Pain in the back gives the foot: causes, treatment what to do

This issue may also bear the name of * sciatica. A lot of people are very seriously concerning the problem, considering that "it's gonna hurt for and stop", in fact, is a symptom is the reason for serious anxiety and an immediate visit to the doctor, if, of course, expensive your health.

pain in the back

If you are after physical exercise or frostbite feels no pain in the back, that "gives" to the foot – is not worth waiting, when the pain will pass by itself, that may not happen. And if the pain is and it will pass – it's almost guaranteed that you will once again be displayed in the form of relapses of at every opportunity. So as not to overtighten solution to this problem.

Usually the pain appears suddenly, can appear with one side of the lower part of the back, or directly with two (but this happens very rarely). Very soon the pain shifted to the leg, it becomes difficult to straighten, motion and load causing serious pain. To stand the pain foot is almost impossible, the man begins to keep away from her, trying to protect yourself from the pain. It seems all of them are very cute – leg is usually in a slightly tilted condition, was removed to the side or forward, the body tends slightly.

This situation can last almost indefinitely. Periods of relief will be shown relapses, but to get rid of the pain completely independently, using only the "popular" tools and tips from the internet is almost impossible. Simplest solution to get rid of the pain in some time is "the attitude of the fetus", but it's useless advice if the pain overtook you in a public place. At home, you can just lie on the healthy side, embrace it with hands and pushed himself injured leg. This very desirable to take analgesics.

But this is only a temporary measure, it may be a little to relieve the pain. If you have sick fish fillets to the right or left – it's a chance to consult a doctor immediately.

What is * sciatica?

Under this concept implies a syndrome of back pain, the pain "gives" in one or both legs. The cause of almost always be increased physical activity or hypothermia. Character and localization of pain is not clear – the pain can be so strong and weak, aching, can be more intense, such as in the back and in the leg.

It manifests itself in the lower back pain can vary in shape, each of these forms has the clinical manifestations:

  • muscle-tonic. In this case, is characterized by the appearance of spasms of the lumbar muscles, and a drastic restriction of mobility in the lumbar spine, scoliosis of the spine (kyphosis, scoliosis, etc.)?
  • vegetative-vascular. In this case, in parallel with an unbearable pain, numbness appears sore feet (in most cases – of the foot. It can become more cool to the touch, what's healthy, you'll look more pale. For this form is characterized also the feeling of chill or heat. Chills can also occur may be due to increased tone of the blood vessels. Also, when you change the position with the horizontal to the vertical occurs the pain?

In this case, also, it can be combined directly, and the three forms of sciatica. This can last for years, worsening is shown remissions occurred, but the disease will not pass alone. We have sciatica and a kind of "sister" - lumbosciatica, which can also be manifest in such situations. It usually manifests itself with pain in the buttocks or thigh, which can give the foot and the tibia.

Cause of pain – radicular syndromes

In various forms and localization of pain, the reason is almost always one – sciatica, appeared as a result of degenerative disc disease. Often this back pain prior to seizures, lumbago, lumbodynia and sciatica.

As mentioned above, the main cause of pain in the lumbosacral portion of the spine is a mechanical pressure on nerve endings, which appeared as a result of prolapse of intervertebral disc (herniation of the spine). The result is to disturb the circulation of blood in the injured by the department, develops inflammation, occurs swelling.

To irritation root that has arisen as a result of the displacement of intervertebral disc, you may experience pain of a different character stupid, aching, cutting, tearing, shooting. Instantly the appearance of pain is usually preceded by a difficult move, the injury of the fillet, lift severity jolt, a steep incline or turning of the torso (especially with a load), prolonged work in an uncomfortable bent position and etc.

Usually the pain occurs suddenly, first on one side of the lower part of the back (rare – directly from both sides), in some cases, the pain may occur in the hip or buttock. Within a short time period (usually 5-7 days), pain from the lower part of the back cover the foot, when it is really blocking to straighten the affected limb. The man instinctively begins to "protect" the injured limb, which protects the load. For example, when the walking man stops to step on the whole foot entirely, with the result that appears on the claudication during walking, the affected leg is almost always remains in the floorκλίση situation, and is removed to the side or forward, away from the main load.

The easiest way to get rid for a while from the pain, as we have said, is "the attitude of the foetus" - that is on the healthy side, preload in the stomach injured leg. If the pain extended to both legs, then the patient has to lie on your back, with himself and two bent legs. To turn over the belly of the man can not – pain in this case, dramatically skyrocket.

Very characteristic is also the sharp pain magnification, when completely any movement, whether walking, turning of the trunk, or just an attempt to get out of bed. Even the conversation, coughing or sneezing can contribute to the strengthening of the pain. In some cases, the pain can become so strong, that prevent the person to sleep. As a result, the person appears depressed state, may develop depression. So often people who have problems with the spine, appoint the appointment with the psychologist.

Often, the pain syndrome, caused by compression of the roots of the spinal cord, which is accompanied by disturbances of sensitivity: reduction or increase of pain sensitivity in the injured leg may appear burning sensation, numbness, withdrawal, cold feeling crawl "chills" etc.

That is also very unpleasant – pain in the lumbosacral portion of the spine, giving the leg, it almost always returns in the form of relapses. If, of course, there has been no comprehensive treatment, but in this case, the person will need to know certain rules and follow certain rules. The main cause of relapse protrude colds (ARI), insulation, heavy physical exercise, etc.

The tool kit in such a situation, almost always is an effective analgesic drug. But this is only a temporary solution, concealer pain, without the help of a doctor in such a situation can not do. Almost certainly the doctor prescribe a severe cure, which will include the taking of special funds, limitation of activity, massage, physical therapy, etc.