Pain in the chest and gives the back: possible causes and their treatment.

In medical practice quite common situation, when the pain in the back gives you in the chest. This is explained by the fact that in the back, i.e. the spine, focused nerves that transmit impulses throughout the body. That and the pain behind the breastbone on the right gives back, i.e., presented with a mirror effect. In addition, painful emotions are translated into the whole back - from the cervical spine up the spine and position locator shows the variety of the disease in the body.

pain in the chest and back

Dangerous symptoms

If the pain in the back gives in his chest, then this is the opportunity to contact your doctor. However, there are a number of symptoms, during which the person is in need of urgent medical help. And if you don't give it, then she could die.

  1. The pain behind the breastbone on the right gives the back, when that person loses consciousness.
  2. Destroying the shoulder, neck, back.
  3. Back pain does not subside within 20 minutes.
  4. Pain in the chest gives you in the back, when that person shortness of breath, tachycardia, increased sweating, repeated loss of consciousness.
  5. The pain is accompanied by dry cough with blood.

Any of these symptoms - a sign of a dangerous pathology that is associated with the work of the cardiovascular system. Delay in the provision of aid often leads to death, especially if the pain in the chest on the left gives you in the back.

First aid in dangerous pain

If the person pain in the chest and in the back is accompanied by loss of consciousness, cold sweat, the pulse in the form of thread and uneven breathing, in need of urgent medical help. An ambulance should immediately call. You then need to designate a person on his back and give access to fresh air – unbutton the shirt and the belt of his pants, to open the window. Can not give the patient to lose consciousness, to do this you need to give it a little ammonia alcohol on a cotton ball. If the seizures have happened in the past, we need to give the patient discharged on this drug.

Pain in the back and chest degenerative-dystrophic origin

When the pain in the back gives you in the chest, first of all assumes that the patient has the disease, degenerative-dystrophic origin. This can be back pain, intervertebral hernia, scoliosis and other spinal disorders.

Why pain in the back gives you in the chest? Is transmitted from the nerves coming out between the vertebrae and passes in the internal organs of the chest or of the abdomen. And if in the thoracic spine was nerve, then the person feels severe pain around the heart or lungs. A lot of when the symptoms begin to take drugs to stabilise the heart muscle, resulting in himself in the end, in the development of diseases of the cardiovascular system.

To make sure that the chest pain has nothing to do with the heart, you need to take a few deep breaths, or tilt forward, backward. If the pain gets worse, then it means that the nerves between the vertebrae gets pinched stronger and this has nothing to do with heart disease.

Osteochondrosis, intervertebral hernia and other pathologies of the spine is acquired. They can't get infected through blood or food. All have earned the same man, the way of life. For example, if you sit on the computer still, then the blood circulation around the spine is disrupted and develop different pathologies. Or conversely, if is a lot and often burdens or living with excess body weight, the vertebrae quickly rub that causes the disease of the spine. There is a traumatic sport, where ever there is direct threat of injury or fracture of the spine - cars and motorcycle racing or weight lifting. And if the youth athlete is not feeling problems with your back after a fracture, in 40-50 years, in places of injuries formed the anomalous zone, causing pain.

the symptoms of pain

Diseases of the vertebral column begin to develop in childhood, if the child is a mistake to sitting at a desk or table, the fall. Over the years, this turns into a habit, and developed kyphosis, that is, slouch, scoliosis, and sometimes both at the same time.

So, when the pain in the back gives you in the chest, treatment started only after the complete diagnosis, include x-rays. The most informative method in this case is considered to be mri.

Diseases of the heart

When the person has a disease of the heart, pain in the chest giving back, especially during the attacks. For example, myocardial infarction is manifested by acute pain, reflected in the space between the shoulder blades or the left shoulder, the hand, the jaw. In addition, when it hurts in the sternum with an impact on the back discomfort arises right in the center of the chest.

Severe pain in the chest, giving it back, it can be a sign of heart attack in the back wall of the left ventricle. But in this case, reflected the pain may appear at the bottom of the back or even in the right hypochondrium, reminding him of the pain in diseases of the stomach. This, incidentally, prevents the proper diagnosis yourself, because when these symptoms, the person begins to suspect himself attack of peptic ulcer.

If the pain is between the breasts gives the back - in the region of the scapula, then it may be angina. Especially if the events bring the sensation back.

The symptoms usually unites the feeling of panic, shortness of breath, heart rhythm disturbances. For accurate diagnosis it is applied in this case, the electrocardiogram, and, consequently, MAGNETIC resonance imaging.

Diseases of the respiratory system

The largest organ in the thorax are the lungs and the bronchi, namely the respiratory system. Is prone to many dangerous diseases, a characteristic feature of which is pain behind the breastbone, which gives in the back.

Fortunately, the same the lungs are excluded nerve endings, otherwise the person during the illness die from pain shock. Unpleasant sensations produced in the pleura, the lungs. That accepts signals from nerve endings, is fastened to the thoracic spine.

To confirm the suspicion of pneumonia or bronchitis can, sighing deeply. In this disease breath causes attack of pain. In addition to this, during the breath sounds wheezing in the throat and lungs of the patient.

Pulmonary disease causing cough, and muscle spasm between the ribs, it causes discomfort.

Diagnosis of diseases of the lungs includes x-rays, electrocardiogram, blood test, mri.

Diseases of the digestive system

Sometimes the pain in the back gives the breasts due to diseases of the digestive system. The most common of these in this case is the pancreatitis. Inflammation of the pancreas accompanied stronger than pain syndrome, which usually wear herpes character, more manifest symptoms in the area of hypochondrium. Usually when you do this, pain in the sternum gives back. Pain when this disease is so intense, that the person sometimes can not understand, where it is found, and where really is the source of. It seems that it hurts the back and chest.


Another well-known disease, is accompanied by similar symptoms - disease hospital. During drilling outbreaks in the stomach or the duodenum syndrome pain is so strong that the man can not think of, gets hysterical and can even die from pain shock.

Sometimes the attack of peptic ulcer disease is accompanied by vomiting with blood, that there is no doubt to the character of the disease.

If the pain in the back gives the chest to the right, then this can be a cholecystitis is inflammation of the gall bladder. As with all diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, derived from the word malicious neglect diet and the abuse of alcoholic beverages. The gall bladder resulting in inflammation and there is a delay in the outflow of bile. This leads to chronic pain in my back and chest, which is filled with the accumulation of stones in the ducts of the organ. When this deterioration pathology the usual treatment doesn't help and the gall bladder must be removed.

Diagnosis of diseases of the digestive system includes the MRI and endoscopy. Also, there is a ultrasound of the liver, pancreas and gall bladder. Laboratory blood tests help to determine the level of bilirubin in the body.

Cancer disease

Cancer disease, hit the lungs, the liver, the stomach, the pancreas, which is manifested by constant pain in the back or the chest. This can be swollen and infected lymph nodes in the neck and in the armpits.

Diagnosis of the disease, in addition to the instrumental and laboratory investigations, includes biopsy of the tissue of the affected organ.


If after the fall in the back with the height or other physical damage to the spine back pain gives in his chest, it speaks to a serious damage of the vertebrae and of the intervertebral discs. In this scenario, you can't concern of the patient and, in any case, don't give him to sit down and get up. The base, aggravating reason for this is exactly the effort of the victim to get up after an injury and go by yourself. Usually in the treatment of cracks or fractures of the spine goes from 1 to 3 months, but if the patient after injury to get up and go, then the treatment may then be delayed for 12-18 months. Diagnosed as trauma radiography or MAGNETIC resonance imaging.

respiratory system

Psychosomatic causes

Pain in the sternum or the center of the back can be caused by a mental disorder. A man with such phobias, the fear of the cancer disease, fear of contracting a heart disease – the fear of tuberculosis, you will easily determine with chest pain the "favorite" disease. There are cases, when the man developed severe pathology in the context of conventional intercostal neuralgia. The patient, afraid to die of a heart attack, led to the situation in critical, abuse of drugs from the heart.

Diagnosis and treatment of these diseases conducted by the doctor psychologist. Of course, since the patient will be performed the complete diagnosis of the issue pulmonary, cardiac and systemic diseases.

Treatment and diagnosis

The pain in the middle of the sternum, giving the back and pain in the back, it reflects in the chest, - the most common symptoms of various diseases.

When it occurs you should consult your doctor and do not try to diagnose the disease by yourself. Because it often happens that people with increased suspicion and fear in one of this symptom is that may put yourself in a very dangerous diagnosis. And worst of all - will be accepted for to deal with it. It must be understood, if healthy physically the person begins to take drugs from diseases of the liver, heart, stomach and so on, early and late, the agency refuses to work normally. An example of this treatment - the madness of patients with medications, which contain an enzyme, which helps us to digest the food. Tool, no doubt, helps the digestion, but when you do this, the pancreas gradually stops producing this enzyme by yourself. And this, in turn, can lead to necrosis, pancreatitis and death as a result of pain shock.

So it's best to assign a diagnosis professionals and take place in specialized clinics.


The prevention of occurrence of pain in the chest and on the back is a series of activities aimed at the prevention of development in the body disease, capable of these emotions can cause.

To reduce the risk of developing degenerative disc disease, scoliosis, and we should bow with a childhood watch for correct posture and the load on the spine. For this chair in the workplace must be immediate and hard. Can't sit still for more than 2 hours, I have to get up and do a workout. And when playing sports load on the spine should be calculated by an experienced instructor.

The best sport for the proper posture and treatment of scoliosis is the swimming and archery. If the work is related to the finding of the feet, you need to wear a special corset, soothing away the load of the spine.

You have to be careful diet and not consume fatty, fried, spicy food. This will reduce the risk of the education of cholesterol plaque buildup in the walls of blood vessels, and therefore, the appearance of thrombosis and, consequently, of heart disease. Generally, in the human diet should include more fiber, fresh fruits and vegetables. You will also need to reduce the consumption of sugar, which is rich in baking and soft drinks. Remember, obesity is the cause of many diseases: hypertension, diabetes mellitus, heart failure and cholecystitis.

We have to abandon bad habits, such as smoking and alcohol consumption. The nicotine and the products of combustion destroys the alveoli of the lung, the capillaries and the walls thickness of the blood vessels, thus causing chronic bronchitis and, therefore, cancer of the lung.

Alcohol destroys the liver and the pancreas, not to mention the stomach and the duodenum. Gastritis, stomach ulcer, pancreatitis is a direct result of alcoholism and the violation of rules of operation.


You should regularly check your blood pressure and blood sugar levels. After all, if you can find it in the early stages of the development of hypertension and diabetes mellitus, you can not only keep them under control, but also to prevent the appearance caused by the diseases. With the same purpose, should be at least 2 times a year undergo a medical examination. The earlier it is detected a progressive disease, so a positive will be the prognosis in the treatment. It is important to lead a healthy life - we often spend time outdoors, be sparing sports. This will help to prevent the development of many diseases.