scoliosis you?
  • reduction of development?
  • forced position of the body for the pain in the back.

Ankylosing spondylitis can occur in patients of any age, depending on clinical history of the patient and other predisposing factors.

Ulcerative lesions in the duodenum

Ulcers disease stomach to parts of the duodenum are another cause of back pain. The appearance of the pain lying down associated with hungry pain when the mucosa maximum is exposed, and there is damage to the gastric juice. Characteristic localization of pain — the area of the peritoneum, but taking into account the anatomy of the intestine, can give and in spinal sections. Other symptoms are:

  • the appearance of persistent dyspeptic violations?
  • flatulence or bloating?
  • acid burp?
  • violation of the chair.

Usually after taking antacid medicines pain subsides. The lack of adequate treatment often leads to complications in the form of stomach or intestinal bleeding, perforation of the mucous membrane, disease of the mucous membrane of the intestine.

There are many reasons that can cause intensity of the pain during the night sleeping in the back or lied to me in the afternoon. To ignore such events dangerous because of the gradual progression of the disease and the development of serious complications, until the disability.

Treatment and prevention

The treatment begins with a detailed differential diagnosis for the identification of the underlying disease, which determines the appearance of the pain.

During treatment, it is necessary to change the position of the body during sleep. To do this, you acquire a hard orthopedic mattress, pad, lining down his back. During the course of drug therapy, it is recommended to conduct therapeutic exercise, massage. Active lifestyle, also, is an important aspect of a successful recovery.

For pain relief is required, the appointment of painkillers (ointments, system drugs, balsams), various ointments, pads with therapeutic compositions. Are often used a couple of recipes of folk medicine.


Prediction with the "bedridden" pain completely depends on the nature of the pathology, the degree of development of degenerative processes, as well as from the underlying cause. Usually with early diagnosis and compliance with all medical recommendations has been a significant improvement in the quality of life of the patient, reduce the risks of disability.