8 reasons for back pain. For each problem – the cure

Every person, at least once in their life from time to time, my back hurts. Most of the times this symptom does not cause any concern for yourself passes. But there are cases when you ignore it, it's not that simple. Pain in the back right can be more serious diseases, rather than ordinary physical stress. In any case, to avoid disaster, you need to analyze all the possible causes of pain in the back, and if need be, seek medical help.

pain in the back

The reason for the first. A difficult position during the working

Asymmetric position of the spine during labor, the tendency of certain muscles to the detriment of others, or even just too much "sit-in" situation – all of these can lead to regular back pain after work.

The solution. To avoid this, a chair in front of the work surface must have enough hard seat and straight back. To sit in it you will need to be smoothly, keeping your back straight, do not bend the shoulders and head drooping down. Working height selected so that they are in this the hands are bent at the elbows at a 90° angle. If you wear glasses, you don't need to lean on the table, or, on the contrary, recline your head back.

The house, also, should be avoided "dangerous" posts and annoying moves. Do not wash in the bathroom, bent over in three disaster: use the basin, which must be below the level of the elbow. You don't have to wash the floors "in a stand of a crab" (bent) – only a mop, and with a large enough handle. If you can't get somewhere, you better get up on your knees.

In the bathroom have to be fixed on the wall handle. Mounted above the bathtub and around the toilet allows you to sit down, to get up and out of the water without the unnecessary load on the muscles of the back. At the same time will not give the slip on slippery tile or enamel.

When you brush your teeth and wash it, don't just stand over the sink by bending the back. Better to sit at a stool or to increase the sink in the bathroom for the same the optimum height below the elbows.

The reason for the second. Spin tires from over

It makes sense to give back a little holiday, when the fatigue was evident in full force. Even if the posture is appropriate, muscle, and time are in the same position and cut by pressure, in the end you will push nerve endings and can cause discomfort.

The solution. If fatigue caused by the great andreas or the seat, rec lies mainly in a change of attitude. Your task – to relax muscles. For this it is good to lie down, lift the legs. And if that's not possible, calmly walk away from five-six minutes.

The reason for the third. The muscles of the back are weakened and with difficulty to cope with vertical

Back muscles need to train, to support the spine without effort – with the age at a sitting way of life becomes more and more difficult.

The solution. The easiest way is walking the walk. If you have a long time didn't go walk, start with a half an hour, in order not to get tired too. Will help and the specific gymnastic complexes for the back muscles, yoga, swimming is not the speed, as well as for entertainment, aqua aerobics. And here with the burdens we have to handle it very carefully – I can give you a serious side load.

The reason for the fourth. Discomfort causes annoying attitude of the body during the night during sleep

The bed should be comfortable, allowing the muscles to relax. If you don't stop during the night, always maintaining the same bending of the spine, I had to "keep" in the afternoon, the pain may occur in the morning.

The solution. Sometimes the pain in the lumbar of the back helps just a cushion or pillow to avoid flexion of the spine, which makes the muscles of the back strain, and rest for the night. If my back hurts regularly, you can not do without orthopedic mattress successfully relieves the load from the back. And it's not worth saving, it is better to buy the product of the known company, reliable quality. You yourself to check that the mattress is not false: place the plastic big bottle with equipment and sit at a distance of 30-35 cm from it. The bottle should not fall. There are also anatomical, they take the shape of the body layers. It's great to unload muscle, although very expensive. However, not intended for sleep, it's not too extensive sleeping.

The reason for the fifth. Heavy bags

In an abrupt or excessive load on the spine suffer mainly intervertebral discs: it is compressed, sometimes by pressing the nerve roots. It hurts, and it better be noted at once that such experiments – is not for you.

The solution. Lifting from the floor, the severity, I don't have to be the jerk with the legs straight. Then all the weight falls right in the middle. Before heavy object should sit down, straighten your back and already, with the back straight, gently "to get the weight up". When you need to bend over, legs should be slightly bend at the knees. Tilts to direct feet is also dangerous for the middle. It will reduce the risk of a special elastic belt that supports the middle. If you don't manage to prevent the pain, should be treated long enough: to take the tablets, pain killers, rub the sore spot ointments. Better to do it after consultation to a neurologist. It will help and physical therapy and massage – in the first days of deterioration, and a little while later.

The reason for the sixth. Pregnancy and childbirth

Women during pregnancy and childbirth load on the spine, increases by 2-4 times. Then grown child consistently hangs all the time for mom. And in time, as a rule, is 12-14 pounds. There is no doubt that your back can't handle.

The solution. During pregnancy it is necessary to wear a supporting bandage style, that it's better to discuss with a specialist. And after childbirth should not be neglected bandages, and sometimes and the special zone, fixative the middle. Them, by the way, it is good to use with any physical work. When you are running any business of the house, especially with the baby in her arms, the young mothers useful secured with the use of special tyres corrections, that a little delay behind the shoulders.

The reason for the seventh. Pain in the back during the monthly

pain in the back during the period

The position of the internal organs, due to the increase in the size of the uterus has changed, therefore, the muscles usually support the sanctuary and back, tense in a different way, what it feels like hassle. And if swollen uterus or other organs pressing on the roots of the spinal nerves, can be very intense pain. If to this is added strain on the muscles and ligaments associated with the long walking (especially in high heels) or athletic exercises, the back can not hold out until the end of the day.

The solution. In the critical days to feel sorry for yourself, don't go in for sports, limit machine operation. It is also important to wear comfortable shoes without heels and, where appropriate, 2-3 times a day to take the horizontal position, even for 5 minutes. Don't you also need to drink plenty of fluids, and if there is a tendency for edema, in this period, take infusion of bearberry.

The reason for the eighth. Hypothermia the legs

If for a day or two, until they look like barefoot in the cold floor or the ground, they got out at the minute tights or lung shoes, the pain may be associated with inflammation of the ovaries or pyelonephritis. Here without a serious intervention, gynecologist, or nephrologist can't do. If the pain and quotes sudden burning sensation during urination – is it possible cystitis.

The solution. If you have old was of inflammation of the ovaries – the name probably came from there, as the pain from the lower part of the abdomen can move in the lower back. You have to go to the gynecologist, who will prescribe an anti-bacterial treatment, in waxes or the pills need to be taken weeks and a half-two. For the future it should be noted that in cool weather needs a warmer outfit, it is better to prefer pants and closed shoes.