Pain in the coccyx or in the region of the coccyx - causes, feature, treatments

Spoon is called the lowest part of the spine, educated, 4-5 underdeveloped together of the vertebrae. Once these vertebrae have served prop the tail of the ancestors of man, and now the coccyx – a vestigial, useless organ. However, this is a thing of the past to injuries, and various diseases can cause in humans a response from a severe pain and discomfort: it is not normally possible to sit and walk, and even sleep is hard to find a comfortable position.

Often the patient, even to himself can not determine the exact localization of pain, and complaining to the doctor for pain in the coccyx region (the kind of pain called anorectal). The pain is in fact the tailbone is called coccyalgia.

it hurts the middle of my tailbone

The experts need to decide is caused by the pain of illnesses and injuries, in fact, coccyx, or the pain coming from other organs (small intestine, the bones of the pelvis, the organs of the urinary system) and just "give" to the coccyx. The resolution of this issue depends and treatment.

Causes of pain in the region of the coccyx

  • The consequences of the injury.
  • Disease only of the spine, affecting the coccyx (osteochondrosis, the displacement of the intervertebral discs, the violation of nerve endings, etc.).
  • Diseases of the muscles and nerves of the pelvic floor.
  • Pathological processes in the bones of the pelvis.
  • Diseases the direct or sigmoid colon (hemorrhoids, sigmoid, proctitis, fissures of the rectum).
  • A mess of the perineum (p. g., due to serious delivery).
  • The trauma to perineum during childbirth (bleeding in the subcutaneous fat that surrounds the coccyx).
  • The excessive extension of the coccyx with heavy labor.
  • Scar deformation of anus, occurs as a complication of the surgery.
  • Disorders of bowel function, leading to frequent constipation or diarrhea, and, consequently, with the habit to sit on the toilet.
  • Diseases of the urinary system (cystitis, adnexitis, etc.).
  • Bladder coccyx.
  • The habit of sitting always for upholstered furniture.
  • Emotional upheaval, stress.
  • Tight clothes (jeans), which provides the pressure on the coccyx.
  • Idiopathic pain (pain of uncertain origin). As the pain can appear suddenly and disappear suddenly. About 1/3 of all the pains in the region of the coccyx is valid for idiopathic.

Feature of pain in the coccyx in different diseases

Pain after injury

The trauma often causes a strong, sharp, acute pain in the coccyx. The trauma of the coccyx (fracture, fractured, injury, sprain, displacement) can occur if the drop or impact in the area of the buttocks. Pain after injury, can wear the character of the crisis, or be permanent. When walking and in a sitting position that is enhanced. Identification of post-traumatic pain different: the coccyx, or near it (up, down, sideways).

Usually pain in the region of the coccyx occur immediately after the injury. But in some cases it can be slightly intense and fast passage, and after a few years, when the patient has already forgotten about constant injuries, all of a sudden appear strong, burning pain.

Pain in the coccyx, in combination with pain in the back, the sacrum

When osteochondrosis, the cyst of the spine in the lumbar or sacral segment is characterized by the combination of the pain in the tailbone with back pain, the sacrum. When you do this, the main complaints of the patient for the pain in the back, but along the way – in what is the pain "gives" to the coccyx.

The same the clinical picture is observed in violation of nerve endings in the lumbar and sacral parts of the spine. Pinching of the sciatic nerve (lumbosciatica) shall be accompanied by burning, sudden pain in the tailbone or above it.

Lumbar and sacrum pain is accompanied by pain in the coccyx, also, hemorrhoids, diseases of the rectum.

Pain in coccyx, when you get up

As pain unusual for injury of the coccyx. Most often associated with post-operative scars in the perineum, or the pins in the cavity of the pelvis, is also formed after the surgery.

Pain in the tailbone with a gradient of

Pain during bending is usually the result of chronic inflammatory processes in the organs, located in close proximity to the coccyx (in the intestine or the bladder, the uterus and accessories).

Pain in the tailbone with a tilt can occur if the patient has the following diseases:

  • goiter;
  • colitis?
  • sigmoid it?
  • cystitis to you?
  • adnexitis it?
  • dysmenorrhea, etc.

Pain, giving the coccyx

As already mentioned, the pain, giving the coccyx, is characterized by the degenerative disc disease, of the cysts of the spine, as well as for hemorrhoids, inflammatory processes in the joints of the hip, diseases of the rectum, etc. So much pain it can cause-and post-operative scars.

Pain in coccyx, when sitting

it hurts the middle of my tailbone women

The reason for such pain is the habit to always sit to the upholstered furniture. Coccyx, when it is in the wrong place. In the vessels that supply blood, resulting in congestion. This leads to excessive deposition of salts in the vertebrae, forming the coccyx, and the appearance of pain.

Pain in coccyx, when sitting complaining athletes – cyclists and people engaged in horse riding. Have cause of pain other: minor injuries of the coccyx, that arise when playing these particular sports.

Pain in the coccyx when the seat is possible in women after childbirth, when he was presented to the deformation (excessive extension of the intervertebral joints).

Finally, pain in the region of the coccyx, rising in the seat, it is typical for dermoid cyst coccyx. In dermoid cyst – is a congenital anomaly of development, which consists of education through coccyx cavities that are filled with skin tissue with hair growth.

Pain and pulling pain in the tailbone

Aching pain in the coccyx can occur when the inflammation of internal genital organs (prostatitis or adenoma of the prostate in men and inflammation of the ovaries and the fallopian tubes in women).

Pulling pain in the coccyx is an additional symptom of degenerative disc disease of the lumbar or sacral sections of the spine. Sometimes occurs in hemorrhoids, and when the long seat on the toilet compared with frequent constipation.

Pain under the spoon

The pain of this kind occur when the prolapse crotch, with the presence of postoperative scarring in the region of the anus, diseases of the rectum. It is characterized by pain under the spoon, and for his injury (fracture, injury, subluxation is the coccyx), took place a few years ago.

Pain over the coccyx

It's painful, localized over the coccyx, typical for neuralgias' (inflammation of the nerves originating from the lumbar or sacral sections of the spine).

Pain in the tailbone during the period

As pain can accompany many gynecological and neurological diseases. A reasonable investigation will be initiated with the advice of a gynecologist and only eliminating gynecological pathology, to consult a neurologist.

Pain in the tailbone during pregnancy and after childbirth

In pregnant women quite often arise pain in the region of the coccyx. Pain in the tailbone during pregnancy can have various causes:

  • The trauma of the coccyx, which happened a few years ago and not recovered.
  • The lack of calcium in the bone system.
  • Inflammatory diseases of internal genital organs.
  • Physiological changes in the body: during the preparation of the working organs of the pelvis change its normal position. The fetus grows, the uterus increases, shifting the organs that are close by. Coccyx when this deviates to the back. And because the vertebrae coccyx spliced with each other, the deviation is extremely painful.

Pain in the coccyx after birth they say an experienced gynecologist, who presented trauma: difficult birth have caused bleeding in the soft tissue around the coccyx, or the excessive extension (it is possible to large sizes the fetus).

Pain in the coccyx in men

The men of pain in the tailbone can be caused the so-called "pellentesque disease". The disease occurs when frequent driving in unsprung transportation (tracked tractor, in the army, in tanks, armored vehicles). Load on the coccyx when riding in this technique is very extreme. That may be the cause of the inflammation coccygeal speed, or bladder coccyx. This movement, or bladder is a hollow tube running under the skin from the end of the coccyx and ending blindly.

Inflammation of the coccygeal speed and is called "pellentesque disease". If the inflammation goes to a purulent stage, often formed fistula – pus breaks out. Treatment is only surgical.

my sciatica coccyx during pregnancy

How to treat pain in the tailbone

Preliminary research

For the effective treatment of pain in the region of the coccyx, it is important to properly install the cause. The patient with so much pain, you will first need to contact a proctologist. This special if necessary, directs the patient (patient) the gynaecologist, neurologist, surgeon, osteopath. Sometimes is necessary the help of a therapist.

Each of these doctors is not only to examine the patient, but also very detailed she asks. The patient must be ready to tell in detail about the nature of pain, its localization, to remember received previously injuries and were transported require immediate intervention.

Some patients with pain in the coccyx accurate diagnosis installation fails. Then, apply symptomatic therapy, and in most cases this leads to good results. Sometimes the pain in the region of the coccyx pass by themselves without treatment. But we hope that you don't need - if you experience such pains necessary contact your doctor.

Key aspects of treatment

In most cases, pain in the region of the coccyx treated with conservative methods (ie. without surgery). Integrated therapy includes software patient serenity, pain relief medical instruments, restoration of blood circulation with the help of massage, therapy, physical therapy, exercises, therapeutic exercise.

Any concomitant diseases are subject to compulsory treatment.

For the relief or weakening of negative emotions in force (after consultation with the therapist) neuropsychotropic drugs.

No help can't have doctors only when pain in the tailbone in pregnant women. Anti-inflammatory and painkillers drugs pregnant women is contraindicated. Radiology diagnosis also excluded. Therefore, women have to endure the pain in the coccyx, putting down a soft cushion or an inflatable tube in the shape of a donut (sold in pharmacies).

To sit in such a circle it is recommended not only for pregnant, but also in all patients with pain is the translation. It's pretty simple device eliminates the load and pressure on the coccyx during seating, thereby reducing the pain.

Manual therapy, massage, acupuncture

Pain in the coccyx region significantly facilitated with the use of palpatory massage of the muscles of rectum and massage the muscles of the pelvic floor (if there is a spasm).

Techniques therapy, carried out by an experienced technician, improve the circulation of blood in the region of the coccyx, complete stagnation of blood, relieve muscle spasm and help restore the volume of movements of the coccyx.

Acupuncture (acupuncture) is often used for pain in the coccyx, essentially reduces their intensity. The right choice of biologically active points of acupuncture may withdraw fully the pain.

Physical therapy

Of the methods of physical therapy pain in the region of the coccyx apply:

  • ultrasound treatment for?
  • laser treatment?
  • UHF's?
  • electrotherapy (electrode is inserted in the rectum);
  • diadynamic currents;
  • darsonval for?
  • application with paraffin?
  • mud?
  • ozokerite.

Physical therapy

I do exercise, perform the morning charging a man with pain in the coccyx not only can, but must. With certain limitations: the exercises should be excluded from the running, jumping, brisk walking, steep inprobus motion, stress.

Exercises for pain in the coccyx should include the following exercises:

  1. Lying on your back on the floor, bend your knees and put them in his hand. Put the palm of your hand, hand on inner side of knee joints. Try to connect the knees, while at the same time neutralizing the hands of this movement.Number of repetitions – 8-12 times in short intervals (10-15 seconds).
  2. In the same position to clamp between bent knees ball (football, volleyball, or another of the same size). The palms of the hands to put in his stomach. With power the knees to catch the ball during 5-7 seconds, at the same time with the palms to prevent protrusion of the abdomen.Number of repetitions – 6 to 8 times with the same intervals to relax, as in the first exercise.
  3. Lying on your back, tighten the ball between restored the hard stops of the legs. With the effort to catch the ball at your feet during 5-7 seconds. Number of repetitions – 6 to 8 times? intervals – 10-15 seconds.
  4. Lying on your back, dilute the face, the knees bent, the feet and lift your pelvis for 3-5 seconds. Of gluteal muscles when you do this, you will need to do a lot of work. Number of repetitions – 6 to 8 times? intervals – 10-15 seconds.

All the exercises for the pain in the coccyx, the patient should perform slow, precise measurements, rhythmically, resting between repetitions of the exercise. You can turn on the soft music. For greater effectiveness, it is recommended to make an exercise two times a day.

Folk remedies

it hurts the middle of my tailbone treatment

Pain in the coccyx folk medicine uses the following instruments:

  • Effect of magnet: ring magnet moving in the vicinity of the coccyx in a circle, clockwise, for 15-20 minutes 2-3 times a day.
  • Compress with tincture of valerian: a piece of cotton cloth moistened pharmacy valerian tincture, put it in the affected area. From above cover with a piece of polyethylene, then some hot air (vata, scarf etc.). To lock the package in duct tape and leave for the night.
  • Fir oil rubbed in the area of the coccyx 3 times a day. Helps to relieve inflammation and reduces pain.
  • Fertilization with iodine: in the evening, before bed, pre-heated the area of the coccyx brush with tincture of iodine and warmth wrap. Repeated more often than 2-3 times a week. Duration of treatment – 1.5-2 months.
  • Compress from the blue clay: add 500 g. clay teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, stir. Before bed, apply a layer of the mixture on the affected area, cover with polythene, insulate (as every patch) and leave it for the night.
  • The rubbing of the juice of radish: mix 300 ml of freshly juice of radish, 100 ml of alcohol and 200 ml of honey. Rub the sore spot 3 times a day. Keep the mixture in the fridge, in a glass jar with a tight lid closed.
  • Ointment with shilajit (fractured coccyx): 1/2 gr. shilajit mix with so many rose oil, to get ointment consistency of thick cream. Rub the area of the tailbone 2 times a day.