It hurts the middle of my back and right at the bottom

All of sometimes it hurts my back. In most cases, this symptom is not a serious concern. But if the pain in the back right / regularly, it is worth considering in this name and body, to try to analyze the causes of the symptoms, and if necessary, consult your doctor.

the pain in the back from behind

For what reasons may appear pain in the right side of the back;

One of the most common causes that occurs aching pain in the back with the right hand, is a disorder of the posture or the prolonged stay of the body in a normal disadvantage. New being in the wrong posture leads to a compensatory deformity of the spine and poor distribution of load for muscles, support him. Insufficient levels of physical activity, work in the place of "sitting", the wrong choice of bedding – all of these can disrupt the posture of the body.

Sometimes the pain in the right side of the back occurs because of the displacement of the intervertebral discs. The cause of the pathology may be a chronic disease of the locomotor system or trauma. When any deformation of the intervertebral discs suffer are located in the immediate vicinity of nerves, with the result that the feeling of discomfort.

Aching pain in the back can lead to problems of the digestive system, particularly the intestines. More often a symptom indicates a hormonal imbalance and disorder of the mode of operation. If the pain in the back pulling to the right appears regularly, you need to reflect on the duration of the diet and consulting a gastroenterologist.

If the pain gives in the back right, the cause may be the pathology of the kidney. Unpleasant sensations can also be felt from the front, in the region of the abdomen and under the ribs. The most common cause of this phenomenon – kidney stones or the violation of the outflow of urine. Sometimes the regular discomfort may be accompanied by disorders of urination.

The pain in the back with the right hand from below can be a consequence of obesity. Excess weight violates the operation of all the systems of the body. In particular, the excessive mass of the body indicate the additional load of the locomotor system. The result – regular back pain, which, as a rule, without leaving any traces disappear after the normalization of weight.

What this could mean so much pain?

Diseases of reproductive organs in women — the main cause of back pain

In women the pain in the lower back on the right may indicate disease reproductive organs. This symptom is typical for inflammatory processes of the pelvic organs, tumors and cysts of the ovaries. The biggest danger in this situation is the lack of severe symptoms – are deleted in the clinical picture of "nudges" the patient does not pay attention to the appearance of this symptom, and the attention it attracts only the pain I ignore already I can't. A woman may think that pulling pain in the back right appears from lifting weights or other loads and is not interested in the real cause.

The pain in the back with your right hand at the top can signal about diseases of the respiratory system. If the discomfort is felt regularly, there is a high probability of the existence of chronic disease. Some experienced doctors are able to detect the presence of tumors in the lungs and bronchi in accordance with the description of the patients pain. It is often so noticeable, not only the pain in the back at the top, but and discomfort in the breast area. Sometimes it is so the pain can give in the hand. In case of heavy damage to internal organs can be felt both from the right and from the left.

If a sharp pain in the back with the right hand not wearing traumatic in nature, the cause may be a variety of disorders in the functioning of the peripheral nervous system. If unpleasant sensation appeared after injury, or the back has been damaged in the recent past, acute back pain is a direct consequence of this injury. In this case we need to contact the medical institution and, if necessary, to pass the examination by doctor and investigation, which will include the whole complex of modern radiological methods of examination (ct and mri).

pain during pregnancy

For any other reason, you may receive the syndrome pain?

When pregnancy is natural that the appearance of pain in the back

Pain in the back right-back after intense physical exercise, a phenomenon common and non-hazardous. If you are regularly feeling discomfort after the work associated with lifting weights or performing gradients, you can try simple exercises to strengthen your back, learn to keep your back in the correct position of the spine. If the pain on the right side of the back is very strong, it makes sense to minimize exercise and to pass the examination for the detection of chronic diseases of the locomotor system.

Often with pain in the right side with the back complain of the women in period of pregnancy. Symptom non-hazardous in the case which excluded the possibility of chronic diseases of the spine and the kidneys. During the reproductive age presented significant increase of weight in a short period of time, thus changing the load on the back muscles, the result can be regular pain in the back pulling to the right. For the reduction of discomfort, it is recommended to prioritize the types of physical activity, such as walking and swimming, to acquire an orthopedic mattress, to wear properly selected prenatal bandage and avoid heavy physical work.

Why does it hurt in the middle on the right: treatment

Back pain — it is quite a common phenomenon. According to opinion polls, about 30% of the adult population of Russia suffering from various restless feeling in my back. According to the respondents, lower back pain is equally often with the right and left side. Causes of pain in the back right consisted not only in diseases of the spine, and problems with the functioning of the internal organs. When a series of conditions encountered, lower back pain right side during movement. In some cases, the pain was such, in other — acute.

The majority of respondents admitted that when they were in acute and pulling lower back pain, is not in a hurry to contact your doctor. What is the reason? Many believed that the symptoms of pain do not prevent them when driving. In addition, almost all respondents were aware that pain in the back need to take urgent measures, and only 15% of them acted accordingly.

Lower back pain — an excuse to go to the doctor

The difficulty of diagnosis

When he got sick spin from the right, we have to find the cause of this condition. They can be very different. The discomfort is usually accompanied by simultaneous changes in the body. The changes include:

  • increase of temperature?
  • headache?
  • vomiting;
  • shortness of breath and increased urination.

There may be other symptoms, allowing for faster diagnosis of the disease.

Causes of back pain is congenital and acquired diseases. Often the pain in the middle right can be one of the typical problems of the musculoskeletal system.

If the person has acute back pain, this manifests itself in the form of pain. When it hurts on the right side of the back, this can be, and osteomyelitis. Spondylitis and sacroiliitis in the advanced stages identify it more quickly, because the people who suffer of data diseases, pain in the back right. The causes of pain on the right side of the lower part of the backrest is in a position to testify and cancer procedures.

Development of degenerative disc disease when sedentary way of life

Diseases sciatic muscle, also, point out for himself, when it is damp in the back right. Under these pain manifests itself on the symptoms. In some cases, it will be standard:

  • deterioration of the general health of the person?
  • oppression?
  • apathy?
  • the weakness of the.
causes of pain

Often, such discomfort focused in the area of the sacrum. Acute back pain is characterized by trauma, inflammation of the sciatic muscle and the stretching of the spinal string, which is no less dangerous. Patients usually do not take into account that neurological abnormalities are causing the pain in the back right. When you do this, the causes may be different.

These anomalies may be of a different etiology. Right neuritis often for the first time felt, when the man hurts in the back right. In this case, as in problems with muscles, pain often gives the foot. Neuralgia also, it is characterized by a situation, when it hurts on the right loin. Lower back pain right side is a symptom of various diseases of the internal organs. If there is a leak inflammatory processes in the intestine, the right kidney, liver, gall bladder, right ovary, right now it's hurting in the back right.

Lower back pain right side can be a symptom of various diseases of internal organs

The disease often manifests itself with back pain

The first question posed by the doctor, the patient, with regard to the characteristics symptoms. For more quick and accurate diagnosis of the disease medical staff, it is necessary to know exactly how it hurts the right, what are the symptoms and the situation was preceded by this phenomenon. Pulling lower back pain may have a different degree of intensity. You should be aware that if you gently hurts in the back right, is it not the fact, that the disease is non-hazardous. Just aching pain favors the development of life-threatening inflammation of the internal organs and the appearance of malignant tumors.

If there is a stupid aching pain in the back, on the right, there is a great chance that osteochondrosis. An unpleasant sensation in the back right in this disease results from impaired function of the spine, spastic diseases of the muscles and ligaments. Someone who suffers osteochondrosis., it may hurt right from the morning.

Acute and stupid occurs on the right, behind the pain — a sign of the deterioration of sciatica. It's a symptom is usually intense and accompanied by a shot in other parts of the body. The phenomenon of back pain can be independent of the disease. Lower back pain right side to be a different intensity. If you shot pain in the back above the waist, then it is likely, is a result of the fact that the man I picked up something heavy.

Accidentally lifting heavy objects load in a vertebrate disks is increased to 9 times

Lifting weights categorically forbidden to stop, when the person from the position he's trying to straighten. Then, the spine demonstrated increased load, increasing the risk of injury. The weights have from the position of the squat with your back straight, slowly straightening your knees. Then, you can avoid back pain.

If it pulls over the area of the kidneys, it can't stay exposed case that the patient started myositis — inflammation of muscles. The disease is accompanied by a general deterioration of health. Pain symptom may not be so intense that it can not be said about the dangers of the disease, fraught with various complications.

If it is a myositis, the muscles during the pain will be more stable than usual. If in the lower back are observed in the beginning of pulling pain, and then transported to crises, there are almost a 100% chance that the symptoms of hernia. Apart from this phenomenon, to point out the disease would be in a position of violation of posture and restriction of mobility. Discomfort above and below the fillet, accompanied in some cases, a tangible tingling in the feet. Patients often complain of numbness of the limbs.

Causes of back pain in women: the pathology of internal organs and pregnancy

Women discomfort right over the middle is often caused by malignant and benign tumors. In such cases, there is often pain and down the lower part of the back to the right. The symptoms will often cover the left part of the back — it all depends on where exactly is the organ, where there is a neoplasm. Stabbing pain below the waist on the right will lead to pyelonephritis or disease of the urinary bladder. Accompanied by spasms when urinating.

Stabbing pain below the waist with pyelonephritis and diseases of the ureter often brings herpes character. If the stone is in the ureter, it usually moves downward. Not excluded options for glitter and over the lower part of the back to the right, significantly makes it difficult to diagnose.

If such a symptom of man look after himself dark-colored urine, you should immediately contact your doctor, as he, perhaps, in the next few hours, you need urgent hospitalization. Pyelonephritis and problems with the function of the ureter is often accompanied by a sharp increase in the temperature of the body. To apply yourself any analgesics during deterioration of health can not, because it's even more aggravate the crisis and will adversely affect the work of the kidneys.

Discomfort in the back — a frequent companion of pregnancy. The best option is, if a woman before pregnancy will prepare himself for the problems that may arise during the. During pregnancy the load on the spine, increases significantly.

Pregnant women often complain of the different localization of pain, which are felt then right, left.

diagnosis and treatment

Pregnancy is often accompanied radiating pain and discomfort in the abdomen. When pregnancy is part of the give in the foot, enhanced by the fatigue or after physical exercise. A woman who is expecting a child, is in a difficult position. Any medical drugs should be taken only in extreme cases, such as external friction, ointment and warm compresses. In any case should not be considered to be symptoms of pain in his back and legs as standard, and needs to inform the treating physician.