My back hurts: causes and treatments

The feet and the hands are easy to train, performing their daily concerns. The back remains almost passive. When you do this, if this starts to hurt, to degenerate the disease will not work. And people quite often turn to their doctors for questions, what to do, when my back hurts.

pain in the back

Why you are experiencing pain in the back? This question must be answered by the doctor who would examine the sick back and to gather the necessary tests, your medical history. After the usual anode bags or cleaning the house can grab the back. In such a situation, many run to the pharmacy, where they acquire different gels and ointments. However, the funds rarely help, the cause of which is the non-drug application.

Manufacturers simply, you need to sell a product. If this tool does not apply to the treatment, then no result will be. In addition, if the back pain occur due to serious diseases, then you need to treat the disease, not the pain.

Website introduces readers to the fact that back pain can be caused by a variety of factors. Their doctor prescribes, although the emotions can make pain:

  • Intervertebral hernia.
  • The defeat of the spine.
  • The stretching of the muscle.
  • Disease of organs in the chest cavity.

Some of these factors require surgical treatment, others can be treated with various ointments and massage. You should consult a doctor, who will determine the character of the pain and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

First of all, we will ascertain the reasons that led to the appearance of pain in the region of the back. You need to look at here:

  1. Osteoporosis.
  2. Pleural effusion in acute or chronic form. It is accompanied by shortness of breath, fever, cough.
  3. Pyelonephritis, kidney stones and other diseases of the genitourinary system.
  4. Metastasis of cancer to the spine.
  5. Intervertebral hernia.
  6. Osteochondrosis.

The most common causes of back pain are two opposite factor. The first of these – a sedentary life. Work of many people lies in the fact, that constantly sit. Some of his own spend the days in the supine or sitting position. In any case, back pain may result from abnormal loads to the ligaments and small joints.

Permanently residing in the same place, it's the load in some parts of the spine and muscles. While other muscle groups and vertebrae may not participate. If the person suddenly starts to move, then the muscles begin to ache. A sedentary lifestyle also leads to different deformation in the spine, that appear later in the pain.

The second reason is the exercise. Many of you may be wondering what sport or physical activity affect the occurrence of back pain. In fact, if a person for a long period of time in a few days, however, suddenly begins to perform various bodily functions, then it is quite natural to become pain. Muscles need to train, and not all of a sudden from the loading. Then of pain.

Undoubtedly, the move is useful work for the joints, vertebrae and muscles of the spine. However, you need to make the move to moderate. You don't need to sit in one place. A static position is fatal for the back, as well as the excessive load. Have a moderate move to used all the parts of the spine.

What to do if there were pain in the back?

Pain in the back occurs when the weakness of the muscles of the spine, various diseases, injuries and accidents, physical activities and sudden movements. We need to listen to their own body, to track when they begin to experience pain. What to do if you feel that your back hurts?

  1. To give back to rec. In general, you will have to comply with bed rest, while the back will not stop hurting. Here you will need to get the proper pose. This may be the position of the fetus, or to put a pillow between his legs, when the man himself is lying on its side. To get up from the bed when it is prohibited.
  2. Take advantage of an orthopedic corset or a belt. This method will help those who can not constantly be located. The backrest should in this case be maintained. Making moves, but we must proceed slowly, without a field, not lifting, not twisting the spine, and for a long time does not remain in the same position.
  3. To take medications. Here are offered analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs . Tablets are taken after meals, washed down with milk to avoid stomach upset.

Well, if the drugs should be prescribed by a doctor. Here can prescribe medication:

  • For the relief of muscular contractions.
  • Anti-inflammatory.
  • Enriched with B vitamins.

For the treatment of acute pain, you can take advantage of ointments and gels.

The selection is pretty diverse, allowing you to select exactly what the tool will really help in the treatment of back pain. When you do this, you have to remember that the medication should stop and consult a doctor when those symptoms:

  1. The pain does not subside even after the use of anti-inflammatory drugs for 3 days.
  2. The legs appear areas with poor sensitivity.
  3. It is impossible to get the proper pose in a sitting position.
  4. Problems with urination: retention or incontinence.
  5. Occurred weakness in the legs.
  6. The increased body temperature up to 38°C.

Avoid medical help should not, because we are talking about the condition of the spine, which is not treated in simple ways.

Working out with back pain


For back pain never tormented, we must constantly engage in moderate exercise to strengthen the muscles of the spine. If you are sedentary, then you will need to do the exercises, when you allow the back to change posture and relax. Here is a fit exercise for the back:

  • Before 5 seconds, press the shoulder blades back in his chair, and then, for 5 seconds to relax.
  • Decrease and increase your shoulders a number of times.
  • To and playback their shoulders several times.
  • Pressing the kidneys at the back of the chair for 5 seconds, and then, at the same time to relax.
  • 4 seconds to press the back of the chair behind the eyes, then, at the same time to relax.

These exercises will help you to relax during the day. Can be diluted with other exercises. The main thing that happened before he showed up back pain. You can also do it together with your colleagues or people in the household.

With the provisions of standing you can do these exercises:

  • During inhalation, raise your arms forward and upward, then down and to relax.
  • Keep your hands on your belt, making gentle gradients of back and forward, each time you return to the starting position.
  • Hands placed on his shoulders. During inhalation, in order to get it back on the exhale to connect the elbows in front of the chest.
  • Dynamic to go in his place, holding hands in the middle.
  • To put the hands in the middle. Climb in socks, then smoothly down.
  • Hands placed in his hand. During inhalation the elevate, exhale, down.

Well to combine the exercise with the exercising 2-3 times a week. The exercise should be moderate in loads. You need to listen to the sensations of the spine.

Necessarily you should take advantage of the recommendations of the doctor, who will appoint a special healing exercises, if the pain in the back that already exist and cause discomfort. In this case, standalone is better not to do to yourself can't hurt.