It hurts the spin from the left: causes, diagnosis and treatment

What should you do if it hurts the back on the bottom left? Surely this question can't be answered, if at first you don't find the character of this pain and the cause. From the nature of the pain can be acute, contraction, or the reverse, steady, monotonous, aching. By itself the the pain is already a negative sign, it delivers physical and moral suffering for the patient, it affects the quality of life.

pain in the back left


But in some cases a similar pain, he says, long before a pathological process, which does not cure one tablet dipyrone or grandma's greens. Required comprehensive treatment, and in some cases may need surgery. Often the pain in the back left accompanies such diseases and pathological processes, such as:

  • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system and injuries of the spine (back pain with displacement of intervertebral disc, curvature of the spine, the specific lesions of the spine, tumor, tuberculosis).
  • Kidney disease, with the formation of kidney stones basin
  • Heart disease – angina pectoris, myocardial infarction
  • The lesions of the lungs and pleura – pleuropneumonia
  • Myositis
  • Diseases of the abdominal cavity
  • Pregnancy

The defeat of the musculoskeletal system

Pain in the back left can be disrupted in diseases of the spine, and this category of diseases is the most frequent cause. The point is that some reasons (overweight, weak immune system) can lead to disorder of metabolism, fat and thinning intervertebral disc. Is the drive during physical exercise (sudden movement, lifting weights) is shifted in one direction or another, in this case – to the left. Happens impairment and reactive inflammation are left behind sensitive roots of the spinal nerves, display the attribute on the left side lumbar pain.

Just failed, and the inflammation in the nerves of curvature at the tip (scoliosis) of the lumbar spine. The cause may be the same, osteochondrosis, continually supported the wrong posture. In the cancer research process by locating in the middle of the left grow volume and destroyed all the muscles, bones, cartilage, nerves. This situation is characterized by severe pain, which can only be removed narcotic analgesics.

Quite tangible pain disturb the patient in the left lumbar myositis. Both on the right and left at the bottom of the back are large masses of muscle. Under the influence of adverse factors (hypothermia, the natural tendency) in these muscles develops inflammation. This process gives you severe pain, increased by breathing, coughing, change of body position.

Diseases of the internal organs

treatment of back pain

In the left lumbar region is displayed in the left kidney. Therefore, diseases of the body, usually, give pain in the lower part of the back to the left. The pain can be sharp and sudden, such as renal colic, or the reverse, the idiot and aching in chronic renal pathology. Nephrotic syndrome pain is so similar to that diseases of the spine, without any special diagnostic studies these situations it is easy to get confused and to get a disease for the other. The hallmark of kidney disease is the so-called symptom Pasternatskogo – increased pain when effleurage (not possible!) in view of the kidneys. True, without laboratory analysis of urine, the accuracy of this feature leaves much to be desired.

Angina pectoris and myocardial infarction, often accompanied by pain behind the breastbone. But with the defeat in the back sections of the heart muscle character of the pain changes – it hurts my back under the left shoulder blade, gives the left hand, at the bottom of the back, in the lower jaw. The pain is accompanied by the fear of death and can be so strong, that for the relief you may need a drug (of course, at walls hospital).

Inflammation of the lungs (pneumonia) can affect the pleura in the lower divisions. Inflamed pleural surfaces rub together during breathing, and gives the pain to one side or the other. The pain gets worse, the temperature rises, if the pleural cavity is liquid.

Various diseases of the abdominal cavity, except for the pain in the stomach can give a left-handed lower back pain. When acute pathology, requiring immediate surgery (inflammation of the peritoneum, intestinal obstruction) pain is severe and is accompanied by a tendency of the muscles of the abdominal wall. During the long slow processes in the liver, pancreas, stomach, of the patient bother pain chronic pain. It's not intense, but because of a permanent nature, the patient feels discomfort.

About the pregnancy so far, not resolve differences in – what's that, a disease or a normal condition? One way or the other, but carry the fetus leads to a change in all the physiological processes of body and appearance of various pain, including and to the left at the bottom of the back. In this case the pain is caused by a number of factors – the increase of intra-abdominal pressure, displacement of internal organs, and compression of the pregnant uterus, in addition to increase in load of the spine. the weight of the fetus. If the pain worsens, and when this is observed bleeding from the genitals, then, most likely, have been developed for life-threatening maternal and fetal complications. Following an urgent order in the ambulance going to the hospital.

Diagnosis and treatment for pain on the left side of the lower part of the back is carried out by various specialists internist, a neurologist, a physician ULTRASOUND, and if necessary, a gynecologist, a surgeon, a surgeon. Initially, it turns out recent, and the character left-handed, pain – burning, aching, pulling, gives-does not give in other areas of the body. On the basis of specific symptoms already during the inspection may be suspected pathology of the spine or the internal organs.

But without laboratory tests can't do. In a medical institution, take in a general analysis, the blood, the urine. Recently became a popular laboratory blood tests on those indicators or other diseases. Mandatory recording of electrocardiogram for confirmation or exclusion of cardiac disease. If necessary, conduct a more advanced diagnosis – x-rays, ULTRASOUND, ct scan.

On the treatment of left lumbar pain, joint recommendations no. Currently, for combating this and other pains and the pharmaceutical industry has developed a whole arsenal of your respective medications, analgesics. But analgesics are not always able to solve the problem, given that these funds complement the pain, but do not eliminate the cause. In addition, prior to the medical inspection of analgesia is not desirable, since it distorts the clinical picture and makes it difficult to diagnose.

the diagnosis of back pain

For the same reason attention will have to use the tools of traditional medicine. Should only be used in combination with pharmaceutical means. In diseases of the spine nice effect gives physiotherapy, therapeutic gymnastics, massage, manual therapy. But these methods of treatment is absolutely unacceptable, tuberculosis, tumors, pregnancy, some diseases of the skin and pathology of the cardiovascular system. During the treatment left lumbar pain, like any other, needs a strictly individual approach. And it can carry out only in a medical institution.