The types and causes of back pain

Back pain is something inevitable phenomenon, which we encounter in our lives sooner or later. Even if you are not a stacker sleepers or operator, is a woman, carrier home every day a lot of kilogram of markets, not an amateur gardener working in nurseries for the country in the spring and the field period, and no athlete builder's — pain can not be avoided yet. You can ask: like to sit without straining, all day in front of the computer, it loads almost not there, but at the end of the day it begins to whine fillets and occurs discomfort in the neck, the shoulder area and in the area around the shoulder blades. What's going on? Why for no reason it hurts the middle?

The pain in the back

Why my back hurts and how to treat it

Shock-wave therapy — one of the most effective treatments for back pain of different origin. The main advantage of this methodology is considered to be a rapid pain relief. In just 4-5 sessions you will be able to forget about the problem. We suggest you to read it, how is the treatment of back pain with the help of shock wave therapy in health centres of Moscow.

In fact causes of pain in the back large lot. And the same the first of these — anatomical. Rod design from many links, while in the upright position, very fragile: it is exposed as a longitudinal (compressive) and transverse loads. To be strictly vertically can be only able of pulling, i.e., if the ends of the tie yarn and pull the — terminal will be immediate, and you need the threads to let go — you'll get shaky, curved appearance.

Something reminiscent of the vertebral column: performs the role of the central stem, this wonderful bio-construction — of the human body, and the role bend strings perform the muscles of the back. Imagine now, that the terminal is connected still and the body with all the internal organs, therefore, the poor thread-muscles have to withstand not only the weight of the spine-brace, and the own weight of the whole body, and yes, constantly.

Unwittingly come to the conclusion that, indeed, the Creator of us do in the beginning, not Homo erectus, because "fee for bipedalism" makes any excessively large. Open any medical textbook in the section "Diseases of the locomotor system", to see this.

The most common causes for back pain

However, immediately to make a conclusion, about what time, my back hurts, then something's seriously sick, it's not worth it. Over 80% of back pain can occur intermittently, for the following reasons:

  • overexertion of the muscles from intense exercise
  • prolonged exposure of the spine in the same posture during sleeping, sitting at the computer, transport, etc.
  • hypothermia back from the suggestion, across the street from the air conditioner, when you get out of the hot interior in fresh cool air, cool swim.
  • old, good and evil cured injuries (sprains, bruises)

Much less pain in the back for the sake of really serious diseases. What might be the causes? It's multiple and not always associated with injuries to parts of the spine and associated diseases.

It happens that the man is a sick body, and you are experiencing pain, giving the back part, for example:

  • in patients kidney pain it gives at the bottom of the back
  • for gynecological diseases in women, the pain can give in the region of the sacral vertebrae section
  • with the presence of the tumor the pain can give in these or other areas of the back

Therefore, before treatment of back pain before you can install the original reason, i.e. to go through a detailed diagnosis for any other possible diseases.

Chronic back pain

The pain

You should always be aware of the presence of chronic pain, so this almost always breaks in a recession. It is likely that the causes of the can is such diseases:

  1. Osteochondrosis, resulting from degenerative changes in the tissue of the vertebral disc
  2. Scoliosis — curvature, leads to a displacement of the disc and injuries of the nervous root
  3. Intervertebral hernia — with the output of the drive core in the spine or (much worse) — on the side of the spinal cord
  4. Spondylolisthesis — slide top vertebrae in the lower part, with the result that the deformation of the legs of the vertebrae, because the spinal column is like a ladder with visible steps
  5. Bechterew's disease (spondylitis) — inflammation of the ligaments and joints, lead to their immobility. Mostly that the suffering of the men. The risk of this rare disease in the ongoing development of the progressive recording of all parts of the spine before the upgrade to the internal organs: lungs, kidneys, heart, blood vessels, the organs of vision.
  6. Oncological diseases — spinal cord tumor may be virgin, but most often occurs in the form of metastases from other organs. Percentage of the total number of words approximately one percent.
  7. Infections of the spine — tuberculosis, osteomyelitis, syphilis and other diseases: as the cause of the pain, acting very rarely (of the order of 0.01%)
  8. Compression fractures — disease, unfortunately, is relatively common (around 4%). In his youth, appears, mainly in athletes from strenuous exercise and injuries, in old age — because phenomena, due to which the vertebrae cease to withstand the weight of the person.
  9. Myalgia — chronic, due to the continuous prevention of hypothermia, inflammation of the tissues

In all cases after the treatment of painful and inflammatory processes you will need to start the treatment of the underlying disease that caused the pain.

The types of back pain: causes and treatment

The most effective relief of back pain:

  1. Therapeutic exercises (exercises for back pain)
  2. Laser MLS (after the 2nd session, the pain goes away)
  3. Hivamat (unique process removes the pain immediately, but you have to look 2-3 times.)

From the nature of the pain you can pre-determine the cause and assign the appropriate treatment.

Acute pain (back pain) — may have the following causes:

  1. Complications of scoliosis — a trap nerve as a result of the displacement drive
  2. Osteohondroznye deformation of the vertebrae and the compression of the nervous root intervertebral hernia
  3. Spondylolisthesis and other diseases
  4. Injuries and injuries resulting from falls In this case you may need not only conservative but also surgical treatment.
  5. Disease of the internal organs.

For the diagnosis plays an important role definition of the plot, in which my back hurts:

Acute back pain can be for a variety of reasons:

  • kidney stones
  • the exacerbations of the bowel disease
  • inflammation of the ureter
  • rupture of the bladder in women and other diseases

Around the pain is very severe signal indicating such potential diseases:

  • pyelonephritis
  • worsening of pancreatitis
  • stones in the gallbladder
  • myocardial infarction
  • rupture of the esophagus
  • aneurysm of the lower part of the aorta, etc.

If my back hurts in the area of blades, then this can only mean:

  • neuro-muscle myopathy, and paralysis next to the blades contractions, with the result that it develops the so-called "pterygoid" blade
  • osteomyelitis, developed after I received injuries
  • benign tumors and malignant sarcoma blades
  • myocardial infarction
  • the aneurysm section of the aorta

Pain under the left shoulder blade acute also is quite annoying, because it shows such diseases:

  • myocardial infarction
  • perforative ulcer of the stomach
  • neuralgia intercostal

Acute pain in the upper sections back:

  • pneumothorax (penetration easy)
  • pleural effusion (accumulation of fluid in the lung)
  • cancer of the lung and bronchi
  • attack cholecystitis — when the pain is focused right under the ribs and the epigastralna area, but the area of the mission is broad: to the right scapula and shoulder, the hand, the left part of the sternum
  • attack of acute pancreatitis — it gives pain under the left shoulder, in the chest on the left and the heart

Such a terrible diagnosis says only one thing: when it hurts the back of acute pain, come, don't delay, physician — self-treatment is unacceptable.

Sharp pain (sciatica) — acute dagger of pain the area of the sanctuary of the department (sciatica), often giving the buttock and the leg, can be for one reason:

  • from the sciatic nerve which is caused when osteochondrosis, herniation and displacement of intervertebral disc, narrowing of the spinal channel
  • inflammation of sciatic nerve resulting in insulation
  • spasm pear-shaped muscle
  • of infectious diseases and tumors
  • later in the pregnancy

Treatment of all acute pain, caused by a progressive disease of the spine, such as scoliosis, back pain, and other, as well as the complications, you will have to fight in a common layout:

First comes medication for the treatment of acute pain and inflammation:

  • taking painkillers, non-steroidal or steroidal anti-inflammatory agents and muscle relaxants

Then the administration of drugs that enhance brain function, nervous and circulatory system

After this, the immediate treatment for the underlying cause of the pain — degenerative disc disease, hernia, spondylosis and other diseases:

  • restoration of damaged bone tissue protectors
  • physiotherapy, massage, PHYSIOTHERAPY

In more severe cases, to treat the bite of resorting to acts, however, happens quite rarely.

Pulling back pain — most often on the back can cause the following causes:

  1. The sacral vertebrae osteochondrosis, spondylosis, and other pathologies of the spine at chronic stage
  2. Inflammation of the lumbar muscles (myositis)
  3. Adnexitis (inflammation of appendages) in women)
  4. Great physics loading
  5. Permanent annoying attitude
  6. The old wound, especially those "in good time"
Herbal end

In any case, the treatment is differentiated. Combine, such as medicines, and folk remedies. For example:

  • muscle pain the treatment of dry heat, he's wearing the belt from the hair of the dog
  • with disorders long-term use of decoctions of the specific plant charge

Pain in athletes and a result of the wave — may occur due to the re-education, lifting weights and the sharp turns and inclinations of the torso, which results in spasm of the muscles. In this case the treatment is simple exercises for relaxation and stretching the muscle:

  1. You have to lie down on the couch to the side, tucked beneath the head and between the legs pillow
  2. Then, on the floor, "rest," and, holding the knees with hands, pull them towards the chest
  3. Lying on your side, pull your legs at a right angle with the body, and, putting your hands on your head, tilt your head to the belly
  4. Then, maintaining the lateral position, and stand back up and fold the top leg at the knee, with the most close to the stomach. The upper hand take the back of, and at the bottom of the head. Now try at the same time and with the two shoulders and the knee bent feet touch the floor

The treatment can be completed after passed after the exercise of rubbing gels and ointments, and you can also do massage, it is also wonderfully relaxing training congregate muscle and tames the pain.

Summarizing all of this, it can make these conclusions:

  1. Treatment of acute pain should be made by your doctor from the moment of their occurrence. You don't have to put yourself a diagnosis.
  2. To contact for help, you need to have as quickly as possible for possible dangerous for the health, perhaps life, the reason.
  3. Chronic pain, the nature of that will is already known, you can treat at home with the application such as the pharmaceutical, as well as the media. However, the control from the side of the doctor must be, as well as the appointment of a specific physiotherapy treatments, massage, physical THERAPY and other treatment methods.

Your health and release the pain in your life will be less!