The pain in the left side of the back: under the ribs, in the region of the lower back and kidneys, from the waist down

In this you will be able to locate their source. The main causes are considered to be the problem with the spleen, bowel problems, and urinary tract.

Possible causes of acute pain in the left side of the back

the pain on the left side of the back

The pain in left side – a sign of heart disease. Usually determined by the detection of painful contractions, if it's left and back.

The symptom is pain occurs when such deviations, such as:

  • angina?
  • pericarditis?
  • myocardial infarction.

The last element makes itself felt in the form of acute and sharp pain in the area of the breast, while the spasm gives the shoulder and the left side of the trunk. When there are such moments, like a cold sweat, shortness of breath, nausea and dizziness situation. When presented with two or more of these signs, immediately call the coach for an ambulance.

Severe pain in the region of the waist and the kidney

Pain in the waist area occurs when the nerve in the left kidney. To deal with this situation as pyelonephritis. Manifests itself is with the presence of infections. The pain and stupid, but sometimes it can be strong and very acute. The last kind of pain refers to the pathology in the ureter. Usually, without treatment, progresses the chronic pyelonephritis. The disease has a range of symptoms, which is significantly hindering the person to live a full life.

Initially there is a situation developing similar to the dehydration, the temperature rises and does not go away without the full treatment. All this is accompanied by nausea, loss of appetite and vomiting.
Lower back pain permanent, giving to the groin, gaining in cold weather. The patient with acute pyelonephritis, frequently visited the toilet, because the kidneys and bladder are in close proximity. The infection is spreading in all regions, in the region of the kidneys.

If there is painful urination, it cannot be excluded that the fact of inflammation of the urinary bladder. This type of pathology is called urolithiasis. Is the appearance of stones in the tubes and pelvis urinary channel. Basic symptoms are subtle, but with loads and shaking of the body, appears sharp pain and vomiting. Often observed admixture of blood in the urine. Spasms are on the left side and from both sides of the trunk.

Over the middle

Pain above the waist occurs not only in elderly but also in young people. This is a common problem. Usually, if the body mentions that the name for a disease, then you need to visit the doctor. But for what some people think, especially at a young age. People don't think for this reason, it's a pain and just take pain relievers. In the future, spasms returned.

Sources of aching pain over the lumbar region may be different, such as:

  • diseases of the cardiovascular system?
  • ulcer, appendicitis, in?
  • inflammation of the kidneys and the lungs?
  • problems with the digestive system.

Pain spasms on the part of the back and giving in to the shoulder, occur, and when wearing the fetus. When you do this, spasms is quite varied and intense, it's hard to get used to.

Mainly the pain in this form in the back of the back occurs when osteochondrosis. and after injuries of the spine. After suffering tuberculosis pain also are presented over the fillets.

During inhalation, the bottom of the fins

Diseases related to the esophagus, rupture of spleen, hernia, heart problems, pneumonia, and the pathology of muscle tissue – the reasons for the reform pain under the ribs. There are three kinds of cramps that occur in the right hypochondrium:

  • acute and intense pain. It arises spontaneously. In this case you need an ambulance, wait for dangerous to life. Usually manifests itself with a ruptured spleen or the renal pelvis. This pain is dangerous and quite dangerous for human life, in some cases, he says, for the separation principle?
  • dull pain, he insists on a long duration. That's what it says about the disease, which is a years. Probably deterioration due to the acquired infection. Maybe, when the diagnosis is pancreatitis or gastritis;
  • tiring and throbbing pain talks about the inflammatory process. Is called colitis and can prove himself, if the patient has a strong cough. If it is accompanied by vomiting – there is a risk of development of peptic ulcer disease. If the pain happens often, this can be a sign of preinfarction condition.

Aching pain from the waist down

the pain in the middle

Pain below the waist can range from stupid to acute and permanent. The most common causes – heavy physical work, uncomfortable postures in a seated position or standing for a long period of time. There are many sources that cause the pain from the waist down, such as disc herniation, stenosis, spinal arthritis, spondylolisthesis, fractures of the vertebrae, osteomyelitis, and tumor of the spine.

While driving

When there is pain during the movement to the left, you need to determine the source of convulsions. Their can be many. Correctly and quickly a specific cause of the pain will help you to prescribe the appropriate treatment. The main causes are diseases of the kidney and the urinary system, inflammation of spleen, painful process of the digestive system, problems with the spine and the pathology of the musculoskeletal system.

Mainly painful cramps while driving resulting in injuries of the spine, and the pathology of the urinary system (kidney stones). Sometimes the pain can be in one place and to give in the groin.

Gives you in leg

Sometimes you can notice people who limp when you walk and when this is the obvious, that it hurts you step on the foot. This condition is caused by pain in the back, which gives the leg. In the medical field this is called * sciatica. The name of this design, people don't consider it serious and do not go to a consultation with the doctor. Although this can be talking about serious deviations in the body.

Cause is considered to be the sciatica, which was the result of degenerative disc disease. The pain may be different (stupid, aching, tearing and shooting). If you have this disease, back to the house, to get rid of it help attitude of the fetus. In this position, some areas of the body relaxes and becomes much more easy. How sad it may sound, * sciatica has the ability to return in the form of relapses. Also from pains in the back helps applicator Kuznetsov.

Pulling pain down in pregnant women

Pregnant women don't always carry the fruit without pain. It hurts the area of the back and sometimes occur cramps in the lower abdomen. It's unpleasant, it's not scary, but awareness of need. In any case, just to be sure you should call your doctor or to cause the carriage ambulance. Call the doctors, if the pain does not subside more than half an hour, rising and appearing blood cells of choice.

Pulling pain can also to mark for elimination, therefore, tightening the inspection of the doctor's is not worth it. A small pain in the lower part of the abdomen in pregnancy is safe. This may be just the cut of the uterus. The increase pushes to third parties, from here, and convulsions.

Video on a blunt, aching and sharp pain on the side of the

If it hurts on the side or back in the middle, you must determine the source of the pain as quickly as possible. After examination of the video, you can learn the cause of the cramps and in a timely manner to consult with your doctor. In this video you can learn about useful methods to get rid of the pain in his side. Exercises, tips for proper diet-and lifestyle– all of this you can see in our helpful video.