Use good posture. How to save during the day the right attitude of the body?

The sedentary life, low physical activity plagues many of our citizens from childhood. Finally, in 50 years, grows the mass of diseases, the leaders among which are the diseases of the cardiovascular system, diabetes, oncology and osteoporosis. Huge value for the body has the proper function of the musculoskeletal system. Today, we will see the use of correct posture to health and a successful life. I'll tell you how it is shaped scoliosis, to give useful advice and exercises. By reading our article, you will learn how to create posture and prevent the development of diseases of the back.

What represents the attitude of the body. Signs of correct posture

I have to say that it is an attitude of the body. In the literature, so the name is the usual posture comfortable standing the person who receives no special muscle tension. According to the american writer (D. Bancroft attitude is "congenital way to keep the body, especially in the upright position".

Describing a healthy spine, usually produce one of the following symptoms of a correct posture: the vertical position of the head, the raised chin, cervicofacial shoulder angles formed by the lateral surface of the neck, is the same. When you do this the same the shoulders are at the same level, a bit is omitted, and divorced. Emit and another important feature – the thorax symmetrical middle line.

Among the many signs of correct posture must provide symmetrical arrangement of the abdomen. Additional blades must be equidistant from the vertebral column and pressed. Note that the bottom corners of the blades when it is at the same level.


How to keep the health of young people. Damage rough

Today more and more people are starting to wonder about how to keep the health of young people. Not the last role in the prevention of the disease plays a understanding damage incorrect posture. What is dangerous? The habit to keep your back is not smooth leads to the fact that the internal organs in the abdominal and thoracic cavity move, begin to worse to operate.

People with poor posture range of the respiratory process is reduced, worsens the blood circulation, it sometimes happens that pinched nerves. Escalate headaches, developed chronic fatigue. Also goes negative effect on the nervous system, which can lead to depression.

Wrong position of the body, вошедшее in the habit that results in a change of the shape of the spine, thorax, reflected in the functioning of the lower limbs, forming flat feet. In children with искривлением of the spine worse works the entire musculoskeletal system, increasing the risk of injury. Also, they start acting limitations are involved in some sports, where it turns out the high pressure on the vertebrae.

In addition, the incorrect posture of the body, speed up the aging process of the body. As is well known, after the completion of the development of the body start to act destructive processes. It is no secret that in 50 years most people develop osteoporosis. The worse the condition of the tissues long bones, washed, calcium salts, which often causes fractures.

But the damage is bad this is not limited. In combination with overweight scoliosis is a serious risk. Increases the likelihood of developing degenerative disc disease. It is a disease which affects cartilage intervertebral disc.

Power correct posture – the key to success in business. Why is it so important the ability to keep yourself?

Sure, we've all heard this expression: a royal posture. It is considered that this concept is derived from the words "like", which suggests a high degree, an important place. Thus, it can follow the semantic relationship between the position in society and the ability to keep yourself. The more a person sees life, the more he begins to believe in the power of the proper attitude of the body.

Studies have been conducted that scientifically prove that there is effect of posture on the process of formation of personality. In particular, the ability beautifully to keep yourself – the key to success in business. It was shown, that the slender man radiates self-confidence, it is easier to come in contact with people. Curvature of the spine negatively affects not only health, but also to the psychological situation. It is no coincidence that in all times the military service was followed by the posture of the soldiers. Especially strict were coming in czarist Russia. But today in every army in the world know, also, about the power of proper posture. To do this, we need only compare pictures of the intakes and children after demobilisation.

Silhouette of a man, who can to keep yourself, slim. The walk is beautiful, but the steps are accurate. At the same time with this would look like with confidence and comfort. On the contrary, the person with the wrong attitude of the body, usually, clumsy, the steps insufficient. On a subconscious level more confidence causes a thin man, despite slouching. In addition, the shape is the first thing you notice when meeting. And to change this impression will not be easy at all. Scientists have proven that words account for only 5 -10 % of our communication. All the rest is gestures, facial expressions, gaze, the timbre of the voice, tone of voice, etc.

Causes of poor posture

As we have already said above, the most important factor that causes clumsy, is гиподинамия. And even physical education classes are not a panacea. The point is that the kids often mistake of sitting at a desk, lifting one shoulder above the other. Finally, many of the students come from the walls of alma mater the сколиозом. Among other things, is why poor posture would have to mention:

  • excess weight?
  • pregnancy?
  • wearing shoes with high heels?
  • mild physical development?
  • congenital anomalies of the body;
  • excessively quick development (the development of muscle behind the development of the skeleton);
  • osteochondropathy.

According to experts, the age to 17 years of age – the most important for the formation of a healthy skeleton. Even a small deviation in the position of the body, which is included in the habit, this time is extremely dangerous.

correct posture

The types of deformities of the spine

So, if the child does not keep back straight, move a little, a burden on the one hand, the body are developed dangerous procedures. There are three types of spinal deformities: lordosis, kyphosis and scoliosis. Note that the first two types of changes is so natural and the pathological. Lordosis is a deformity of the spine forward, which is there to all the people in the cervical and lumbar spine. Kyphosis – a deformity of the spine in the back, that occurs in the breast department, as well as in the part of the sacrum and the coccyx. Pathological lordosis and kyphosis differ from the physiological changes only by the degree of bending.

Also there is a scoliosis, or sideways curvature of the spine. It is considered, shows the lack of exercise of the muscles of the back. This kind of deformities of the spine in the world today is considered to be a serious disease, which leads to a deterioration of the function of many organs. It was found that scoliosis occurs and develops in his youth, and so face better 20 years ago, while the vertebrae is not yet the end is difficult. At an older age to get rid of this disease is extremely difficult.

Surprisingly, many parents watching the child curvature of the spine, do not give importance to this. Their argument was usually the child goes to the sports section (monitor physical education classes), then all will be well. But such an approach not only justifies himself, but also can lead to dangerous diseases, such as back pain or osteoporosis. If the child is not right, holds back, unevenly and sitting at the table – it's a chance for the doctor's visit-orthopedic surgeon, or a surgeon.

How you can correct a violation of the attitude of your body?

So how can I fix it violation of posture? To do this, we need to constantly pay attention to, to spin was immediate and their shoulders grow back. The head should be kept straight and gaze directed to the horizon. The thorax must be disclosed, so that the distance between the sides was the maximum. We offer a few recommendations with which you will be able to significantly improve the attitude of the body:

  • daily do charging?
  • you sleep on a flat and hard bed?
  • relax after physical exercise lying down?
  • swim style brass in the back?
  • don't hesitate to perform the exercise?
  • visit a masseuse.

Even if you're away for 20 years, it is still very likely to determine an incorrect position of the body. The main thing – to put a goal and regularly working more than himself. Of course, if the scoliosis of 3 degrees of these measures can not do, you will need the recommendation of a specialist. Usually in such cases appoint and wearing a special corset, physiotherapy, and therapeutic exercise. (PHYSIOTHERAPY).

A series of exercises for good posture

If you really want to change the shape, then you need to train muscles of the neck, the shoulder girdle, the media, as well as the muscle, straightening the spine. You will also need to pay attention to the muscles of the legs and buttocks. We perform the exercises for good posture.

  • "The attitude of the british officers". I have to snuggle up with his back against the wall without plinth, or closet five points: legs, buttocks, back, shoulders, behind the eyes. In this position, it is preferable to stay for 20-30 minutes.
  • Starting position — lying on the floor, legs straight, keep them together. The hands behind the head, entangled in the castle. Then pick up at the same time the upper part of the trunk and of the feet, we strive to stay at the top spot. Repeat 10 times.
  • Initial position – lying on the abdomen. The hand put on a belt, and then the diversion throughout the body, spreading foot. We do the inhalation and the exhalation back to its original position. Repeat 10 times.
  • Sitting on the floor, to believe on the floor with your hands (with the back), and then lift the legs and make rotary movements (inside) – 10 times. Then, in the back — too much 10 times.
  • Stand feet, lift up onto the elbows. Then we try it reaches your hands up to the neck. After this, we go to the scapula and the race, the hands to the side. Repeat 10 times.
  • Starting position – on the floor face down. You need to connect the leg, pull the toes. The palm of your hand put it under the shoulders and elbows that press into the body. Do breath, and slowly lift the chassis. Try to bend it in the breast department. The exercise is done at the expense of the muscles of the body, with hands to help, you don't need. Try to hold the position for a minute.
  • Starting position – as in the previous exercise. Press your forehead on the floor, stretch the neck. Put the palm of your hand below the shoulders. Then, start slowly and reproduce scapula. Do 20 reps, and then join the blade as close and stay in this position for a minute.

Each lesson should begin with the warm up, to warm up the joints and ligaments.

We talked about the benefit of good posture for health and life success, called chronic diseases, which causes curvature of the spine. Some of these, such as back pain, the treatment is quite difficult. Therefore, to maintain the health of young people, should from an early age to remind the children about the value of physical education.