Why my back hurts after sleeping: what diseases can be developed, treatments

There are a number of recommendations orthopedists for the choice of bed, mattress and pillows. You need to be comfortable and not cause curvature of the spine during the night's rest. It is best to buy special orthopedic mattresses and pillows.

my back hurts after sleeping

This article provides instructions not only this, because it hurts my back after sleep, but are given practical advice orthopedist about how to properly arrange the bed for guests ' relaxation. also a list of the most common diseases of the musculoskeletal system, when experiencing similar symptoms. You will learn on this page about what measures should be taken for the early diagnosis of the disease and what doctor I have to go for the safe and effective treatment.

Physiological causes of back pain the nights

All of the causes of back pain during the night can be divided into physiological and pathological. The first group includes all those changes that occur in the tissues of the body during the night of rest under the effect produced hormone melatonin.

This substance is produced by the pineal gland, which is responsible for the regulation of biological daily rhythms function of the human body. Begins to produce and stand out in the blood only at a specific time of the day (the period of time between 21:00 and 23:00 local time). For the successful product it is necessary to complete darkness. if you are used to sleeping before the tv, no full nights of holidays of speech can not go. Before a flickering screen on your tv, tablet, laptop or smartphone production of the hormone melatonin is not the case.

This substance is responsible for many processes in the human body:

  • the day active muscles within the back builds up a huge number of metabolites, lactic acid – for the disposal responds to the melatonin for?
  • for the restoration of the intervertebral disc requires relaxation not only of the muscles and longitudinal ligaments – also have a beneficial effect of melatonin on?
  • this substance is also stabilizes the work of nerve fibers, is beginning to take cues more gently, in slow motion?
  • starts the process of muscle relaxation and rest?
  • has a stabilising effect on the respiratory and cardiovascular system?
  • include a mechanism for activation "zones regeneration" from the execution of the process of the production of the growth hormone somatotrophin (involved in the process of rehabilitation of all damaged on the day of the body's tissues at the cellular level).

All these mechanism are intended to during the night rest a human body has completely regained yourself, for the energy balance and to get rid of the accumulated products of cellular decomposition.

Physiological causes of back pain the nights include factors, that impede the normal leakage all the procedures. It is these aspects of adverse effects, such as:

  • properly organized space to sleep?
  • sleep with the light on or in front of the screen of the tv?
  • annoying attitude about sleep?
  • the close night clothes?
  • insomnia, and cause the factors (for example, frequent urination);
  • meal just before bedtime.

It is important before you go to bed regularly ventilate the room, to make every day the same rituals (washing, dressing in pajamas, brushing teeth, etc.). This helps to prepare the body and the pineal gland in the selection of melatonin, and the full recovery process of the entire body.

If you dream restless, muscles relax, and from those not eliminated lactic acid and metabolites. Respectively, in the morning, after waking up, can feel the pain in him, intensity, stiffness.

After a night of sleep back pain: pathological causes

Now let us consider pathological causes, because it hurts my back after sleep, and what diseases can cause the appearance of this symptom. let's start with a trip to the anatomy. So, the back is short phase of the body. Includes collar area of the neck, the chest, the waist and the sacred.

Spine. is a reporting mechanism, composed of the bodies of the vertebrae, and share the depreciation of the intervertebral disc. The integrity, the stability and flexibility of the spine provides ligament welding. Nutrition and blood circulation of the intervertebral discs provides muscular frame back. Is responsible for committing all of the movements of the body.

Ribs are the chest, in which, of course, hidden vital organs (heart and lungs). Breathing is ensured due to the work intercostal muscles. The innervation is through branches of the κορεσκώφ nerves.

If my back hurts after sleeping, the cause may contain the following diseases of the musculoskeletal system:

  1. bechterew's disease or ankylosing spondylitis (an inflammatory degenerative disease, mostly striking individuals of the male sex, is evident in the early stages of pain during the morning hours);
  2. curvature of the spine in the cervical, thoracic, lumbar segments (kyphoscoliosis, scoliosis );
  3. osteochondrosis and its complications is a disease that causes over 80% of back pain after a night of sleep?
  4. the unstable position of the body of the vertebrae (during the night resting skeletal muscle relaxes the back and the vertebrae begin to change, that after the awakening gives you a strong pain syndrome);
  5. spondylolisthesis, and other pathologies of the spine?
  6. the weakness and dystrophy intercostal muscle (often a similar situation is observed in people who for a long time was in the intensive care unit for artificial ventilation of the lungs).

There are other causes, because after a night of sleep my back hurts – associated with lesions of the nervous fibres and muscle tissue. This can be in the following pathological conditions:

  • endocrine abnormalities, to cause the accumulation of metabolites in muscle tissue?
  • deficiency of blood supply leads to a partial dystrophy of the muscle?
  • radicular syndrome with out the nerves causing the appearance of the symptoms of intercostal neuralgia;
  • infection with certain types of viruses and bacteria causes the development of inflammation at the nerve endings (for example, herpes zoster, is caused by the herpes virus).

Injuries, diseases of internal organs (pneumonia, pleural effusion, tuberculosis, hernia of the diaphragm), increased physical activities – all these can cause back pain during the night sleep.

They hurt the back muscles the morning after a sleep – diagnosis

pain in the back

Diagnosis of the disease – this is the only sure road to recovery with the use of properly scheduled treatment. In nature there is no universal tool to combat every pain. Pharmacological drugs from the group of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs do not eliminate the pain, clear inflammation. And potent pain-relieving drug origin simply "close" the conscience of the patient, not allowing him to realize danger signals, into the brain from tissue damage.

Back pain after sleeping – this is the name for the problems, the development of the disease. There needs to be a complete diagnosis and to detect pathological changes.

All of these investigations may prescribe the doctor of the enclosure of the therapist. If pathology of internal organs will be excluded, should be carried out examination of the spine. Lock the main localization of pain. Try more precisely to identify in which part hurt the back muscles after sleeping and in what part of the spine manifested with greater stiffness. Then you need to do x-rays image of this department in various projections. This will eliminate most of the diseases of the spine and of the intervertebral discs.

What should I do if after sleep my back hurts

The first thing you should do if, after sleep, my back hurts, is to carry out a control of the sleep space. you need to be organized in accordance with the modern requirements of ergonomics and sanitary ware. Here are just a few the advice of a doctor orthopedic surgeon for the organization of spaces for sleep:

  • this should be a separate room with blackout curtains and mes sources of electromagnetic radiation (tvs, monitors, and screens);
  • the bed should be elated headboard?
  • the pad should be elastic and not too high, better rectangular shape?
  • bed linen should be made from natural materials.

The second activity – visiting doctor orthopedic surgeon. The expert will help you in the early stages of revealing the dangerous pathology (back pain, scoliosis, hernia, ankylosing Spondylitis etc.).

The third is to begin the scheduled doctor for treatment immediately. There is no single regulation treatment for back pain after sleeping, since this is not a separate disease, but only a clinical symptom, which can accompany a huge number of diseases. And treatment for all these pathologies can differ greatly.

Therefore, to seek ways to solve the problem on the internet is not only useless, but dangerous. It is much more effective to spend 30 minutes of your personal time, visit your doctor orthopedist in our clinic therapy and to find out the exact cause of the pain in the back after sleeping.