Stomach gives back

Causes of pain in the kidneys to look for, in the first phase, inflammatory, destructive, functional or genetic changes. Many patients in cold weather, turn to doctors with complaints of "sore kidneys". Causes of illness and what to do in such a situation, learn with us!

Because it hurts the stomach and gives in the back?

Kidneys – double organ in the urinary system of man. Located on both sides of the spine at the level of the eleventh of the parent and of the third lumbar vertebra. This is quite a serious organ of the human body, therefore pain in the area of the kidneys should pay attention, consult a specialist and start the treatment only after you learn the cause of the pain.

Causes of pain in the lower abdomen

In what diseases of the kidney can be a pain in my stomach and give in the back?

  1. Pyelonephritis – inflammation of renal pelvis dilatation – there may be a little pain, which is oppressive in nature on his side, rarely appears on the one hand, patients often complain of pain on the left and right at the same time and also for back pain in the kidney area.
  2. Oncology (cancer, malignant tumor) of the kidneys, of course, along with other symptoms, the patient feels pain in the projection of kidneys and back pain Cancer of the kidney takes up 2% of the total of cancer of different localization. However, benign tumors in the kidneys, for example, fibromas, adenoma, accompanied by pain.
  3. Bad kidneys (nephroptosis the left kidney) is accompanied by pain in this area, especially with anxiety back or when lifting heavy objects.
  4. Urolithiasis, also accompanied by back pain, especially when driving or loads. Pain have the following description – are displayed cumulatively pain in his side from the left side and in the lower area of the abdomen, when pressure is applied, the palpation of the kidney, also felt pain.
  5. The accompanying symptoms of the disease are fever, nausea, chills, vomiting, frequent urge for urination.

Similar symptoms can be and are not associated specifically with this instrument, the diagnosis of kidney disease is quite difficult. Often my stomach hurts and gives the back part, also, in diseases of the spleen, the colon. Therefore, it is compulsory to consult your doctor a urologist, then, to find out the exact cause of the pain.