Why does it hurt my lower back in women

Emotion, when they hurt middle – it's not pleasant. Effect anatomical features of the structure of the body, very often the pain of this character among the fair sex. Familiarize yourself with the possible causes for the appearance of this discomfort and learn tips on what specialist will help quickly to relieve pain and to relieve the situation.

back pain women

Back pain in the back

These unpleasant sensations, which are characterized by various manifestations of pain: feel periodic discomfort or acute, burning pain, back pain lumbar section, or the pain like surround. Varied symptomatology due place in this area, except for the kidneys, spine, muscles and ligaments, the organs of the female reproductive system. Changes the normal state of the urinary system are very often the name for himself the pain, that gives in the lower part of the back.

Because my back hurts in the back

If you notice yourself regularly manifests itself pain in the lower part of the backrest, contact us for an appointment with a qualified technician. You don't need to voice what we need years of self-medication, because such symptoms may indicate a variety of diseases. For example, can manifest cystitis, or pain may be felt after intense exercise at the gym and even after sex. As a rule, these emotions can be observed during pregnancy, before or during menstruation, but also show, and for the development of disease of the genital organs.

Possible causes of back pain

Categorically to answer directly, why do women it hurts fillets, it is not possible, as these unpleasant sensations can be caused by different disabilities state of health. For an accurate diagnosis, the doctor, in addition to the examination of the patient, may prescribe additional tests and research. To navigate, how diseases often accompanies pain lower part of back, think of common causes, because of which can manifest.

During the menstrual period

Fluid retention by the agency at the end of the cycle is causing factor, because it hurts fillets during the monthly or a few days before the start. As a result of this process swell the tissues of the organs of the urinary system and the tension in the pelvic region is manifested dull the pain of the back. The senses during the monthly can mark and hormonal errors of the female body. If disturbed the balance between the production of progesterone and prostaglandins, contraction of the uterus during the menstrual periods become stronger, and causes intense pain.

During pregnancy

In the body of a pregnant girl during this period increases the pressure on the spine due to the increase in body mass index and the changes of the centre of gravity due to the development of the fetus. This is the main reason why it hurts fillets during pregnancy. Often the show pulled the lumbar pain at the same time with the delay of menstruation testifies to the fact of the birth of a new life – in the beginning the uterus is growing quickly, and the tension of the strings is causing these feelings.

It is important to know, that in the early stages of pregnancy pain in the lower back can signal about the threat of miscarriage, because, by observing the symptom, you don't need to give advice to the gynecologist. Recurring pain in the back, in the middle of the pregnancy may indicate risk of preterm birth. Less fear, but too much hassle cause these symptoms are the last stages of pregnancy, it's just show that the body goes preparation for childbirth. In most cases, after the birth of a child is, the pain goes away on his own, without any treatment.

pain during pregnancy

Be careful!

Before reading on, I want to warn you. The more money a "cure" on the back, you advertise on tv and sell it in pharmacies - it is a solid divorce. At first it may seem that creams and ointments can help, BUT in reality the only thing they do is to eliminate the symptoms of the disease.

In simple words, you can buy an ordinary pain medication, and the disease continues to evolve, passing on a more severe phase.

The usual pain in the joints can be a symptom of more serious diseases:

  • Difficulty in walking?
  • Osteomyelitis — inflammation of the marrow?
  • Blood poisoning?
  • Violation of the work of the organs of the pelvis;
  • In severe cases, paralysis of the hands and feet.

After giving birth

If a woman before pregnancy, have problems with the spine, after the birth due to the transition of the child from the general paths, and the possible displacement or pinching of the spinal discs aching pain in the back can go anywhere and I'm not going. For a long time manifested painful sensations, when in the course of pregnancy, due to the very large belly was constantly taut, and because it was inflammation of the muscles of the back. When the baby came to light, should not put off the visit to the doctor – you should immediately make a shake the health of the spine, thus preventing the development of complications.

Gynecological diseases

A special feature is the group of diseases is what pain occurs independently from physical activity, often accompanied by secretions. Often pulling from the middle, and it hurts the lower part of the back during uterine myoma, the pain, when it gives the underbelly. Similar, the pain may occur with disorders even with oncological diseases of the genital organs. If the pain appeared suddenly, is acute, while at the same time gives the abdomen, this may indicate a ruptured ovarian cancer or ectopic pregnancy – condition, threatening the life of the woman.

The problem with the internal organs

Pain in the waist area can refer to a variety of problems in the functioning of the internal organs. Pull the lower part of the backrest can be in diseases of the stomach, bowel, bladder. The same events are observed in renal colic, after passing the acute attack. Matter on the left or right side in the back is the source of the pain, the doctor detects, with the function which kidney problems. Localization of pain on the right side may testify, and for inflammation of the appendix.

Problems with the spine

One of the most obvious reasons, why do women it hurts fillets, is conversion of the ridge. May be congenital or may come from inflammatory processes and age changes in the bone marrow. Pain can occur due to injuries, weight lifting, a large living room or in the morning, as a result of the improper position of the body during sleep.

Deformation processes lead to compression of blood vessels and nerves pillars, which causes incredibly painful. Another cause of the pain, which manifested as a burning sensation, tingling, give the lower part of the back, is in trouble with the spoon. No appropriate medical care in cases of problems with the spine can lead to serious neurological diseases.

What to do if it hurts fillets

Disorders in the functioning of the body, which can be manifested by the same symptom, too much. The sooner you consult the doctors before I installed the correct diagnosis, so productive treatment. Negligence medical help and self-healing leading to high risk of severe, irreversible consequences, for example, deformation of the spine. Based on the severity of the issue, contact your doctor, and if necessary will direct you on consultation to the gynecologist, podiatrist, neurologist, or other specialist.

treatment and prevention

Remember, when there is pain. If this was caused by vigorous exercise, a fall, injury – up to go to the doctor try as much as possible to relax in the middle, below, I don't get up from the bed abruptly. From an acute attack of pain, you can get rid analgesics, but remember that these drugs only eliminate the pain, but not cure the disease. The choice of drugs and formulations, supports the action, for example, calcium, it is the responsibility of the doctor. He will appoint and supportive therapy: massage, the complex of therapeutic gymnastics.