Serious causes of pain in the whole left part of the body and limbs

The episodes of pain without accurate tracking always scare you. Especially, if poured from the left side of the body, cover your hand and even foot. In most cases, can not do without the help of a doctor.

my back hurts

Hard to explain, relatives or your colleagues, what hurts the whole left side, and don't be a malingerer. Even doctors sometimes need to be held an investigation to reveal the cause. But these symptoms should not be left without attention. Because the simultaneous pain in the left hypochondrium, hand, and even leg can be a harbinger of stroke, heart attack, and a variety of other critical life conditions.

Problems with the spine

The left side of the body can be destroyed by injury. It is the source of unpleasant sensations is obvious. In other cases, the first examinations are carried out in two directions: analyze the condition of the heart and the spine. Because of diseases of the locomotor system, most frequently other manifested pain left with blurry tracking.


In violation of blood circulation in the tissues of the intervertebral discs of the spine become less elastic, the fibrous ring is gradually destroyed, it hurts nerve roots. This leads to a lot of factors:

  • the sedentary way of life?
  • hard physical work?
  • age-related changes of the body?
  • endocrine diseases.

As a result, to the right or left side of the back, neck, waist are starting to get sick. Changes the sensitivity of other areas of the body. Identification of unpleasant sensations associated with the location of your destructive-dystrophic process. So, when shane osteochondrosis. often pain in the left shoulder, the hand, numbness of the fingers and the outer side of the hand. In the lumbar arise back pain, pulling pain, paresthesia in the corresponding part of the back, hip, leg.



Because of the contraction of the distance between the vertebrae gets pinched and the inflammation of the optic nerve, branching from the spinal cord. This complication is called degenerative disc disease sciatica. As self pathology comes in response to a bad move, hypothermia back, injured muscles of the back.

Cervicofacial shoulder form transmit pain across the top quarter of the body: the blades, the neck, the hand. Radiculopathy of the sacral – sciatica – affects with a bit of current to the sciatic nerve. Appears pain in the left thigh, buttock, spreading down the leg to the heel. In the initial stage, there are complaints about "tracking" of the tibia, the feeling of chills.

You can not run these diseases. Why was it destroyed records cannot be restored. After the relief of pain and acute inflammation the only sure way to delay the disease remains prevention. Includes mandatory therapeutic gymnastics., the control of posture, a healthy way of life. Help periodic courses of physiotherapy, body massage, improving blood circulation in the area affected vertebrae.

Intercostal neuralgia

Of these, burning or sharp pain on your left side – you don't have a problem with his heart. This may be intercostal neuralgia. But the symptoms are quite similar:

  • attack pain spreads all of a sudden after a small movement of the body?
  • the whole left side of the chest may be pale or reckless?
  • sensation radiating to the bottom of the shoulder blade and in the lower part of the back;
  • it increases the perspiration?
  • there is burning sensation, loss of sensation in specific areas of the body?
  • deep breath, sneezing, cough increase the acidity of the symptoms.

All this happens due to damage of nerve fibers in the intercostal area. Reasons for the irritation associated with hypothermia, stagnation of blood, trauma, poisoning, complications from infectious diseases, or degenerative disc disease. Usually affects a number of factors, including fatigue and reduced immunity.

Key signs that help to distinguish neuralgia from heart pain.

  1. To irritation intercostal receptors feeling does not go away by taking nitroglycerin, but are weakened under the influence of sedatives (validol, Corvalol).
  2. Angina is usually brief and pain in the left side and under the shoulder – compressive, increasing during physical exercise. With neuralgia around the upper part of the body hurts one day, see the answer in any movement.
  3. When palpation chest or back stand out sore spots between the ribs, around the spine.

The main way of treatment of neuralgia – treatment cause irritation of the nerves. To reveal the probably only the doctor-neurologist after a series of investigations. Because the disease to be differentiated from renal colic, angina pectoris, sciatica.

Cardiac abnormalities

the doctor

Complaints for pain in the left hypochondrium, which gives to the shoulder, the arm, the neck, the jaw is not always associated with coronary heart disease and bouts of angina. Similar symptoms are observed pain due to the inflammation of the heart muscle (myocarditis) or the destruction of the heart shell (pericarditis). These anomalies arise as complications of colds, influenza, pneumonia, other infectious diseases.

If the disease do not show themselves at an early stage, then it can time to develop almost asymptomatic. When miocardite tracking:

  • quick fatigue;
  • palpitations of the heart;
  • shortness of breath and increased pain after a small load?
  • later joins dizziness?
  • edema of the lower limbs.

Pericarditis rarely occurs as a separate disease. For this warning:

  • pain when tilting the body forward, in a position which is located on the left side?
  • different power feeling in the chest, sexually in the back, the arm, in the back?
  • increased, arrhythmic, weak pulse?
  • cough without sputum?
  • paleness of the skin;
  • some lividity of the body (especially the palms and soles of the feet).

Early diagnosis and timely treatment of heart disease, reduces the risk of heart attack. The recurring pain in the left hypochondrium and the region of the heart should result in the doctor's office. For the diagnosis an ECG and an Echocardiogram. With their help, identify violations of heart rhythm, reveal the dimensions of the heart chambers, the presence of fluid in the bag. X-ray will show potential tumors, of the disease the ribs, the lungs.


Before stroke pain in the body and extremities occur rarely. On the contrary, the one side of the body may lose its sensitivity. But with the defeat of the brain in the region of the optical bump is developing post-stroke pain left or to the right the whole length of the trunk – thalamic syndrome. The additional symptoms:

  • the pain intensified by the bright light, movements, emotions?
  • impaired perception of the wind?
  • isolated tactile stimuli, seem the multiple it?
  • often accompanied by tingling and a reduction of the sensitivity of the skin.

The chamber – the highest center of pain sensitivity. Causes appearance of symptoms is explained by the lack of oxygen to the tissue due to impaired blood flow. The pain on the left side and ends occurs when a hearth on the other side of the brain. But after a stroke can damage one side of the body, even if affected natallichka structures. Apart from the central neuropathic pain can find pain and spasm of muscles.


To combat the pain of the consequences of a stroke shall appoint a concomitant antidepressants and anticonvulsants. Muscle pain relief miorelaxanthami, massage, special gymnastics, go in for physical therapy.

What if it was caused by a blind pain in the left hypochondrium, hip, hand and others, self-diagnosis may not reveal the exact cause. 3 hours prior to your visit to the clinic it is recommended to refrain from taking painkillers, sedatives. And in the case of acute deterioration of the situation will need an ambulance.