Back pain right side: causes, treatment

Everyone can experience some pain in the right side of the back a little over the tenderloin. There are many reasons for this. And it is very important to install it correctly the symptoms and origin of pain, for a correct approach to the issue of treatment. This is necessary because the pain in the back with the right hand may indicate disease of the spine or a violation of the functioning of the internal organs.

pain in the back right

In connection with this, doctors recommend attention to the identification and nature of pain in the right side of the back and consult with the experts on treatment issues.

Possible causes of back pain above the waist on the right

In most cases pain in the back with the right sides talk about a possible overvoltage of muscles of the back in the place of localization of pain due to sedentary way of life. It's a feature, usually, for pupils, students and people, carrying out long-lasting period of time at a fixed location.

Pain in the right part of the back above the waist, can often be a manifestation of these diseases of the spine:

  • osteochondrosis;
  • sciatica?
  • scoliosis?
  • the presence of intervertebral hernias in the lower part of the department?
  • injury of the spine?
  • inflammation of the muscle fibers that support the spine?
  • tuberculosis of the spine.

Also the appearance of pain in the right side of the back can affect diseases and functional disorders of internal organs, which in the majority may mean for the life-threatening condition of the patient and require immediate hospitalization and surgery!

With this pathologies include:

  1. an appendix?
  2. peritonitis;
  3. pyelonephritis?
  4. pancreatitis, necrosis of the pancreas.
  5. ulcer, duodenal ulcers;
  6. the presence of kidney stones, the production of them?
  7. cholecystitis;
  8. diseases of the heart (heart attack, angina, etc.)?
  9. pneumonia?
  10. pleurisy.

Women, back pain can be caused by gynaecological problems:

  • adnexitis (inflammation of appendages);
  • dysmenorrhea (inflammation of the mucous membrane of the uterus);
  • the presence of fibroids and cysts.

Pregnant women may also complain of pain in the back part of the back to the right.

However, for them it is a natural process: in connection with the increase in the weight of the fetus increases the load on the spine., that can lead to painful sensations. But it should be noted that pregnant women (especially during the early stages), you should not easily be related to the onset of back pain, as well as in some cases painful can be a sign of the threat of termination of pregnancy or premature birth.

Description of pain and diagnosis

The pain in the back with the right hand may differ not only because of their appearance, but by nature.

Pain in the back right can be:

  • cramps – as a rule, is the description of the pain is caused by sudden contractions of the muscle in hollow organs of the abdomen and pelvis (urinary bladder, ureters, bowel, uterus, fallopian tubes);
  • the permanently?
  • increasing it?
  • sharp (witness the defeat of the internal organs, possible internal bleeding, line breaks, etc.)?
  • as a back pain;
  • pain?
  • idiots?
  • pull?
  • long lasting;
  • sporadic.

The nature and localisation of the pain can put of the advanced diagnosis.

causes of pain in the back
  • So, sudden, acute pain in the back right often indicates diseases of the internal organs.
  • Pulling, aching pain may indicate kidney stones kidney disease.
  • In women with gynecological problems, pain in the back lower right are more often cramping in nature.
  • Description of pain in the form of back pain is inherent in diseases of the spine.

The pain may be transient and permanent. Short-term and intense pain talk about acute the duration of the disease, long-lasting and blunt pain, it means that the disease has already gained a chronic character.

So as the reasons why you may experience pain in the back right, a large amount, you need to visit a few doctors: a psychiatrist, a neurologist, a kidney specialist. Women will also need to consult the gynecologist, men – to the male doctor. The experts will walk through the analysis of the history and symptoms, clarification of complaints, to reveal if necessary, additional medical examination:

  • the tests?
  • ultrasound - ULTRASOUND?
  • computed tomography - CT?
  • x-ray?
  • mri - MAGNETIC resonance imaging.

Only on the basis of the results of the planned research, the doctor can put the exact diagnosis and to prescribe treatment. The treatment, of course, will be different in different diagnoses. The only similarity in the treatment – the appointment of painkilling drugs to relieve the symptom of pain.

Methods for the treatment and prevention

Methods of treatment depend on accurate diagnosis, the nature of pain, duration. However, there are key elements, which are characteristic for the treatment of back pain right regardless of the reason:

  • removal of the pain symptom?
  • treatment of the inflammatory process?
  • addressing the main cause of the pain (that is, as a rule, is a key step in the treatment);
  • notice of relapses of the disease.

Depending on the or other disease, which may occur pain in the back right, choose, and the methods of treatment:

  • medical (pills, injections);
  • physical therapy?
  • prompt intervention.

Worthy of particular attention, and general preventative measures:

  • the limitation of the load on the spine?
  • the upright position?
  • proper posture during sleep?
  • the timely examination of internal organs, consultation with experts, if necessary?
  • the correct diet?
  • avoid insulation stress, falls, injuries?
  • gymnastics?
  • swimming?
  • sclerosis.

Thus, pain localized in the right side of the back above the waist, may vary by the nature and duration, can have completely different causes and consequences.

diagnosis and treatment

Pain in right side of back can be a symptom of serious diseases of the internal organs. Therefore, it is very important not to self-medicate, and with the slightest illness, consult qualified service personnel. After the completion of all required examinations and the scheduled treatment, it is important to follow the doctors ' recommendations to prevent recurrence.