The pain in the middle right: causes, why it hurts on the right side of the back, treatment

Lower back pain right back to men and women point out about the problems in the spine or the urogenital system, the kidneys or the intestine. Therefore, alone it is difficult to identify reliable the cause of their appearance. A lot wiser when you see the unpleasant symptoms for help, consult your doctor.

the pain on the right side of the back

What doctor to be treated?

When the feeling of discomfort in the back right, in the region of the lower part of the back, will have to go on a date with the family doctor. He selects the necessary research methods, as well as direct you to the narrow technical:

  • An orthopedic, a neurologist – to determine the diseases of the spine.
  • To the nephrologist – in problems with the kidneys.
  • In the urologist — if there are suspicions of violations of the urinary or reproductive system.
  • Women may suggest you to consult a gynecologist.

In addition to the general clinical blood and urine tests, the patient will be a series of manipulations to clarify the causes of pain on the right side, in the region of the lower part of the back.

  1. Biochemical analysis of blood.
  2. Analysis of urine on Nechiporenko, daily samples.
  3. The ULTRASOUND of the abdominal cavity.
  4. An x-ray.
  5. A ct scan or mri.

In any case, it is used a specific technique for the diagnosis. You need to seriously take into account the recommendations of doctors to not run a disease, just in time to start the treatment.

The distinction of styles and types of pain

Such definitions, why is the pain in the back below the waist, right and up, important is the feature. The length of time, intensity, position, localization of pain indicate the factors that cause it. The pain is:

  • The idiot and acute.
  • Cutting, piercing.
  • Searing, nagging, pulling.
  • From the place of occurrence – above and below the waist.
  • It was observed in a part of the body, or gives it to another location.
  • Periodic and continuous.
  • Intense and bearable.

Pain syndrome associated with balanced diet, physical stress or a chronic illness. The causes a number of factors.

Why does it hurt fillets on the right?

Pain, I feel a person in the lumbar region, are considered to be characteristic manifestations of the various diseases. The most often lead to inflammatory processes, the developing in the body. Should not be excluded and pathology of skeletal-muscular steel, nervous, digestive, and other systems and organs of the body. The pain on the right side of the lower part of the back is observed in people, regardless of sex, age, social and professional differences.

You can write several groups of diseases, the presence of which the patient feels pain in the back right:

  • Nephrology pathology.
  • Diseases of the gallbladder and bile ducts.
  • Pulmonary diseases.
  • Disorders in the function of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Gynaecological diseases and pregnancy.
  • Diseases of the spine.
  • Injuries.

Nephrology internal medicine

When my back hurts on the back right, you need to check the condition of the kidneys. Very often changes in the work, the cause is similar to the reaction of the organism. When glomerulonefrite, pyelonephritis, chronic renal failure, urolithiasis likely feature pain.

In addition to the pain, the man bother:

  1. Swelling, especially in the morning.
  2. Color changes, density, specific weight, and the daily amount of urine.
  3. The red blood cells and protein in the urine.
  4. Hypertension.
  5. The increased percentage of creatinine.
  6. Discomfort when urinating.
  7. An increase in the temperature of the body.

Diseases of the gallbladder and biliary tract

If pulling the pain that occurs in the lower part of the abdomen, radiates to the back, goes to the lower part of the back to the right, then there's a high probability, that in humans there are changes in the function of the gall bladder. Additional symptoms are:

  • Bitter taste in the mouth.
  • Increased accumulation of fluid in the abdomen.
  • Volatility of seats.

When presented with stones in the gallbladder is the coating, develops hepatic colic. In this situation, it hurts, annoys, particularly the right side of the lower part of the back, the person needs to have urgent medical treatment, and then surgery.

Pulmonary diseases

the disease

Inflammation in the lung and pleura, often become a cause of pain in the back right or left, on the other hand, where there is a defeat. It is particularly enhanced by the breathing and cough.

In addition, the person increases the temperature, appears dry or expectorant cough, weakness. During the hearing of the lung, the doctor hears wheezing, noises.

If set to the pleural effusion, then the patient is easier in the prone position on the sick side.

If it hurts on the right side, in the back, then, perhaps, the reason lies in problems with the intestines. The pain occurs along with flatulence, rumbling in the abdomen, disturbances in the regularity of the chair. Often has a direct relationship with the consumption of certain products: rye bread, dairy products, fresh fruits, vegetables.

Gynecological diseases and pregnancy

If the pain in the waist area to the right is observed in women, the causes of its occurrence may be associated with gynecological problems. Very often similar symptoms point to the same women during cycle disorders, as well as the available disease of the ovaries, of the uterus: endometriosis, adnexitis, myoma, etc. In addition to the pain, that may annoy:

  1. Irregular, scanty or abundant period.
  2. Vaginal discharge.
  3. An increase of temperature.

Lower back pain right side in women can occur during pregnancy, usually in the third trimester. The reason — the highest load on the spine and weakening of the muscles of the abdomen. Difficulty increases with physical activity, sometimes even with walking. In this situation, the doctor recommends to reduce the load and more often used in foods that contain calcium.

Diseases of the spine

In the event that the person it hurts is often the fillets and right-hand side, it is important timely, check if the pathology of the spine: degenerative disc disease, lumbar spondylosis, hernias intervertebral and some other. The most likely cause of pain in this case – the compression of the nerve endings or excessive muscle tension. The pain can be observed, as in a specific location, and to descend to the bottom: to the right give in the leg, hip. It also points out the following symptoms:

  • Change your reflexes.
  • Legs are numb.
  • Reduces the sensitivity.

When osteochondrosis. difficulties in carrying out routine actions, the pain moves to the groin, the back surface of the foot. Especially strongly manifested after physical activity, long stay in a position, during a stressful situation.

The most widespread this issue among older people. Although sometimes occurs in young people. With the development of the pathology change of the same joints. They become less elastic, cartilage thinner. The conditions of occurrence are considered to be inherent weaknesses of the spine, traumatic injuries, as well as the need for long-term stay in a sitting position, inappropriate physical activities. Patients notice pain in the back right under the ribs at the back, radiates down the body. It has been repeatedly continued, if the patient does not comply with the recommendations of the doctors. When an attack can help themselves to reduce, if stretched, kneaded.

Acute pain in the back right on top of the fillets penetrates the person all of a sudden. For example, when you try to lift something heavy, or during the execution of the tilt. If it is the same gives to the foot, and so much, that the patient is difficult to move around, it is likely that the cause was lumbar sciatica. To help the person can, ensuring a full rest and taking painkilling drugs.


If it hurts fillets right back, then this may be a consequence of injury. Damage to the spine may be due to:

  • Excessive tension of the muscles of the back.
  • Insulation.
  • Bad fall.
  • The hit.
  • Non-compliance of the technical execution of gymnastic exercises.

In some cases there is internal bleeding. During the external inspection, the doctor will draw attention to edema, hematoma. Definitely will prescribe an x-ray examination. Pain when the traumatic injury is acute, unexpected.

the wound

Because it hurts the back men

If you are experiencing the pain right on the back in men, the reasons may have a different nature.

  1. Inflammation of the testicles, caused by the sexually transmitted diseases. Apart from the severe pain in the abdomen and lower back to the right, in patients observed increased body temperature, nausea.
  2. Benign and malignant tumors can also manifest pain reaction.


As soon as the person feels that it hurts on the right side, as well as the fillets, you will need to consult your doctor, pass the assigned diagnosis and after treatment.

The treatment is usually attributed to the therapeutic, removal the same pain syndrome. Then, it all depends on the principal diagnosis, i.e., treated pathology, caused such a reaction of the organism.

At home you can take some measures:

  1. To ensure peace.
  2. To take analgesics for pain relief.
  3. To try to eliminate trigger factors.


To prevent the occurrence of pain in the right side in the back must relate to the health, to keep simple rules:

  • Give up bad habits.
  • Monitor the posture of the body.
  • To make available types of physical education.
  • To adhere to the principles of a healthy diet.
  • Not supercool.
  • Sleeping on a hard bed.
  • Avoid surge of the muscles of the back.
  • Timely submit to a medical examination.

We must not forget, that the causes presented with pain in the back with the right hand, can serve a variety of factors. This cannot be determined with absolute accuracy, what exactly caused it. In addition, it is not always possible to determine where it originally came: in the abdomen, side or back. The most prudent exit – it's time to contact a specialist and to undergo treatment.