My back hurts in the morning after sleep and in the afternoon

During sleep the man restores fully the physical and psychological power. Rest makes the breakfast good, and a new day full of new events and feelings. Back pain in the morning not only ruining the designs, but it is a sign of various serious diseases. The fact that the pain that occurs every morning – an excuse to go to the doctor. Even if early morning pain in the region of the back pass during the day, can not ignore the problem.

my back hurts

Causes of morning sickness

The human spinal column is constantly on the alert. Daily will is subjected to physical stress of varying intensity. When it is damaged any component (bones, joints, muscles) is shown the discomfort and the pain in the morning. There are many reasons why my back hurts after sleeping. Some of them are easy to resolve without medical intervention, the rest have to go through the diagnosis and consult your doctor.

Sleeping conditions

The dream gives you the opportunity to relax for all the systems and organs of the human. Uncomfortable bed, the mattress is the main cause of the pain symptom under morning. The bed should support the normal condition of the back. It is very soft or very hard mattress causes the wrong position of the body during sleep, therefore, some muscles are not supported, hence the lower back pain directly from in the morning.

If you have properly organized bed, orthopedic mattress normal stiffness cause back pain after sleep is annoying stand. It's useful for sleeping on your back with pripodnatami and legs a little bent. The position of the body, which does not oppressus not a muscle, the organs are located in a quiet, no unnecessary tension, promotes the recovery of forces. In the absence of other causes of back pain after sleeping will not be displayed.Over-voltage

After workforce with intense physical activity, especially if this is unusual for the body, experiencing lower back pain from this morning as a consequence of muscular tension. Over-voltage is accompanied myositis. This cause is the most common. Not requiring medical intervention, occurs daily, then goes away by itself. For the relief of the situation it is recommended that local application of ointments, creams, to take the pain. For this kind of situation will not happen again, you will need to monitor the load distribution during physical exercise. Because the bed hurts my back, if it wasn't for wave. Often in patients who lead a passive way of life, have a sedentary work the muscles hurt than standing in the same position. Why my back hurts in the morning and the afternoon? The muscles don't have the time to rest and recover.

Disorders of the spine

If, however, the sleeping conditions do not affect the waking up and back pain every morning now, the cause may be disorders of the spine. How to start the search for the causes? For a complete diagnosis you need to visit the traumatologist and a neurologist. Already after the collection of medical history, the doctor will put the possible diagnosis and will send for tests. Often the reason is osteochondrosis..

In the morning after sleep, appears stiff muscles of the back, the bright pain in the spine. It's hard to switch from the horizontal position, so that the patient disturb unpleasant sensations. Osteochondrosis makes the spine stable, rigid. Every day they need more time to tune in a working mood. The lumbar department is most often the subject of the disease, but there are other options. With the defeat of disease of the cervical spine, it hurts the back between the shoulder blades. Characteristic of degenerative disc disease is the pain when bending in any direction, fast fatigue, the desire to take the horizontal position. Acute pain occurs even with a small cough, get sick back can at any time.


Disorders of the joints

Not only is the spine then become the cause of pain fillets after sleep. With age, cartilage change, it disappears lubrication, rub up against and destroyed. Degenerative changes bring great suffering, This disease is called osteoarthritis. Affects all the joints of the body, including the intervertebral discs. Full restoration of cartilage is impossible. However, with timely access to a doctor slow down the destruction, pain medication improve the patient's quality of life. With timely taking of medicines strong, sharp pain in the back than in the morning doesn't bother me.Cut the wound

For a long time after injury of the spinal hurts my back by the morning. It is not a natural situation, the wound is under a lot of stress, even when it's not a serious injury, pain for a long time didn't go through. The doctors aren't always immediately take note of the consequences of the injury. With the slightest suspicion of you need to seek medical help. Prior to the examination by the doctor, the patient is encouraged thrifty way of life, you can't lift weights, make sharp movements, to sleep while more comfortable position. Do not take drugs without a destination, to do therapeutic exercises.

Diseases of the internal organs

The pain occurs not only to problems with the spine and the skeletal muscle. This marks for violations in the functioning of the internal organs. Often the pain is triggered during the sleep process. Radiation pain prevents the performance of accurate diagnosis. The patient doesn't know why it hurts fillets in reality.

A kidney infection give you lower back pain every morning, as well as diseases of the liver and biliary tract. If after sleeping back pain in the area of blades, is reason to suspect inflammation of the lungs (bronchi), especially if you have a cough. Another scenario – disturbance in the functioning of the cardiovascular system. Because in the morning it hurts fillets of women? This is one of the symptoms of the violation on the part of the reproductive system. In the morning can disrupt the pain of a neurological character. For correct diagnosis it is important to contact an experienced doctor, who will appoint the exam.

Pain during pregnancy

During the period of pregnancy, women often my back hurts immediately after sleep. The body changes, grows back. Don't be scared, again recover after childbirth. Growing in the womb a baby shifts the center of gravity for the expectant mother, change of gait, appears fatigue, it is difficult to get the proper posture for sleeping. Most often in pregnant back pain in the waist area.


Methods of diagnosis

If it hurts the fillets from the morning, it is necessary to consult your doctor first with your doctor. Gathering the medical history and the award of major research techniques (analysis of urine general analysis of blood), an expert will show you the future path for diagnosis. If the exam is relaxed, i.e., no acute inflammatory process, the chemical composition of the blood. For the detection of cardiovascular disease do ECG. The research data are helping to cut disease of the internal organs. In the absence of therapeutic diseases, the patient is sent to the traumatologist and a neurologist.

The next stage is the study of the spine, the x-Ray will show the general condition, the presence of intervertebral hernias, processes of deformation of the cartilage. Unfortunately, it's not always this method is revealing. Explores only kostno-articular welding. Not all the changes are visible on x-ray.

There is an alternative. Mri or ct scan will show, because the patient in the morning my back hurts. This method is most effective. The bones and joints are considered from all the angles, respectively, greater possibility to discover the cause of the problem. When the problems with the muscular corset, also applies electromyography.

Methods of treatment

Depending on the detected of the disease, the doctor prescribes treatment. In severe cases, the patient is sent to the hospital. Most of the diseases in which pain in the back in the back, requires the domestic operation. If the back pain was the only symptomatic treatment of the disease, there is a specific treatment for the back the same pain medication. In cases of degenerative disc disease requires the carrying out reflexology, massage. For the effectiveness of treatment for injuries of the vertebral column is assigned to a complete calm, often the patient is allowed only in a horizontal position. Then, she needs a girdle or belt.

As is well known, the best treatment is prevention. If a person is experiencing pain in the middle after bedtime, should be avoided surge, weights, not supercool. Active lifestyle, gymnastics, swimming positive effect on the condition of the back.