Pain in the back between the shoulder blades: causes and treatment of pain

And quite rarely are pain between the shoulder blades, the reasons that most people are not known. Many believe that it is just a "misunderstanding", that soon will pass by itself. And many people wonder, faced with very serious diseases. The problem is, the pain that can rarely be very strong, in particular because this segment of the spine sedentary life. And the people, in their majority, prefer to ignore it and not go to the doctor. But the causes of such pain syndrome, more seriously. So, what can serve the cause of the appearance of pain?

the pain between the scapulae.

Disease, which leads to the appearance of pain between the scapulae.

The first is, of course, a matter of, the spine. The most common causes in this case is:

  • kyphosis of the segment of the spine?
  • kyphoscoliosis it?
  • protrusion of a disc in the thoracic spine is?
  • osteochondrosis this fate?
  • scoliosis?
  • spondylolisthesis?
  • shoulder-scapular periarthrosis it?
  • intercostal neuralgia.

But the spine – is not the only possible cause. The pain of this kind may occur in diseases of other internal organs. So, very often it is the cause of the pain is coronary heart disease and angina pectoris. It is clear that with this disease attempts to address the spine do not lead, the cause of the pain is elsewhere.

Also syndrome pain between the shoulder blades can cause diseases such as the severe illness of the lungs and pleura, diseases of the liver and gallbladder (hepatitis, cholecystitis), ulcers disease.

We should also mention the cause, as "occupational diseases". In this case, the issue is related with the specifics, but rather low mobility and sedentary work. In this case you will need to cope with the weakening of the muscles and the ligaments of the back combined with the great tension of the muscles, which are located in the hinge zone. With such a problem often faced is not the issue, players PC, designers, seamstresses, drivers etc.

Note that the thoracic part of the spine is a very sedentary life, and the various degenerative processes that are being developed quite rare. In other words, the spine itself is quite rarely becomes the cause of occurrence of such pains. Very often this pain says about the problems of the internal organs, and the most common cause is just the spasm of the muscles, which are located in the interscapular area, as well as the problems of the tendons and ligaments.

When the pain is due to problems of tendons and ligaments, is a different explosion of the senses, that do not disappear immediately when you change the position of the body. When this same pain has the property of spreading in almost the whole of the vertebral column, and in some cases gives the area of the heart. For this reason, sometimes there are problems with the definition of accurate localization of pain.

Difficulty of diagnosis

As you can see, causes of pain in the back between the shoulder blades too seriously makes it difficult to diagnose. To set the exact diagnosis, your doctor often have to go through the expense of research, which at first glance may not have any relation between them. For example, many do not understand why after the x-ray and mri should be sent for examination in a cardiologist and an electrocardiogram. And all because the doctor needs to exclude all the possible causes of pain, drawing the attention on the most serious of the potential – heart disease, back pain, herniated disc etc.

When you do this, the cause of the pain is most often lies precisely in the muscles, what the doctors know, but you have to exclude all other possible diagnoses, especially if the prescribed treatment brings fast results.

Treatment of pain in the back between the scapulae.

Of course, that the treatment of pain in this case fully determined by the supplied diagnosis, and therefore may be completely different. But because we've already figured out that often the cause is hidden in the muscles, let's deal just with this option.

In the case that the source of the pain is the muscles, this is manifested by a burning sensation (burning pain) and the weight of the area between the blades. But enough to move her shoulders or more times move the hands and the pain subsides, and then, generally, it will pass. The worst is when the pain "gives" in the region of the heart and after the change of the body is not directly passes – like symptoms are characteristic of disease of the part of the spine and the heart.

Danger zone

As we have already said, most often this disease suffer people who either themselves lead a sedentary life, whether it is a particular feature of the profession. In particular, the office workers, the operators PC, programmers, cashiers – all are forced to spend a lot of time in the same position (back bent slightly, head down, only work the hands). As a result, it begins to affect posture, weakened muscles and ligaments of the back, appears the risk of developing scoliosis, which (based on age) it will be already not so simple to cure.

Characteristic is the fact that very often various diseases of the vertebral column evolve just people, leading a sedentary lifestyle. Only the reason of pain is completely different – osteochondrosis, spondylolisthesis, etc. In this case, the individual a priori should not be subjected to prolonged treatment. So don't forget the old saying that the movement is life.

What to do and how is it treated?

Unfortunately, almost none of the above diseases is not a cure, exactly, so in the home folk remedies. Pain medications give only temporary and quite misleading result, is not, in fact, the treatment. And therapeutic exercise, which is the basis of treatment of many diseases of the spine (applies to the treatment of problems of the muscle), also attributed to your doctor. In addition, the doctor will have to selected exercises under the specific case, in the opposite case, physical THERAPY will be ineffective. So, in any case, the visit to the doctor is necessary.

Probably will be assigned to a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, otherwise physiotherapy, massage and therapeutic exercise. However, PHYSIOTHERAPY is assigned only to the remission of pain.

It is also worth to stop at various physical therapy. This method of treatment is auxiliary, includes electrophoresis, ultrasound treatment, magnetic therapy, various kinds of electrotherapy, manual therapy, reflexology and spa treatment. These methods can rarely eliminate the cause of the pain, but good to eliminate the pain, easing the life of the patient.

So, when the pain between the shoulder blades should immediately contact your doctor. When you do this, you will need advice of many professionals – traumatologist, neurologist, rheumatologist, and cardiologist. In the future, you may need help of a masseuse and chiropractor.

Prevention of pain


The only and the most reliable prevention in this case, it is an active way of life, the absence of unnecessary load and bad habits. We need to maintain some physical activity, always keep an eye on the posture of the body, sleep in the right conditions and move right. Yes, the prevention requires constant monitoring for himself and the way of life, but it is much easier than to cure a variety of diseases of the spine, the muscles and ligaments of the back.