To what doctor to address, if it hurts in the middle?

The doctor conducts the advanced diagnosis, then direct you to the right specialist. The spine will be your problem, if it comes to the health of the spine. It is worth to visit the office of a neurologist, if there is a pinched nerve or nervous tissue nervous inflammatory process. You may need a visit to a cardiologist or gastroenterologist, if the cause of the pain it will be to disturbances in the functioning of the internal organs.

the pain in the back

The medicine in our days is highly specialized. In the beginning it is difficult to determine to what doctor to address. If my back hurts and there are chronic diseases, the first thing that report pain to the doctor. Different pathologies that cause different pain. They can be expressed constantly or to find crises. The pain may sting, to whine, to move on to the leg, pulsating, push.

Chronic pain syndrome is often caused unnecessary bone growth. At the same time the patient feels like a numb and weakened legs. Apply a visit to a neurologist.

If you feel pain, the cause may be the muscle inflammation. As pain mild, but they won't go away. The process can be started hypothermia or unnecessary tension. Will help you in the office of the neurologist.

Stabbing pain they say about the possible pathologies of the respiratory or urinary tract. In such cases, you will need the services of pulmonologist, or a qualified urologist. It's called, and in these cases, when a person is plucked from the back. These symptoms may speak for a hernia or a risk for the appearance. Here will help a neurologist or spine.

But if the back pain comes and ideas, in which doctor to go to, not to go to the doctor. He will tell you what tests to pass, what research to pass. Having studied the data and analysis increase the symptoms, the therapist will decide which of the doctors you go to.


Is a doctor who specializes in the study of the spine and the pathology. Will the overall picture, will determine whether competence source of the pain, and will give recommendations for treatment. Good doctors themselves possess the skills of a masseuse and chiropractor, do plastic surgery of the vertebral column.

All of these treatment methods will help, if my back hurts, and for the reason that:

  • Sleep too soft or the inverse of a solid, uneven bed?
  • You escape the moisture during the sleep?
  • You sleep in a man-made bedding, tissues;
  • Hard working physically?
  • Constantly sitting at your computer or work in the office.

Not to seek out your doctor, follow the following precautionary recommendations:

  • She only sleeps on the bed of medium hardness. It is very hard and soft mattresses and pillows to slowly warp your spine. In the afternoon, keep the correct posture of the body?
  • If you are a driver or office worker, try often stretch and get up?
  • Do an easy workout. In our days this is why it is most often back pain in adults?
  • Sitting at the computer, so she picked up the table and the chair. The chair back should be high, so as not to create additional input in the back. Hands better to keep constantly in the arms. If it's just for the weight, the vertebrae are facing an extra burden?
  • Get rid of excess pounds. Being overweight is not only a lot of loads musculo-skeletal-motor system, creates the risk of degenerative disc disease and hernias, but also affects the metabolic processes in the cartilage tissues;
  • Start to swim or exercise. People who engage in exercise therapy, support back muscles normally. I don't do this for sports registrations. Cure the unpleasant consequences are difficult?
  • By lifting weights in everyday life, straighten your back. In the opposite case, splitting the back is assured.

The neurologist

To find the doctors is not always easy. If you ask a normal therapist, what the doctor is treating the vertebral column, the answer is likely to be a neurologist. The competence of neurologists do not include the amount of therapeutic techniques, which has a spine. But these doctors will spend the diagnosis and if you are a victim of sciatica, degenerative disc disease or hernia repair, the problem will be found and the treatment assigned.

The neurologist at the local clinic can diagnose such abnormalities of the skeleton, such as:

  • Sciatica (inflammation of the spinal nerve);
  • Intervertebral hernia (production of intervertebral disk from a fixed position and tear);
  • Osteochondrosis (deformation of the disc and cartilage tissue);
  • Osteophytes (increases extra bone on the vertebrae.);
  • Inflammation in the region of the sciatic nerve?
  • Protrusion of (the first stages of development of hernia).

It may seem that there are problems with the back, but actually to require treatment, organs of the endocrine, or respiratory system. The reason can also be infections or tumors.

The other doctors

the doctors

Urologist. If the source of the back pain I found a neurologist, and homemade remedies for back pain don't help, contact your urologist. Your back pain may be the signal of patients with kidney disease or other urological abnormalities.

Pulmonologist. It hurts in the area of the segment of the spine may be due to the fact that there is a pathology of the lungs. It is, therefore, pulmonologist, can reveal the presence of infectious diseases, tuberculosis, or pleurisy. In turn, stabbing back pain can talk about inflammatory process.

Cardiologist. It can be shown that the stabbing pains in the breast section which is a patient tied to the back, is the result of diseases of the cardiovascular system. The cardiologist will eliminate the risk of myocardial infarction and ischaemia of the heart.

Endocrinologist. The expert can reveal a possible lack of calcium or calzievogo exchange. If the problem is in the poor logistics of organization of this substance may occur disturbances in the functioning of the locomotor system.

Rheumatologist. Consider connective tissue and metabolic processes. You will be able to detect the risk of arthritis or osteoarthritis, if it exists.

Traumatologist. It is worth exploring and the old wounds. May you know many years. Can and to prove, that the patient is plucked from his back, it's hard after work.

Gastroenterologist. Stabbing pain can occur from diseases of the digestive system: ulcer or gastritis of the stomach, pancreatitis, cholecystitis. You may experience problems with the production of bile, inflammation of the pancreas, intestinal diseases. A gastroenterologist will also eliminate the suspicion of appendicitis.

The oncologist. Institutions, distortions that manifest themselves as pain in the back, can be part of the development of neoplasms. Back pain back can be a malignant or benign tumor. Oncological diseases much better amenable to falsification in the early stages of development. Therefore, if the source of the pain can't find the other doctors, it's better to be sure.

Gynecologist. It hurts the fillets and many of the women during the menstruation. This can happen due to the fact that, genetically, the uterus is only a few behind. Lower back pain can be a sign of ectopic pregnancy, and inflammation of the female reproductive system. Even a healthy pregnancy can cause lower back pain.

Methods of diagnosis

To figure out which way to turn and what the doctor dealing with your problem, you may need the results of the following studies:

  • A routine blood test and urine will help you to understand, is not observed if the inflammation in the body?
  • X-ray, made from different angles, the time find, not a threat to you, your risk of developing a hernia to you?
  • A ct scan will examine the injuries, if you hit the back or have been subjected to excessive voltage?
  • The MRI scan gives you an extensive and accurate picture, but can be used no more often than once a month?
  • Ultrasonic method will tell you about the condition of the cartilage, and tendons, will show you to the risk of oncology of?