Hurt boca, and from both sides of the back: the possible causes and treatment options

If the person hurt boca, and from both sides of the back, then this fact may indicate the presence of various diseases, pathological processes and dysfunction of the body. Localization of pain can be judged on the nature and characteristics of the disease. However, the accurate diagnosis you need to undergo a medical examination. The following example text will be presented in the most effective methods and suggestions for solving the problem.

hurt side of the back

Causes of pain in the side

A similar symptom can be from the most different causes, from the high muscle training in serious diseases. If the pain comes from the spurt or sudden moves and to retreat after a short period of time, a reminder for yourself in the future, you can not worry especially. Pain and intense discomfort, which have a periodic character, are you talking about the degenerative, pathological process or chronic disease.

The main causes, the underlying pain in the ribs from both sides, is:

  • kidney disease;
  • ulcers disease stomach and duodenal ulcers;
  • pancreatitis;
  • the aortic aneurysm is?
  • bruises and wounds?
  • inflammatory process, flowing in the internal organs or in the pelvic area.

Why hurt boca

The reason for this can be severe hypothermia caused from a wall outlet or another factor, as well as the curvature of the posture and scoliosis. Discomfort combined with pain syndrome is often caused by sleeping on hard surfaces at his side. Localized in the region of the lower part of the lower back pain often signals to the various degenerative changes in her spinal area and joints. Pain syndrome, covering side and in the back, sometimes caused by an atypical appendicitis in the acute form.

Similar symptoms often accompany bowel obstruction and other BOWEL disorders. If the pain brings you herpes character, then it can be due to degenerative changes and dystrophic processes in different parts of the spine. During the course of the secondary syndrome surrounds the pain from both sides of the back arise because of the local blood supply and slow metabolism.

Important! Pain in the side and from both sides of the back can serve as an indicator for how the problems with spine position, as well as diseases of the kidneys or other internal organs. Therefore, in case of periodic pain, worrying for several days, you should consult your doctor.


In many cases, a qualified doctor can set the diagnosis only on the basis of the analysis of the urine and a small amount of additional biochemical studies. If there is a suspicion of any problems with the spine usually attributed to x-ray. Recurrent pain, localized mostly on the right side, associated with the urinary tract and can speak for pathologies gynecological style for women and prostatitis in men.

causes of pain
  1. Pain syndrome, which is manifested at the same time on the right side and in the back, shows pyelonephritis, cholecystitis and other diseases. In such cases immediate medical help and the right treatment.
  2. Lumbar pain, which gives the left-hand side, is most often associated with inflammatory processes, flowing in the intestine. If the pain is accompanied by high formation of gas and human seats, then you need to visit a gastroenterologist.
  3. Pancreatitis and problems with the cardiovascular system is characterized by pain syndrome in the left-hand side. Myocardial infarction is accompanied dagger pains that give, also, and in the hand.

In this case, if the pain in the side accompanied by chills, loss of appetite, vomiting, sweating, increased fatigue, temperature, and the dullness, the problem is likely caused reduced kidney function. Pain syndrome of the child, is the side with the back, it can be an indication of poor posture, the wrong size bed or excess weight.

Often the need arises in blood or ultrasound. Stage of diagnosis is very important, as well as well-established causes of the disease depends on the rapid recovery of the patient. Intense dizziness, accompanied by weakness and loss of consciousness, means that there is no body and requires emergency medical assistance.

What to do with the pain in the side

For starters, you can book an appointment with the doctor, who after the deposit of the necessary examinations redirect you to a qualified surgeon, gastroenterologist, or a gynecologist depending on the diagnosis.

Treatment in the acute period includes receiving muscle relaxants and especially medicaments containing steroids. Treatment during the period of casual illness attributed by a qualified physician after the study of the history of the patient, the results of the analyses and the visual inspection.

During the recession, it is recommended to visit profile resorts sanatorium type, medium, however, regular exercise and an active lifestyle. We need to develop the individual exercises and perform possible every day. If the pain in the side associated with diseases of the kidneys or gall bladder, you will need to stick to a diet with low salt content and various pesky mucous membrane of the product. The use of alcohol requires to be eliminated completely.

In many cases, the doctor includes treatment for most forms of treatment, such as manual acupuncture, physical therapy, and vitamin supplements. Resorting to self-healing is recommended, not recommended, since a correct diagnosis requires professional medical knowledge and special equipment.

back treatment

If pain syndrome is associated with inflammatory process or disturbance in the functioning of the kidneys, the problem area is strictly prohibited to warm up by using warmer or specific ointments.