The correct position of the body in children: the key to good health

Proper posture is essential for good health. Unfortunately, people are not born already formed posture. This should be working. And it is during the preschool age is best to start to instill good habits and to habituate children to healthy way of life.

It is always nice to see the man whose straight shoulders, straight back, and easy movement. These people more confident. And vice versa. It is sad to see the passer-by, with bent back. And it is only the external factors. Bad posture leads to complications of the internal organs. Disrupted respiratory and nervous system, decreased capacity of the lungs and shortness of breath. It is therefore very important to the child to pay attention to the formation of the body.

Body posture: basic concepts

The body is a known posture in which the back is straight. In the first years of life in children formed the natural curves of the spine. From the time when the child goes to school these curves are defined more clearly. The spine begins to form in the process of development and growth of the child.

Signs of proper position of the body:

  • clavicles are at the same level;
  • if you look back, scapula and shoulders are symmetrically arranged;
  • the head, hips and torso in one line;
  • abdomen;
  • the legs have the same length.


To understand whether there is a breach of the child, you need to put it right. If the indicator is strongly favored, and head and shoulders tilted forward, it is time to take action.

The types of posture:

  • stoop;
  • the flat back;
  • the flat concave back;
  • round back;
  • round-concave back;
  • bad posture of the body.

One of the most common diseases in children is a slouch. Children do not know how to control themselves, so while reading or playing games on the computer, the back relaxed and rounded, the shoulders fall forward. This leads to a stooped posture. If time does not take measures to increase the hump, the heart and lungs will cease to work normally.

Defects round or round-concave back occur at an early age. Start to stand, walk and sit the child needs at the time. This age can begin to form a defect. Is characterized by the drooping shoulders, the strong curvature of the spine and the head tilted forward.

In children, retarded, or vice versa, a fast growing and may be flat or concave flat backs. These children quickly get tired, do not cope well with varying loads, complain of headaches. Usually, this posture leads to the development of scoliosis.

Back pain was observed in children in preschool age. This is the first sign of injury to the body. This problem occurs when the baby moves a little bit, he do not developed muscles, there is a surplus of weight, too long sitting at the table.

Three degrees of the incorrect posture of the body

  • First: small changes in the body. Easy to be corrected with the help of a volitional effort. Most common in children of preschool age.
  • Second: signs of the curvature of the logo becomes larger. Some effort to straighten the spine enough. If you take the child under the armpits and lift, the violation will be eliminated. Posture can be corrected with a special diet.
  • Third: when the body is difficult to cure.

Factors that affect the body of the children

  1. Proper diet. Make sure your diet must include foods that contain vitamins C and E. salmon, mackerel, milk, eggs, currants, citrus and legumes.
  2. The absence or lack of physical activity. To keep your posture in the right form, you need good physical preparation.
  3. Wrong heavy school bags. Better if the weight of the container shall not exceed 2 kg. So it is still worth to watch, that the child carries with him. Pick the right backpack with orthopedic back and wide comfortable straps.
  4. Bad posture of the body. You have to monitor the students during the execution of home works, when they sit long at table, and especially behind the computer. Periodically to tell him about good posture. Be sure to take small breaks between long sitting.
  5. The psychological state. Constant criticism, a lack of understanding on the part of parents increase the self-confidence among the children. Insecure children are more likely to slouch. Therefore, for the child is very important parenting and support.
  6. Mode of work and rest. It is important to observe the proportions between these classes. Many parents strive to ensure that the child attended a plurality of sections and was always doing something. Children need physical activity. But, they also need rest
  7. The shape of the feet. Injury of the foot will certainly lead to changes of the spine. Regularly check your flat foot.

Test: how to determine whether injuries of the body

To make it easy. Put the baby on the wall so that the head, shoulders, buttocks and heels were tightly pressed to the side surface. If the body is true, then such a posture will not cause inconvenience. In the case of a violation of the child, it will be difficult to cope with such a request. And even more so to move away from the wall and stay in that position for some time.

The formation of correct posture in children

  • It all starts with the birth. Also need to pay special attention to the development of your baby in an early age. It is in childhood, it is easier to form correct habits and to accustom the child to a healthy way of life.
  • Constant motor activity. From an early age teach your baby to physical exercise. It can be Cycling, skating and rollerblading. Play with him outdoor games: badminton, volleyball, football.
  • The rejection of the incorrect positions. When children are young, it is difficult to control. They do not attach much important on how you sit, what position, watching TELEVISION or eating. And in these moments are very important parental control.
  • General physical preparation. In order to have a child, formed in the correct position of the body, the hardening and exercises that increase overall body tone. Swimming and healthy sleep helps in the recovery of the nervous system.
  • Check for flat feet. The selection of proper and comfortable shoes will help the child to maintain the correct position of the body during the movements.
  • The baby bed must be firm, preferably with orthopedic mattress.
  • Exercises, contributing to the development of the proper position of the body — a set of exercises to strengthen the back muscles, shoulder girdle, abdominals, flexibility, joint mobility, training of the respiratory system.

Exercises for correct posture

  • Unloading of the spine. Twice a day lie on a hard surface. It is enough 15 minutes for each time.
  • Horizontal bar. Hang in calm state on the horizontal bar. Time: how much is enough force.
  • Straight back. Up against the wall, the strong jaw of the head, buttocks and heels. Move away from the wall, sit down and stand up, taking the right position.
  • "Swallow it". Feet together, hands down. The retracting one leg back, hands bred to the sides. Stand half a minute. Then change leg.
  • Walk around the room. Go, alternating between different options: on tiptoes, on heels, on the outside edges of the feet.

Games for the prevention of violations of posture

  • Playing with a ball. In the direction of strengthening of the shoulder girdle and good body posture. You need to get to the basket with the ball, throwing with two hands from behind his head.
  • Game with a rope. For developing balance and strengthening of muscles. The floor was covered with rope and the kids go through it like a tightrope. In this case you should try to go with a flat back, hands to dissolve in hand.
  • Play with a toy. Strengthens back muscles, helps to maintain balance. The child leans forward on the arms is a charming soft toy. He must take the burden of a certain place. In the course of the movement of the head can not be reduced and the need to keep your back straight.

Means of rehabilitation

The rehabilitation process of the children is quite long and consists of physical, medical and psychological assistance.


One of the main ways of treatment is considered posture, therapeutic exercises (physical therapy). It aims to increase physical endurance, muscle strengthening, development, coordination, the ability to control your body. A special set of exercises, given the development of your baby, will help you to choose the specialist.


The required method of treatment is massage. It is indicated for any change of position of the body, aimed at strengthening the muscles, reduce pain and relieve tension. The right kind of massage will select the specialist after examination.



Hydrokinesotherapy or aqua-gymnastics is useful and necessary form of rehabilitation, which the kids love. Water exercise is easier to do. All movements are carried out under the supervision of a specialist. Takes into account different degrees of disorders of the body, therefore, the complex of exercises is chosen individually. Method is not medical. However, in combination with gymnastics gives excellent results.


In this type of treatment, it is necessary to select the most appropriate climate for your baby. It is helpful to the treatments in fresh air — air bath, swimming, sunbathing. When choosing a resort it is better to consult a doctor, who understands the geographical climate.

Mud treatment

Pelotherapy — mud treatment, a simple and effective method in the treatment of the spine. Beneficial microorganisms included in the composition of medicinal mud has relaxing, soothing and analgesic effect on the body. However, due to the fact that in children is still poorly developed immune system, there are contraindications for therapy. And it is important to follow the recommendations of your pediatrician.


Balneotherapy is the composition of the different procedures for the collection, which uses fresh, sea or salt water. When injuries of the body useful contrast shower. The pressure of the water, in its composition, temperature — all this together strengthens the musculoskeletal system, the muscular system, stimulates the mobility of the joints.


Apparatus for physical therapy are devices that have a medical impact on the child using electric current, laser radiation, heat, magnetic field, etc. Electrophoresis helps the medicines to penetrate deeper through the skin, relieving pain. In combination with other procedures such as therapy increases the effectiveness of the treatment.


An important role in our lives play the correct body posture. At an early age to pay attention to the child's physical activity. To rectify the consequences of improper upbringing is always more difficult than to learn since childhood, good habits. Pay attention to a variety of factors: such as sitting, standing, and movement of your baby. Help him to grow up successful and healthy.