What should you do if it hurts the back of the child

Back pain experienced at least once in the life of every man. Doctors believe that this is the inevitable result of upright posture. Modern people are supporting physical inactivity, poor nutrition, stress of. Back pain in children and adolescents, it is also not uncommon.

back pain in children

Fortunately, with early treatment, many processes in childhood are reversible. Therefore, parents should always be attentive to the child and not to ignore the complaints about deterioration of health.

It hurts the back of their child's reasons

Causes of back pain in children a wide variety of. This can be congenital dystrophic changes of the spine, diseases of the internal organs, the consequences of infection and even physical stress.

The physical overload

The skeleton of the child has not yet formed, cartilage tissue, vertebrae weaker than in adults. It also does not develop the muscles of the back. Overload can arise from extended wear heavy portfolio, especially if it's read correctly. Especially risk of soft backpacks, which the kids wear on a shoulder. The load is distributed unevenly, only the muscles always are in constant agony, others relaxed. Due to improper normal position of the backrest shown pain. If the process only applies to muscles, then to correct the situation easily. You need to get the kid jetpack with orthopedic back and wide straps.

Back pain is due to over often occur in children who are involved with sports, for example, when jumping. This is especially typical for the first year, while the body is not used to loads. Parents on the hunt for the sporting achievements of chad enough to forget about his health, trying to lead him to a grueling workout every day. Muscles and joints have time to recover, therefore, the little athlete you are experiencing chronic pain. To resolve pain syndrome, you need to line up the right way to exercise and recreation, a child has the time for recovery.

Prolonged sedentary work

Physical inactivity is the scourge of modern society. In contrast to nature, which implies a greater mobility in childhood, your child spends a lot of time on the computer. Parents are afraid of street children, do not find the time lead the child to the athletic department. Permanent static load of the spine. it becomes the cause of back pain. Added to this is the lack of fresh air, poor diet. The total of all the factors causes the development of scoliosis and degenerative disc disease. This explains the large percentage of young people who have serious problems with the spine.

Properly organized bed

Doctors recommend to sleep on a hard surface. This is especially important for children, such as the spine easily subject to deformation.


The trauma of the spine, the child may get from falling, with sudden movements, the execution of exercises for the back muscles without a warm-up. The pain occurs immediately, but after a while, when the spinal column is formed from the hearth of inflammation.


Myositis is the inflammation of the muscles of the back. Can be primary, i.e., occur due to injury or finding in the plan, or secondary, the cause of which is infection type of flu or sore throat. Pain syndrome occurs in a particular part of the back, tight muscles, the pain increases with palpation. It can also be swelling and edema at the point of destruction.


Scoliosis — curvature of the spine is the most common disorder in children. The disease occurs for many reasons: genetic abnormalities, infections, injuries, incorrect posture. First external symptoms of the disease are not there, the child complains of stiffness in the muscles of the back, pain when bending the turns of the trunk, after a long seats. In 2-3 stages of scoliosis is noticeable asymmetry of the blade, the bones of the pelvis, clumsy. If in time you do not start the treatment, the child destroyed the function of internal organs, it will be difficult to move around by yourself.


It is considered, that the back pain is a disease of the elderly. However, degenerative changes in the spine most often diagnosed in childhood. That may be due to congenital abnormalities of the structure of the vertebrae, also result from incorrect posture, and lack of adequate physical activity. Basically, the child starts premature aging of the spine. Diagnosis of the disease is hampered by the fact that the symptoms are not expressed strongly. The child may feel discomfort in the back, but don't tell your parents. You need to be aware of the following symptoms: frequent headaches, sleep disorders, fatigue, blurred vision, impaired function of internal organs.

the physical overload

Tumors of the spine

Fortunately, tumors of the spine in children — a rare phenomenon. Tumor compresses the nearby blood vessels and nerves, causing pain. When benign tumor small pain syndrome lasts for a long time. If the process is malignant, the pain intensifies, it is difficult to treat with painkillers.

Renal colic

The cause of renal colic is pyelonephritis, or kidney stones. She's also a congenital anomaly in the structure of the kidney. Usually renal colic, accompanied by sudden pain, fever, pain during urination, frequent urges to the toilet.There may be traces of blood in the urine, changing color and odor.

Infectious diseases

The back and stomach, the child may be hurt after suffering an infectious disease, like the flu. The virus spreads throughout the body, causing intense immune reaction. The result is fever, pain with muscles and joints. Usually unpleasant feelings pass after removal of the acute period. If the pain lasts for a long period of time after the recovery, it shows the development of complications.

Because it hurts the back a teenager?

The fillets of the teenage girls it hurts before the start of the menstrual cycle. In the body there is some serious hormonal changes, which prepare the girl to adulthood. Small pain before the period or during the first days of menstruation — a normal phenomenon. The uterus shrink, by placing endometrium. Spasm of the smooth muscle — this is the source of the pain.

Maybe the girls developed inflammation of the pelvic organs. It is accompanied by severe pain of endometriosis. In this situation need to pass a full examination. In the initial phase of the disease is easier to deal with.


To determine the cause of the pain you need to consult a neurologist or podiatrist. First the doctor will do a survey, to understand what preceded the onset of the symptoms, what the pain, how long they last unpleasant sensations. Then spend external inspection for any abrasions, bruising, curvature of the spine.

To clarify the diagnosis, has prescribed the following research methods:

  • General analysis of urine, blood.
  • The ULTRASOUND of the internal organs. Pass for the girls for the elimination of diseases of the uterus and of the ovaries.
  • X-rays of the spine. Allows you to discover the impact of injuries, specific changes of vertebrae, dystrophic destruction of the disc due to degenerative disc disease.
  • MAGNETIC resonance imaging, COMPUTED tomography of the spine is carried out, if you do not manage to locate the cause of the pain. With MAGNETIC resonance imaging detects even the minimum disturbances, changes of fabrics, the flow of blood.


The choice of methods of treatment depends on the cause of the pain. If detected fracture or displacement of the vertebrae, which often require surgery. For the treatment of scoliosis and degenerative disc disease is used treatment outside of the gym, massage, manual therapy. Also, teenagers will need to wear orthopedic corsets, which in the initial stage of scoliosis bring positive results.

If the pain is caused by prolonged static voltage, then the child constitute a dose of exercise, to normalize the functioning of the day. With the pain, which is caused by congestion, should reduce the intensity of athletic training. It will also help a relaxing massage.

For the relief of pain, you can apply the following medications:

  • Anti-convulsant. It relaxes the smooth muscles, relieve the muscle spasm.
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs used in extreme cases when the pain is very strong.
  • Anti-inflammatory ointments, patches. Help when myositis, pain, caused by over-voltage. Before use, you must make sure that the child is not allergic to the ingredients of the medicines.


If the workplace of the child and day mode set up correctly, then it will never appear problems with the spine. The basic preventive measures:

treatment and prevention
  • The proper organization of the workplace. The table and the chair, the student must comply with the development, to be functional and comfortable. Now you can buy special orthopaedic chairs, which do not allow a child clumsy. From the first days in school, you have to teach your baby to keep your back straight, then it will become a habit.
  • Suitable portfolio. For younger students a better fit briefcases with orthopedic rigid back and wide straps. Allow to distribute uniformly the load on the spine, keep your back straight, shoulders straightened. Senior to all of the students, also, you will need to choose a backpack and carry it on two shoulders.
  • Improve sleep space. The kid can't sleep on a very soft mattress and a large pillow. The mattress should be semi-rigid, the pillow is not very high. So, during the night, the spine is in an anatomically correct position, it will continue the normal circulation of blood.
  • Dosage of physical exercise. Harmful for children is the lack of physical activity, excessive training. For each age there are standards of physical activity. Need to be aware of, coach, trainer. You can't give the load your child more than what he can endure the age.
  • The correct posture of the body. Violation of posture comes from the weakness of the muscles of the corset. The muscles child gets tired for a long time in one position, therefore, the children constantly slouch. To maintain the correct posture you will need to do special exercises for strengthening the muscles of the back. Very good result gives you swimming, light jogging, gym.