It hurts on the right side and gives the back - symptoms, causes, treatment

Pain in your side it never was heralds of good weather or unexpected luck. Essentially they say that the person is suffering from some disease, the same, often without knowing it. The causes can be more different, but, be that as it may, you should always contact a qualified technician.

Try as fast as possible to visit a clinic, especially if you feel pain on the right side, giving the back. These unpleasant sensations can talk about what you have problems with the kidneys. Maybe you have a pinched nerve, problems with the lungs, the liver, the gallbladder, the pancreas. All of these diseases can lead to very bad results, not excluding even death.

the pain on the side of giving back

If you have pain on the right side, giving the back, accompanied bitter in the mouth, fever, weakness, dizziness - directly, visit your doctor. You also need to know that the immediate transfer of the patient to a specialized require and symptoms such as sharp pain in the right side, which occurred very suddenly, and is not interrupted during a half-hour, or traces of blood in the urine. For what you have a problem with his lungs, I would say, also, shortness of breath, dizziness, upset stomach, high temperature, vomiting. Pain on the right side, giving the back, in comparison with these symptoms may not seem so scary. At least, in comparison with other senses.

In addition, women feel, and for other reasons of pain in the right side. Gives the the back, frequent urination, sharp pain - these symptoms can be signs of ectopic pregnancy. In this case, except for the clear diagnosis, the careful research and examination by a doctor. Maybe, on the right side, in a pregnant woman hurts because of hepatitis b infection, pyelonephritis, appendicitis and many other. This is all very detrimental effects on fetal development.

The experienced adult women know that during these pain you can contact with folk medicine. What should you do if you find out disease of the pancreas or gallbladder? Eliminate the fatty, salty, fried, spicy foods from your diet. In a quiet the house will remain, obtaining boiled potatoes, white meat. With this diet, the pain will soon pass.

If the problem is in the spleen, it will come to the aid of decoction of rose hips. In addition to the treatment, the broth in a position to keep a good prevention. Also restores the job of the spleen in the fresh juice of grated carrots, beets, radishes.

The problem may lie in the liver. In this case, you get five approaches of tablespoons of honey with cinnamon before eating and after. A mixture of olive oil, honey, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, and I will clean your liver.

Despite the weight of the drugs in pharmacies, folk medicine and advice friends, don't forget about the treatment from a specialist. After all the pain on the right side, giving the back, may be the precursors of very serious diseases, which then is able to lead to extremely destructive results. Be careful and accurate. These steps will allow you to live a long, healthy and happy life.

It hurts on the right side

Every pain serves as a warning signal for violation of functioning of the body. Then, depending on the causes and the intensity of the pain taken the necessary measures. When it hurts on the right side, you must install what needs to be done first because sometimes it is enough to follow a diet or take an anticonvulsant drug. But it often happens that we urgently need to call an ambulance. When the pain on the right side of reasonable, short of or in connection with the intake of food or alcohol, enough in advance of an appointment to the doctor. To track down the cause of the pain without qualified diagnosis very difficult. Therefore, the first thing you should do, if it hurts on the right side – this examination of all internal organs. Depending on the nature of pain, duration of dislocation, the therapist will refer you to the right specialist. On your own you can only set the approximate area unpleasant sensations, and what kind of treatment you need (emergency surgery or detailed examination).

When you need to call an ambulance with pain in the right side?

Such diseases, as appendicitis, cpmsr stomach, necrosis of the pancreas, peritonitis, a ruptured bladder, removal of stones from the kidneys – they need urgent treatment, often surgery. From current affairs to help you often depends the patient's life.

The basic symptoms of the diseases, that require immediate assistance:

  • a sudden, sharp pain on the right side of the abdomen, not the end for 30-40 minutes.
  • if the pain on the right side of the abdomen accompanied by vomiting with admixture of blood, dryness or bitterness in the mouth, the temperature rise, gives in the various organs or spread throughout the abdomen.
  • pain in the lower part of the right side is enhanced during the ride, not weakens, and no power of 11-14 hours.
  • a sudden, sharp pain on the right side under the ribs.
  • all of a sudden and it hurts on the right side at the bottom and is accompanied by weakness, loss of consciousness, dizziness.
  • sudden, severe, continuous pain in the right side of the back.
  • sudden, very severe pain in the left or right side of the abdomen, gives the lower part of the back, there are impurities of the blood in the urine.
  • these or pulling pain on the right side, which is accompanied by a deterioration of the general condition of the body, vomiting, fever, shortness of breath, dizziness, disorder of the stomach.

Causes of pain on the right side

lower back pain

Chronic diseases of internal organs, poor diet, viral infections, disorders of the function of the gastrointestinal tract can lead to pain in the side of the abdomen. In such cases, the pain associated with meals, medications, exercise and pressure. Depending on the mood and nature of pain on the right side, you can determine which specialist you are likely to need.

The pain on the right side of the back may indicate problems with the kidney, if located in the center of the.

The pain on the right side in the back, at the top, may be the result of nerve or problems with the lungs.

On the right side under the ribs are the vital organs such as the liver, the gall bladder, the pancreas. These are interrelated between them, so much so that any violation of a principle may cause other diseases.

Aching pain in the right side of the upper part of the abdomen gives you a reason for the examination of the gall bladder and the pancreas, especially if it is accompanied by nausea, reduced appetite.

Pain in the right hypochondrium may be the consequence of liver damage. Particularly widespread disease is hepatitis. If the right side under the ribs where it hurts for a very long time, to consider the liver should first of all - disorders of the functioning of this organ can cause cirrhosis.

What to do if it hurts on the right side?

Under any circumstances, should not be taken medicines without consulting a doctor. Also, do not attempt to self-medicate until the results of the diagnostics. I don't know the exact cause, you won't be able to cope with the disease. On the right side focused on vital organs, is responsible for the condition of our body. Any deviation in their activities can lead to serious diseases, therefore, it is best to combine the help of professionals and your own comments. If you feel that the treatment has positive results, it is better to conduct further research. For example, diseases of the pancreas can be caused by problems with the gall bladder. In this case, the treatment is only the pancreas will not bring any result, bouts of pain will continue, so as to make the work of the gall bladder. To prevent the development of the disease we should reveal the real reason, and only after that to choose the method of treatment.

This single, after which it often hurts on the right side. If the right side of the abdomen hurts after administration of the particular food (fat, fried, smoked), try to change the diet. If the pain escalates after taking a medication, you must inform your doctor. Try to avoid the factors that cause exacerbations of pain, particularly during the course of treatment. Don't delay diagnosis – as fast as you can to find disease, so it'll be easier to heal him.

The pain is the signal for the need to give health caution. Prevent the development of serious chronic diseases is only possible, if the necessary measures are taken when the first symptoms. Just taking painkillers, you can't help your body and to lose time. Only by correcting the cause of the violations of the work, you will be able to regain your health and avoid complications.

Even if you feel pain in the right side with the back, even one time, then this is the first warning for deterioration of health, which you definitely should be alert. Some of the organs located in the right abdomen or right under the ribs, may give glitter pull of the pain is in the region of fillet.

The pain on the right side with the back, under the ribs

Pain under the ribs on the right

Such symptoms can begin many diseases, because it requires constant monitoring of serious consideration. We urgently need to install the floor, so as not to lose valuable time and would bring recovery. List of the most common diseases that can create painful stimuli on the right side with the back, under the ribs.

Acute cholecystitis

causes of pain

Is the description of the pain can give the pathology of the liver, gallbladder, bile ducts. Particular attention should be given to the strong, lower abdominal cramping painful stimuli in the right hypochondrium, which will certainly become noticeable and in the back.

If there is a characteristic symptomatology, yes, even the human condition is deteriorating, he joined nausea, periodic vomiting, thirst, yellowing of the sclera of the eye, then you can consider a crisis of acute cholecystitis or empyema of the gall bladder.

When it hurts on the right side, sometimes helping to address a similar crisis antispasmodic in it, but to get involved they don't deserve. Pain medication to take need, because pain syndrome has a strong character.

Acute cholecystitis and empiema gall bladder is a very terrible situation, often leading to death, because we will not need to call doctor in the house.

Rupture of the liver, of the spleen

Injuries of the liver full of intense bleeding. When the blood flows down from the dome of the diaphragm, creates pain impulse of great intensity. Begins to manifest the symptom of "roly-poly": the man can't be in the supine position.

Symptomatic picture grows slowly, but even with a small cough or physical exercise happens to rupture of the capsule of the liver, which gives a sharp bleeding, pain and hemorrhagic shock.

Acute pancreatitis

When the disease, the pain appears all of a sudden, it becomes quickly around, giving the back under the shoulder blades. No changes in the intensity of pain impulses to the cough, a sneeze, a very deep breath.

Quickly joining severe nausea. After multiple vomiting may experience increased pain often rises in blood pressure.


Pain in right side - causes, nature, treatment

Appearance of pain in various parts of the body is a sign of some diseases or inflammatory processes in the body. Causes of tingling or aching pain in the right side of the abdomen, of the back or below the flaps can be very different, however, in any case, the visit to the doctor is necessary. This is explained by the fact that deposit so the pain can be for many diseases at the same time, and without special studies to put the exact diagnosis is very difficult, even for an experienced doctor.

It is important to know that you can't do if you are experiencing pain in your right side on your own without the advice of a doctor, and in particular:

  • Take pain medication, such as the lack of symptoms hurt to install the correct diagnosis?
  • Implementation of the positions pain heat?
  • Ignore the appearance of symptoms.

The pain on the right side under the fins

Diseases of the liver, the duodenum and the right angle of the colon is often the causes of pain in the right side under the ribs. Dyskinesia of the biliary tract and acute calculous cholecystitis is manifested hepatic colic, which gives pain to the scapula and the clavicle.

Sometimes hyperextension of the bile ducts the bile, accumulated as a result of the violation of the outflow in the intestine, it causes sudden pain under the ribs on the right side of the body. Given to pain in the right shoulder blade, the shoulder, the neck and the upper part of the abdomen, accompanied by vomiting and concern of the patient. As soon as it becomes normalized flow of bile, the symptoms subside, leaving after themselves only the weight in the area of hypochondrium.


Symptoms such as fever, weakness, chills and a general poisoning of the body, in combination with painful sensations down the right side, indicating acute cholecystitis. The appearance of a stupid constant pain in the right side under the ribs, accompanied by jaundice, is a testament to stretching of liver capsule-hepatitis. Shingles, also manifesting unpleasant sensations under the ribs, in combination with the characteristics of rashes in the skin in the form of bubbles, the general malaise and a slight increase in the temperature of the body.