My back hurts down the middle: what is this

Pain in the back below the waist annoys a lot of people. Unbeknownst to them, all these manifestations of pain called "sciatica", however, is completely wrong. Pain below the waist can be caused by a number of causes and wear a different character, is also a long list of diseases that occur with exactly the same symptom.

A lot depends on the exact nature of the pain, as well as from the place of its location. To determine the cause, because it hurts fillets, can only be a specialist. But, in the beginning it must be understood what doctor to contact to solve the problem.


A short list of the possible causes of pain below the waist:

  • Osteochondrosis. The disease manifests itself in dystrophic defeat of discs between the vertebrae, as well as the actual body of the vertebrae.
  • Spondylolisthesis is the osteoarthritis of the joints located between the vertebrae.
  • Tumors of the spine. Primary tumor and metastases (arising from the development of the tumor in a different organ or system).
  • Fracture of the spine.
  • Infections in the area of the vertebrae and discs.
  • If there are any problems in the organs located in the pelvis, and can manifest described symptom.
  • Dysfunction of the DIGESTIVE system.
  • Problems with pressure in the region of the spine.
  • Wrong metabolism, causing generally the defeat of the bone.
  • Inflammatory diseases, non-communicable nature.

The stretch

Often acute pain in the back occurs in various sprains. The pain center will be the large muscles of the back. Continuous convulsions eventually leading to traffic restrictions. For this reason, my back hurts in the back and pain it gives to the legs and groin area.


Often acute pain is shown for both apparent cause, he can't ignore: the fracture of the vertebrae. Some believe that this rarely happens, but, in fact, to win the fracture may, even in a simple fall at his feet. Especially in cases, when there are already some changes in the vertebral column and the bones of the self fragile.

Disk offset

The next one is fairly common cause, which results in acute pain. In the lumbar moved intervertebral discs. The symptom is very strong: the man can move.

Facies syndrome

In principle, it is rarely leads to the manifestation of acute pain just below the waist, then it's a symptom of it is possible. There is the so-called nerve root in the vertebral canal. If it happens compression in the place of exit from the vertebral column, the symptom manifests itself.

The epidural abscess

A serious disease, which in rare cases manifested with pain below the waist. Often, this disease develops in the breast section, and the symptoms of pain are there. But, when it started the process, they may also give in the waist area. The disease requires immediate surgical treatment.

Chronic pain: less scary, but dangerous

The skeleton

Chronic back pain is always occur are not as intense as sharp. But as pain still can not be ignored: if there is a pain syndrome, i.e. the body that something is not right. As long as man ignores the condition and tries to heal him of the methods, the disease progresses.

Lower back pain or more for back pain

Often the syndrome of the chronic nature in this region is inherent in people over middle age and older. But the modern youth is also facing with this symptom pain. This condition is called "back pain".

There is pain, provided increased physical exercise, even during the difficult move. It is so strongly permeates the body, that man can for a little thickened in that position, in which the back pain that found him.

Possible causes of back pain:

  • sciatica (but not always is this that causes the symptom that is described);
  • a hernia in the middle?
  • became displacement of the vertebra one or more?
  • could drop the intervertebral disc (maybe with a strong load on the spine);

The pain is sudden and acute, many characterize it as "lumbago" in the back. Not only does not prevent to move and even to breathe hurt. If you lie down and spend some time in complete silence, then the symptom is reduced.

Pain below the waist

Very often pain, as give in the leg and appear after intense exercise, as well as, after the insulation.

What are the reasons you need to remember:

  • sciatica?
  • a herniated intervertebral disk?
  • bechterew's disease is?
  • renal colic (pain localized below the waist from the right side);

It hurts the back in the back in women

Given that a number of gynecological diseases and the specific situations of women can lead to pain in this region, for a symptom of pretty ladies you need to talk separately.

Classification of pain below the waist in women:

  • Back pain. Is acute back pain from loads or insulation.
  • Infertility. The pain of this type bear a permanent, but weak character. It can also result from exercise to the spine (bringing of a permanent nature), as well as due to sedentary work.
  • Lumboischialgia. The pain of this type is almost always gives the foot. Occurs when a hernia, and requires rapid treatment.

Important! If pain in the described area wear pain character, is not a sign of serious pathology. Although, of course, also require the correct diagnosis and treatment.

Localization of pain to the left below the waist

Except that it is a symptom caused by diseases of the spine, can be a pain, which is transmitted from the internal organs. From the left side of the body in this part is the kidney and intestine, pancreas and stomach, the spleen. The women, also from the left side is the ovary, pathology that may cause pain lower back to the left.

If diseases of the internal organs sharp, then it will manifest not only pain syndrome in described area. Common symptoms are fever and chills, urine abnormal color, pain in the lower part of the abdomen (in women, cessation of menstrual cycle).

Important! If the examination did not reveal any problems with the internal organs and systems, it is necessary to further research of the spine.

Two types of pain and the cause:

  • Aching and dull pain notes years spondylarthrosis'. More often a symptom manifests itself after a long sitting, after sleep.
  • Sudden and burning. Acute back pain limits movement and is accompanied by a fall in body temperature. The pain can appear after a shower or even a massage.

Transfer pain in the leg or hip

Pain down the middle often gives the buttock or foot. When you make an accurate diagnosis, the doctor will necessarily take into account the fact that. This phenomenon shows that, perhaps, you will be amazed by the nerve root, this part of the spine.

Also, the pain that is transmitted to the leg and in the groin, the abdomen, says about possible serious damage of the upper vertebra. Sometimes the pain leads even in torpor leg and loss of movement capacity – this refers to the inflammation of the sciatic nerve. Most often, this is observed as a syndrome pear-shaped muscle.

What causes the appearance of pain in women

If a woman in life there is no physical activity, and then starts the active weeding beds, or just ... clues to wash the floor all over the house, this nasty pain below the waist can occur. Common gradients and fatigue back leading to the appearance of the pain, because skeletal muscle system is not prepared for these projects.

Interesting! Exactly for the same reason, beginners at the gym may experience described the type of pain. Even professional athletes, who give yourself every day excessive, atypical load.

In harmless reasons of occurrence of pain described detection can be attributed to:

  • the sedentary life (especially, when an incorrect position of the body);
  • incorrect lifting weights?
  • loads, too much for this lady?
  • hypothermia (current or light clothes would quickly come on their own);

Pain due to gynecological problems


Infectious diseases reproductive system of the woman can cause severe pain. Gynecologists emphasize that in this case, the pain in the back not wearing pain character, is acute and affects the normal activity of the woman, it restricts her.

In various gynaecological reasons, the pain may be constant pain in nature. In any case, to put the exact diagnosis for the specific case can only be a doctor.

Possible gynecological problems, causing pain down the middle:

  • In the critical days in the body increases the amount of substances responsible for the sensation of pain. For the reason that can occur pulling pain down the middle, and the lower part of the abdomen. You need to see a doctor, but some emergency measures in a situation like this there is no: need to wait until the pain will pass.
  • During pregnancy, especially during the last stages. Everything is clear: the pressure in the middle is increased with the increase of the weight of the fetus. In addition, the body hard produces the hormone progesterone, which leads to a weakening of the joints and ligaments.
  • If the pain appeared during the first months of pregnancy is a dangerous situation. This indicates that there are risks of detachment of the ovum. Often pulling pain in the middle of such a threat, accompanied by a brown discharge.
  • Dysmenorrhea. The shell of the uterus has a mucous membrane structure, in which they cling to various inflammations. So, if this happens, then the symptoms will be impressive and without a visit to the gynecologist is necessary.
  • Ectopic pregnancy, a ruptured bladder or apoplexy scrambled eggs – the reason for severe pain in the back. The pain is localized under, require urgent hospitalization.

If the person who hurts on the back – this is not necessarily started sciatica. There is a huge list of diseases of the spine and of diseases of other organs and systems of man, that cause is the syndrome. Exactly determine the cause of the pain may be only a doctor, depending on the location, character and other associated symptoms.

You don't have to try for yourself to put yourself a diagnosis. You should be sure to consult your doctor, for example, to a doctor and talk about the situation and to pass the relevant exams. Take care of yourself and don't do self-medication without consultation with your doctor, because often the intervention on health leads to serious consequences.