It hurts the back and the head: causes, symptoms, complications, treatment

Often the person happens to be a pathological situation, in which my back hurts and together with it hurts my head a similar pain. This is a consequence of the close relationship of these two parts, which are united by a common nervous system – the most important parts of the brain and spinal cord. Often the cause of pain is located in the same anatomical characteristics of the human body. The head joins the body by using the cervical spine, which contains many small strengthens ligaments and muscles. The arteries that supply the head, they take the authority back, because when pathologies of this section common is an expression of pain in the head.

pain in the back and the head

Communication back pain and head

For the understanding of the processes of pain need to be aware of the anatomy of the structure of the body. The head is one of the most important parts – in this is brain that is responsible for human thinking and the functioning of internal organs. With the help of the marrow of the brain, connects to spinal cord. The spinal cord is the long body, which is composed of nervous tissue. Collected in axons and dendrites are woven between them, forming a conductive system of the spinal cord. Between the brain and the spinal cord connect even the total system of fluid – cerebrospinal that supports the necessary for the operation of these institutions environment.

Why, diseases touching the spinal cord, and together with it and the vertebral column, often giving the head and brain. Why pain in parts of the back and the head is a common common phenomenon. Diseases that causes pain, concern:


Scoliosis is curvature of the spine, often due to pinching of the surrounding tissues causes a discomfort and pain. Spine properties and stays flat either to the right or to the left, changing for a form of underlying vertebrae. Often when a person has a headache, as well as the spinal cord wrong is and stretched.

Except this is a pinched nerve roots that come out from the spinal column. Develops pain syndrome, which is dangerous for the development of epileptic foci in the brain. If the pain is not treated, it can lead to epilepsy, and stable with time migraines. Important time to contact your doctor and wearing a special corset, that will stop the curvature.

Migraine happens for a reason circulatory disorders in the cervical pool. Regardless of the initial position of scoliosis, it changes the tone of the blood vessels, which can both increase and reduce the quantity of comes blood. Most vulnerable are the muscles of the neck.


Meningitis is an infectious disease. This affects the upper shell of the spinal cord and brain. The disease is extremely heavy, causing intense pain, temperature, tremor of the limbs. If time does not start treating the disease, it may bring in damage to the nervous tissue of the brain and spinal cord.

Tissue damage causes almost irreversible processes – the man loses his intelligence, often affected functional core, which is responsible for the processes of respiration and of the heart. Rare cases they can do without time-consuming restoration procedures, the application of powerful antibiotics and disinfection of the human immune system.

The disease is spreading from the spinal cord to the brain through the general system of cerebrospinal fluid. In damage of the immune system and the hematoencephalic barrier, the disease spreads in the brain. It also works in the opposite direction.

The man at the initial stage of meningitis with the damage of hematoencephalic barrier will feel that he has back, back pain and my head hurts. The pain can be compared to the pain from inflammation of the neck – inflammatory processes cause swelling and pain throughout the spinal column and the head.

Simultaneous treatment of pain


The treatment begins with further explanation. The patient must be able to articulate properly to complaints, so as not to enter the doctors wrong. Begin examination of the head, and then from the back. Used x-ray, duplex scanning of blood vessels. When the pain in the back can be ULTRASOUND, abdominal cavity. Then of contraindications, the results of the investigation and the already written story is given the treatment. It almost always includes anti-inflammatory drugs, massage, holding the roadblocks, pain relief. You need to follow the instructions of the attending physician and not listening to strangers advice – often, this can damage and to stop the recovery.