Back pain - symptoms and treatment.

Back pain, is a symptom of the disease, most of the time, the muscles of the back and spine. In this article we will see, because it hurts my back.

The problem in the lower back can occur from diseases of the bones of the spine, lumbar discs between the vertebrae, ligaments around the discs of the spine, spinal cord and nerves, muscles of the lower back, internal organs of the pelvis and abdomen, as well as the skin that covers the area. The upper part of the back can damage the result of diseases of the aorta, the volume of the breast or inflammation of the spine.

treatment of back pain

All of a sudden arise small lower back pain also called lumbago, and gradually developed for years — and infertility. If it hurts the lower back (coccyx) is kokcigodiniâ.

Causes of pain in the back

In most cases, my back hurts from muscle-skeletal disorders (microdamages of the ligaments and the joints of the spine after heavy loads, tension or spasm of muscles). Somewhat less often the cause of pain to become more intense changes by the side of the spine, such as disc herniation or displacement of the vertebrae (spondylolisthesis). Finally, in rare cases, back pain may be associated with serious conditions (tumors and inflammation in the spine and spinal cord, disease of internal organs — kidney, heart, pancreas, pelvic organs, etc.).

Possible causes of back pain

  • Muscle cramps?
  • Tensile strength (injury to ligaments );
  • Muscle trauma?
  • Pregnancy?
  • Scoliosis?
  • Bleeding in the pelvis?
  • Dissection of the aorta;
  • Infections of the spine and pelvis;
  • Lumbar spinal stenosis?
  • Metastases in the spine (cancer that has spread to the spine from other organs);
  • Viral infections, like the flu.

Diseases, my back hurts

  • Osteochondrosis;
  • Aneurysm of the abdominal aorta;
  • Ankylosing spondylitis is?
  • The bone cancer
  • Kokcigodiniâ it?
  • Degenerative diseases of the spinal discs?
  • Diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis in?
  • Endometriosis is?
  • Fibromyalgia?
  • Fracture?
  • Stones in the kidneys;
  • Osteoarthritis;
  • Paget's disease is?
  • Pancreatitis, pancreatic cancer (surrounding pain);
  • Psoriatic arthritis?
  • Reactive arthritis?
  • Sciatica it?
  • Herpes zoster (pain and rashes on the skin).

From dangerous back pain

Usually, back pain is permanent in nature, is enhanced by the movements and physical activities, and is accompanied by restriction of mobility of the spine and tightness in the back. In most cases, characterized by recurrent duration, during which the episodes of exacerbations, usually caused strenuous physical activity, prolonged stay in an uncomfortable position or hypothermia, are replaced by more or less lengthy periods of time, during which pain you are missing, or are expressed minimally.

causes of pain

In most cases, back pain is not an immediate threat to the life and health of humans and often disappear on their own (without treatment). However, sometimes the pain in the back can be due to serious diseases of the spine or internal organs.

Below are the features of the back pain, that may be associated with severe pathology. If you have any of these symptoms you should consult a doctor immediately and in no case should not self-medicate.

  • Pain in the back standing and is localized in one place.
  • Pain in the back is not reduced in the prone position or results from the night.
  • Pain in the back accompanied by the increase of the temperature of the body.
  • Back pain accompanied by tension of the muscles of the extremities or in combination with prolonged stiffness in the morning.

The diagnosis of back pain

  • Examination by a neurologist to assess the condition of the nervous system, the muscles of the spine.
  • General blood and urine test for the exclusion of inflammation of the kidneys.
  • X-ray of the spine for the expulsion of osteomyelitis, fractures and other diseases. To improve were identified with x-ray changes in addition, the doctor may order a ct or mri scan of the spine (the first allows you thoroughly evaluate the status of bony structures, the second — of the spinal cord and intervertebral disc).

Very often these studies reveal dystrophic changes in intervertebral disk and the body of the vertebrae and a diagnosis of "back pain". It should be noted that osteochondrosis in itself is not a disease, and reflects the age-related changes of the spine. These or other changes on the part of the intervertebral disc (including hernia) reveal on almost all older people, including you have never experienced back pain. In other words, to identify the signs of degenerative disc disease with x-ray or a herniated disc by mri gives no reason to believe that the back pain associated with them (this solution may only be a doctor on the basis of the results of the clinical examination).

Treatment of back pain

Fully cured from the back pain often is not possible, however, to minimize the frequency of exacerbations, using the correct lifestyle and drug therapy. Treatment of back pain depends on the cause of their appearance. To select the duration of treatment, suitable for You, it can only be a doctor.

The result of treatment may not be immediately, therefore, you must arm yourself with patience and a shutter speed is extremely slow. The main aim of treatment lies not only in the removal of acid pain, but also in the prevention of the disease in the future.

How to relieve back pain

Bed rest can contribute to the transition of acute low back pain in years. With this in mind, in moderate pain, you don't need to be on bedrest, and with severe pain will have the maximum duration (1-3 days).

If my back hurts, I have to limit this time, physical activity, and in particular to avoid weight lifting and long stays in the same position? it is important for the proper realization of motion, increasing the pressure on the spine.

For unloading of the spine and of the software to the idle state, it is advisable to use a special belt or corset.

back treatment

Drugs for back pain

The treatment depends on the cause of the back pain and the doctor prescribes after the examination.

For the relief of pain using non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, which are produced in the form of a pill, an ampoule form of injection, creams and gels, and pain medication or combination of medications. Drugs in both groups administered short course (usually no more than 3-5 days). In addition, for the treatment of pain, apply compresses with solutions of local anesthetics and medical exclusion (which can only be a doctor).

With pain, associated with muscle tension, using medicines for muscle spasm (muscle relaxants central action — within 1-2 weeks). Take these medications only with a doctor's prescription.

Currently for the treatment of back pain associated with dystrophic changes of the spine (osteochondrosis), suggest use special drugs — drugs, stimulating the production of the basic components of cartilage and so slow down the destruction. The efficacy of these drugs in diseases of the spine has not been demonstrated, the same can be said for many widely advertised food additives (usually containing medicinal plants, biological agents, vitamins, etc.) and homeopathic means. Despite the fact that all the tools are freely released in drugstores without medical prescription, should not be taken without consulting with your doctor.

The physical therapy and exercise therapy with pain in the back

To reduce the severity of pain can be used dry heat (but not deep increase of the temperature) and other physical therapy, but only after consultation with your doctor.

After the end of the acute period of useful lessons physiotherapy is made to special bands (strengthening the muscles of the back, abdominal) and massage.

Manual therapy for back pain

Manual therapy can be prescribed only the doctor after x-rays and/or mri, that allow you to objectively assess the condition of the spine and surrounding tissues. With the proper execution of manual therapy (effect on the joints of the spine, ligaments and muscles) allows you to configure multiple local disturbances (for example, muscle tension, subluxations in the joints), that sometimes allows you to quickly and effectively eliminate pain in the back.

Manual therapy has no contraindications and restrictions:

  • When hernias or destruction of intervertebral disc (displacement of fragments may result in compression of the spinal cord, spinal nerve roots and blood vessels).
  • After suffering a myocardial infarction, stroke, when oncological diseases, tuberculosis of the spine, a violation of the functioning of the endocrine system, with apparent osteoporosis.
  • The expression deterioration, accompanied by a sharp restriction of mobility of the spine due to the pain and tension of the muscles of the back (may increase symptoms).
  • In diseases of the blood vessels and disorders of blood coagulation.

If you are not running the manual treatment can lead to serious complications, so it should only be performed by a qualified technician (the doctor qualified to do so). Totally unacceptable conduct therapy medium-sized healthcare providers, and individuals without medical training!


Acupuncture (acupuncture) often has a positive effect in moderate pain in the back due to muscle stress, and in combination with emotional disorders. Although, according to folk traditions of chinese traditional medicine, acupuncture can be applied to all diseases, it is considered that acupuncture is contraindicated in the following cases.

  • In diseases of the heart and blood vessels.
  • With the presence of benign and malignant tumors (including in the past).
  • In diseases that require urgent surgical intervention.
  • When violations of the kidney and liver.
  • When there is a tendency to bleeding or taking drugs that violate the blood clot.
  • When acute infectious diseases.
  • During the course of pregnancy.

Yoga with back pain

Yoga classes not only help to relieve the pain, but also to relieve tension of the muscles of the back, as well as to reduce the inflammation. Just 5 minutes a day take the exercises, and soon you will see the result.

Prevention of back pain

  • Use a comfortable bed with a rubber and a hard layer.
  • Maintain correct posture during walking.
  • Pay attention to the correct attitude for the desktop, when you work with your computer. Note, for to of the forearm during the task would not be to the detriment of, and fully put on the table. With long-term work, use a chair with a backrest, headrest and armrests for rest and relaxation.
  • Avoid prolonged stay in the same position (with the computer, the wheel of the car). Try potential every half-hour, stretched, kneaded, they move.
  • During the long stay in the upright position locate the point braces for the back, hands or head (for example, tilt the back to vertical surface on the train).
  • If you wear shoes with high heels, remember that walking in it, without interruption, can not be more than 2 hours straight.
  • Avoid sharp turns and inclinations of the torso, check out always brace for committing such acts.
  • If it is necessary, to pick up something from the floor you have to lean, but not lean.
  • Do not lift and do not transfer the gravity, carrying them in front of you, avoid jerks, and try to keep your back restored.
  • To strengthen the muscles of the back with the patients, therapeutic exercise, swimming, exercise in the gym.
  • Maintain normal body weight