Treatment вальгусной of the foot has a child at the age of 1 year and a bit older leads to favorable forecasts — probability of complete correction of the problem that is approaching 100%.

Among the orthopedic diseases in children, the change of foot is the most common pathology. It is a deformation of the bottom edge at the inner side. Evolves under the influence of various external and internal factors. Changes the shape of the foot: bend of the shaft, heel to look to the outside, the inner surface of the leg — inward, deformed fingers. When tightly compressed, the arms distance between the legs is 4-5 inches

In the subsequent detection, in advanced cases of the disease during the puberty experience problems with the spine. The later treatment begins, the less chance of a full recovery.


Deformation of foot in children is congenital or acquired anomaly, pathology. In all cases, it is incorrect stop position in relation to the other. The changes lead to the fact that the main load when walking you need to the inner surface of the leg. The presence of symptoms in children up to 3 years, he talks about the changes in the stage of pregnancy. The diagnosis is a podiatrist after careful consideration.


Factors, is the impetus for the development of the pathology, include:

  • the lack of energy?
  • the wrong diet?
  • the lack of vitamins and minerals in the body (deficiency of calcium and/or vitamin D) leads to brittle and softness of the bones;
  • the early exit of the child away?
  • properly selected kinds of shoes?
  • frequently asked ARI to you?
  • injuries of the ankle;
  • prolonged immobility of lower extremities due to the fact that it's in a cast.

If the child begins early to walk (up to 1 year) or that require parents, in many cases, stand deformed. At a young age it becomes the configuration of the links, which often aren't ready for loads.


Congenital anomalies of the bones, of the muscles of the device of children — deformation that developed during the pregnancy of my mom and manifest themselves after birth. The degree of curvature in the case of congenital вальгусной deformation is very serious. This is associated with a variety of developmental disorders of the individual elements of the musculoskeletal system, abnormalities in the fetus of genes or of chromosomes. Violation occurs position of the bones of the foot and the shape of the uterus. Деформирование attitude manifests itself already from the first months after the arrival of the baby into the light.

Example of genetic disorders is the syndrome Edwards – abnormality of a specific chromosome, which comes out heavy curvature of the foot newborn – stand-rocking.

For other reasons relative вальгусной of the leg of the child is still a number of pathological conditions that have been diagnosed with the first weeks of life:

  • in 80% of cases of dysplasia of the connective tissue with a congenital trauma of the hip?
  • myodystrophy it?
  • cerebral palsy?
  • polio and other infections of the central nervous system?
  • neuropathy – disorder of peripheral nerves.

Acquired form — a result of exposure to one or more factors after birth of the child. Initially the main reason — weak machine of the foot, because of what's going on a violation of the correct position. This condition is diagnosed in the first days after the birth of the child. For the development of the pathology can affect:

  • the premature birth or the birth with a small body weight?
  • excess weight in children?
  • the endocrine pathology (diabetes, hypothyroidism);
  • metabolic disorders (osteoporosis, disorders of fat and carbohydrate).


The pain in the legs, at the end of the day – the most frequent complaint of the child during the deformation of the foot. Objectively the pathology that manifests the following characteristics in common:

  • unstable gait while walking from edge to edge?
  • education on the sole corns?
  • constantly разведенными with your fingers?
  • difficulties when you try to put heels together.

Is determined by three types of the disease:

  1. Transverse — extending the front part of the foot with a pronounced tendency of the muscles and tendons, which are responsible for the extent of the fingers. This causes the child pain.
  2. Longitudinal — is manifested in the change of gait, the shape of the foot (during the palpation appears severe pain), fatigue from the long finding my feet from the discomfort and pain.
  3. Combo.

They are developed mainly two kinds of deformation of the foot:

  • X-shape (with a direct compressed arms the distance between the interior surfaces between their ankles more than 5 inches of the foot like a looking outward);
  • varus – -shaped.


There are four stages of development of the pathology:

  • I — easy form of the disease characterized by a deformity of the foot is not more than 15°, well-treated?
  • II stage — the curvature-20°, is applied to a therapeutic regimen?
  • III degree — deformation up to 30°, require prolonged intensive care treatment?
  • IV stage — heavy – deviation from the norm is greater than 30°.


Deformation of the big toe, the child may be self-pathology. Curvature of the first finger depends on the neglect of the pathology. Repair of bone is effected with the use of:

  • физио of the treatment?
  • the installation of the stand for?
  • surgery method.


Correction changes stop children requires the restoration of the normal position of the joints, muscles and ligaments of the foot. The goal of treatment — ability to walk without pain and discomfort. The treatment should be comprehensive. For the treatment of вальгусной of the foot, the child used:

  • conservative?
  • room?
  • an alternative method (osteopathy – allows you вылечивать almost any, apart from the genetically due to pathology).

The conservative includes:

  • pharmaceutical?
  • kinesiotherapy it?
  • orthotics for?
  • physiotherapy.


Medications during X-образном violation of the lower limbs apply for the relief of inflammation and pain of the joints. Taking NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) or CORTICOSTEROIDS is appointed with symptomatic purpose. Act instant, dangerous for the child agency side effects.


Modern method of treatment is kinesiotherapy — innovative technique for the treatment and prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. On the basis of the – effect in the muscle with the help of a special film – kinesiotherapy. The name of the method is formed from two words: "kinesiot" means movement, "teip" – in fact a movie. Is imposition of a special film of elastic material with adhesive base, does not cause allergies. The method teip developed a few years ago the japanese doctor Kenzo Case for the treatment of sports injuries. Later received wide-spread. Kinesiotherapy when вальгусной deformity of the foot in children is widely applied lately. This is related to the safety of the technique: in use, there is no limitation of motion, the inconvenience, not arising from allergies.


The fabric from which it is made teip:

  • it has a fiber structure that?
  • well is he breathing?
  • don't delay sweat?
  • does not cause pain or discomfort?
  • it does not restrict the movements?
  • not afraid of water – you can swim, without removing the film.

The right thing teip speed up the recovery of joints, ligaments and muscles, without the use of medication, may stop the progression of pathological changes. This safe method helps to:

  • cease the pain?
  • prevention of further progression of the disease?
  • full restoration.

Rules of kinesiotherapy:

  • teip is imposed only on clean, dry skin?
  • for most long-term use kinesiotype the edges to make round things for?
  • after sticking teip lb, activating the.


When flat arch of the foot it changes muscle tissue, which leads to disruption of blood circulation, and in the future – for the development of non-reversible processes. Therefore, massage is an integral part of the treatment. This is one of физиотерапевтических methods. Special skills for application of it is not required, therefore, you can do at home. The course is 10 sessions, if necessary, it is recommended to repeat every 3-4 months. The total during the same session – 20-30 minutes. You will need to start with a general massage – the kid is in a position which is located in the abdomen with stretched along the body with the hands and swinging the head to one side. Movement and pressure of the hands to ache.


The child massage:

  • back?
  • lumbar area?
  • buttocks;
  • muscles and joints of the legs, the soles of the feet.

The use of the following methods:

  • stroking?
  • the rub?
  • kneading it?
  • a light stroke?
  • the blows to the back of the hand?
  • щипание it?
  • turbulence.

The application of the massage you will need:

  • dealing with an increased tone of the muscles of the foot and tibia for?
  • to help get rid of excess stress?
  • stabilization weakness of the muscles, which promotes the correct work of the muscles of the machine?
  • improve blood flow to the muscles, ligaments, bones – enhances their food, and normalizes the growth and development of the lower limbs;
  • treatment of pathology in the early stages.

The child up to the age of 2 weeks this way are solved the most serious health problems, including malformation of the hip joints. In this case it is the structural treatment is specially designed techniques of point and invigorating massage. With the help of their redistributed load on the joints. The result of the report – the improvement of blood supply and the disappearance of pain.

Physical THERAPY

Application of physiotherapy with вальгусной deformity of the foot in children allows the determination of disorders in the joints and вылечивать disease in its early stages. Widely used:

  • comparison bath it?
  • wrap stop candle?
  • electrophoresis with the use of calcium;
  • amplipulse therapy(effects on the body синусоидальными currents, вырабатываемыми machine Amplipulse);
  • wearing the right shoes?
  • therapeutic swimming?
  • physical therapy?
  • magnetic treatment.


In the early stages of deformation of the foot, the child is treated by performing special exercises. Their regular use helps to correct almost all the disorders in the joints. For this purpose, elements therapeutic exercise you should do daily. The aim of the course physical THERAPY separately, depends on the characteristics of the deformation. Included elements of the game, in order for the child to perform the items as many times as you want.

Daily you will have:

  • legs in stockings and heels (first up, then closed the fingers of your feet) in 5 minutes?
  • jamming and разжимать your toes while sitting on the floor with big feet?
  • lifting from the floor small objects?
  • walking barefoot on uneven surfaces (this can be done at home with pebbles, ), the outer edge of the foot;
  • roll the foot pad or a small ball from the tree?
  • rotate the foot from left to right and vice-versa?
  • squat, without interruption, interruption from the floor.

The child will need:

  • walking on a narrow path – you can make at home from fabric or just draw it?
  • markets of the pavement, on the road, while in the summer barefoot on the ground, sand, grass.


Properly selected kinds of shoes, over time, can deform the foot and can distort the big toe. High quality shoes promotes the normal development of the leg muscles. In the selection should take into account:

  • compliance with the size of the foot, ease and comfort?
  • construction from natural materials?
  • there are no sharp tips and the heel in the shoes for the teenager.

The correct shoes must have a closed hard heel, супинатор. Not allowed prolonged wearing босоножек without a fixed heel.

For the treatment of the foot are recommended special orthopedic fixture:

  • bottom?
  • a servant?
  • bandage?
  • the bus.


The best prevention of problems with hard stops — barefoot. This should be done not only from the flat surface (floor in his apartment), but also on uneven ground. If it is not possible for the child to run around the earth, grass, and various knobs, the alternative is the Swedish wall, which parents can buy and place in the nursery room of your child. Had to work all the muscles and ligaments of the leg by лазании. Recommended for walking without shoes, children's rugs with anaglyph items you can buy in the children's store or artificial living room.



Treatment curvature of the foot in childhood is a conservative way. The radical surgery used in the absence of the effect of treatment in older children, where the basis of the musculoskeletal system has already been configured, there is no active development of links. Surgical correction consists of several stages of surgeries and a long rehabilitation, which took place in the fourth stage of the disease, when:

  • severe pain in the leg bothering you all the time?
  • develops rigidity (stiffness) of the joint.

Types of direct surgery a lot. Therefore, the surgery is scheduled on the basis of the degree of disease of the foot, the presence of the angle of deflection of the tip.


Patients of the foot leading to changes throughout the musculoskeletal system. This is due to the unbalanced load. Results:

  • reduction or deformation of the feet;
  • osteochondrosis;
  • scoliosis various parts of the spine.

The child:

  • worse walking?
  • to become possible to exercise (jogging, active games) because of the pain and inflammation in the joints.