How to treat lower back pain: causes, through

How to treat lower back pain, if you don't have time for the trip to the doctor? Because we're all very busy, we have a lot to do, and worries, that you do not rush and constantly running late. And we never had the time to do the treatment seriously until then, until we get to the car "Ambulance".

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And yet we will try to tell you about the most common problems that cause so much pain, and methods of their treatments at home. But keep in mind that there are no "popular" treatments do not relieve you from the development of the disease, and, again, we should get up and go to a doctor.


This is, perhaps, the most common cause of back pain. When you do this, earn hypothermia is not so difficult, for this is not necessary especially freeze. Enough you will work in a warm room, and then, to wet, to get into the room, where it operates actively, air conditioning. Hot body's under running cold air. The person becomes cold in these conditions, but the adaptation is fast enough. But the next day I started experiencing back pain, become a problem straighten or increased, pain is often permanent, and pain, and when the movement becomes sharp. So quickly and quietly you have earned hypothermia, or, more simply, "we're losing the back".

Methods for the treatment of pain during hypothermia

The first thing that makes sense to do in a situation like this – warm up his back. For this the best ointment, which is easy to find in any pharmacy. Well, if ointments at hand, then as long as the conventional alcohol. Rub the middle of alcohol, or ointment, and then wrap with something warm, a scarf or a shawl, for example. This process must be execute every day, until the pain will not pass, and when it comes out in the way you should dress warmly, paying special attention once again back.

If my back hurts too much, it is better to go to the doctor. In this case you can prescribe injections, that will almost immediately remove, or seriously reduce the pain. Usually are several non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

If the same problem insulation for you timely and you meet regularly, then you will need to verify the hot zone from sheep or hair of the dog, which can be found in almost every pharmacy. The belt should be worn under clothing every day, it is subtle and almost imperceptible.

The treatment with the method of UHT

Until today the treatment of the symptoms of back pain with the help of the device, shock wave therapy, is considered a progressive method in medical practice. UHT – treatment method, that allows you to return to the surface pace of life for 4-5 sessions. This method of recovery the most popular among the people, active lifestyle and wish to get rid of the unpleasant emotions for a short period of time.

Lumbar back pain

Extremely uncomfortable pain, which occurs when severe physical activities, and then it passes quickly. This is the case, for example, when you shift some severity. A sharp pain in the back, which then enters the leg and disappears. Because this pain is quite short, about the success they forget. Then this is repeated, when the load, and again it passes. In this case it is quite helpful to think something's not right. This pain is characteristic of sciatica, which in medicine is called "back pain", and the people – "back pain".

Treatment of pain when back pain

In the first position of the patient with such a pain to put in on a hard surface. It's not necessarily the style of the man on the floor, if the bed mattress is fairly new – then you can lie down on the bed. For pain relief you can drink a pain reliever that's under the hand.

Please note that the person with so much pain, categorically can not be planted in a warm bath or try to "steam" in the bathroom – this will give exactly the opposite of the desired effect.

Warm in this case, you need to apply the "dry", or you can use one of the ointments from the pain in the back. The important thing is that this ointment does not cause allergies, since in most cases the composition of these ointments are quite aggressive. After this, the patient needs bed rest for a few days, and the diet should limit the fluid and salt.

If the pain does not subside, then you need to call your doctor and start the full treatment – half-measures here will not manage.

Herniated intervertebral disc

In fact, this disease is the 2nd stage of sciatica. Wait for the "good" the moment is not difficult, if ignore the pain that occur during the 1st stage of the disease (short-term during the transfer of weight and severe loads). When a hernia the pain is continuous and dramatically increases with each movement, more easy only at rest (lying down).

If you fill in the symptoms, then the person in this disease is experiencing a continuous pain in the back, that gives the foot and is enhanced with sharp movements. Perhaps, also, a reduction of sensation or numbness in the area of the lower part of the back.

"Homemade" treatment for herniation of intervertebral disk

lower back pain

For reducing the pain of doing the following: provide the patient with bed rest and complete peace of mind, after which give any painkiller that's under the hand. And after that, you will need to call the doctor. In the acute period of the hernia any folk remedy would only bring hurt, the pain will not go away from the "poultices" or "lotion", it must be treated seriously and carefully.

As one of the additional methods to ease pain during movement – use of harsh lumbar corset, that will not give you the opportunity to move to the section from the middle of the spine. But this is not a cure, is the corset relaxes the muscles of the back, which then will recover with the help of therapeutic exercise.

"Professional" back pain

This problem is typical for people with this kind of work, that assumes low mobility or prolonged exposure to awkward postures. This cashiers, managers PC, developers, office workers, etc., In a very most beautiful day to these people, appears pain in the back, the muscles begin to "whine", and this situation continues for a long time, taking years view. This is what is called "occupational disease". The essence is simple – due to the low mobility and the lack of the necessary loads of the muscles and ligaments of the back are weakened, with the result that they are unable to keep your back in normal position, quickly get tired. The result is not only pain, but also the wrong attitude of the body.

Therapy "occupational diseases"

Because this disease is chronic in nature, and quick method of dealing with the pain is not there. Pain medication in this case – is not a solution, since the pain will return as soon as finished, and are constantly "sit" on these drugs should not.

Only effective method of treatment in this case is therapeutic exercises, which gives you the ability to restore the normal condition of muscles and ligaments. But, I want to reiterate, this is not a cure, it's the gymnastics I have to do constantly.

Also, you have to watch out for correct posture. Not only during work but also in everyday life. Useful also you would look like with a massage at a good technician. Yourself massage in this case – is not the best solution.