Why after giving birth, my back hurts

Moms often back pain after childbirth. In addition, the discomfort can last for quite a long time. This greatly hinders the joy of communication with the child.

my back hurts after giving birth

Back pain after childbirth is minor, as it may cause severe discomfort. A woman's body is highly attenuated, and therefore back pain even more, undermine the health. You should consult with a specialist, because the causes may be different.

Back treatment, that hurts, after the last delivery, depends on the diagnosis. Therefore, you must not yourself participate in a problem. But preventive measures do not interfere.

Causes of suffering

After giving birth, it is worth to know, why have you started to hurt my back. The fact is that during pregnancy the female body is, to the baby it was more convenient. In the last quarter of cartilage connections are made very soft, which facilitates the appearance of crumbs at the light. As a result, the sacral vertebrae of the spine are particularly suffering, therefore back pain after childbirth.

Due to hormonal imbalance stretched cartilage joints and ligaments are restored very slowly, and to deliver a woman suffering. There are several reasons why after giving birth in the back and the blades felt pain.

  • A strong tendency of the muscles of the back. During childbirth lumbar muscles, to a fetus could come out. This results in muscle hypertonicity blades. It is also the cause of the pain.
  • Back pain, scoliosis and other problems also cause discomfort. The situation is getting worse, when the woman before the pregnancy it was the wrong posture. During the reproductive age stand distorted even more, the muscles and ligaments adapt, and return to the normal state is quite painful.
  • After the last childbirth, back can pain from intercostal neuralgia, which occurs because the nervous stress or insulation, and very ugly woman.
  • Disease of the internal organs.
  • Intervertebral hernia.

After childbirth, it can hurt the back, and fillets in features.

This phenomenon, also, there are a lot of explanations:

  • inflammation of the lower parts of the spine?
  • in general accidents: the child passes through the birth canal, which can cause compression of the blood vessels, pinched disc, the displacement of the vertebrae of?
  • the problems are available before pregnancy, acute, therefore, can lead to intense pain?
  • changes in the hormonal background
  • the stretching of pelvic muscles;
  • deformation of the lumbar muscles: because of the rapid growth of the abdomen ligamentous fabric fillet gets smaller and extremely tense, therefore, the woman feels pain in the back after the birth.
my back hurts after giving birth what to do

Prevention of the occurrence of pathology

Usually women after childbirth faced with the pain in the back, wondering what to do with the problem. But it is better to warn the pathology, the treatment of. There are several effective methods of prevention. However, it is better to consult your doctor, that detail will tell you what to do to after delivery you have not started to hurt the fillet or the back.

  • For the duration of at least 6 months from the day of the appearance of the child in the light, eliminate heavy physical exercise, don't have any gravity. Muscles of the back and belly must have time to recover, otherwise there is the risk to damage them.
  • Keep track of your weight throughout the pregnancy. Even a few extra pounds can cause severe discomfort.
  • Take the time for the course therapeutic exercises. If you wish to start lessons, it's not worth to throw them. Important is the regularity, not the intensity. Try every morning to do gymnastics.
  • Get up from the bed gently and not abruptly. Turn on your side, bend your knees and sit on the edge.
  • For after the birth you don't start to hurt the back, feed your child right. Sit in a comfortable chair, put it under the feet of the ottoman, pull back the head. Try to teach a child feeding at his side. Thus, the muscles will be in relaxed state.
  • Select carefully the bed. It is better to buy a hard layer, which is useful for the spine. He puts down the knees a small pillow.
  • For after the birth I started to hurt in the shooting in the back and the neck, behave yourselves. Try once again, do not lean, adjust the height as a changing table, basin for swimming and swings, so that was convenient. If you need to pick up something from the floor, squat or get on your knees. During the cleaning of the apartment don't bend down when working with the vacuum cleaner or mop.

Of course, you can read reviews on the what should I do if after giving birth back women hurts. But the detailed recommendations should be given only to the doctor. Maybe a visit to a specialist will prevent serious problems, therefore, do not hesitate.

How to deal with the problem

So, what should I do if after giving birth you have started and my back hurts. This is the chiropractor. Contact your osteopath or manual, if discomfort is felt from damaged tailbone and other bones. The specialist may refer you to a MRI, to reveal the presence or absence of mocrowave a hernia. In some cases, you will need to undergo ULTRASOUND of internal organs, x-rays and other studies to understand, because after birth you have pain in the back in the area on both blades or the lower back.

Quite often used in physical therapy, various physical therapy manipulation. During lactation the drug therapy is rarely used.

Sometimes they have assigned anti-inflammatory ointment. Used locally and a small path. After giving birth, it doesn't hurt to do special exercises for the back.

  1. Put your weight with your hands on the back of the chair, open the legs with the knees at shoulder width apart. One hand, place on the abdomen and the other in the lower part of the back. Try to stretch the muscles of the waist, like mentally doing curls.
  2. Stand at a wall with your back. Contact need to the buttocks, shoulders and the back of the head. In this position you will have to stand for a few minutes.
  3. Press the shoulders, arms down and press the chin to the chest. First you need to exhale and then breathe out, raise your head, straighten your shoulders and put your hands behind your back. The exercise is repeated several times.

After giving birth, in addition to the regular charge for the back will not harm massage. This is the most pleasant treatment, but start can only be through for at least 2 weeks after the birth of the baby. Well help massage and self-massage

it hurts my lower back postpartum massage

Massage is useful following properties:

  • accelerate the restoration of body, vastavit during the reproductive age and of his birth?
  • improvement of blood supply of the joints;
  • the restoration of muscle tone;
  • strengthening of the ligaments of the device.

If after giving birth hit the back massage is particularly useful. The process will reduce the intense discomfort. It is important that a responsible approach to the selection of a specific massage. For white pimples on face of a newborn.