Back pain during pregnancy

I'm sure every woman, at least once she was pregnant, confronted with back pain, especially in the last stages of pregnancy. Generally reproductive age - is a very complicated process: the body and all the organs of women, was rebuilt, and bear a double load. The digestive, circulatory, respiratory and excretory system - all these will now have to work not only for woman but also for her baby. He touched it and musculo-skeletal motor capabilities of the spine.

So back pain during pregnancy - it's not excellent, but is not a natural phenomenon. Let's see why this is happening and what you need to do, if it hurts especially and traditional painkillers can not buy pregnant.

back pain during pregnancy

Causes of back pain during pregnancy

In the body of pregnant women from the first days begin to undergo changes, which are preparing her for a future occasion. During the pregnancy, during it, the nature constantly introduced any correction, especially on hormones.

So, it is produced by the hormone relaxin relaxes the joints the sacrum and even coccygeal joints. This ensures their mobility, so the desired during childbirth.

But the stability of the sanctuary of the department, when it falls, and a woman for the payment you need to stretch the muscles of the back and abdomen.

During pregnancy, estrogen, the female almost throughout the duration reduced, and the progesterone upgraded - this provides optimum conditions for the neo-diet. Reverse ratio (low progesterone and elevated estrogen) can cause uterine bleeding and miscarriage)

Before birth the level of progesterone drops dramatically, while increasing estrogen

By estrogen depends on the elasticity and tone of the uterus, as well as the ability to shrink. Thanks to progesterone is provided by the formation of the placenta and the growth of the uterus throughout the pregnancy. Every week a woman is gaining new pounds, her belly is rounded and published to the front. From about 14 weeks, these symptoms, covered in thin out, and to hide the pregnancy is already hard. It also changes the walking and the posture of the expectant mother: if you have noticed, all walking with your head held high and open back shoulders. Walking is widely called "proud". In fact, despite the fact that every woman, inner and instinctively, like nature, is proud of the position, the reason is the attitude of the body far on foot: the Centre of gravity of the pregnant woman shifted forward, the angle of inclination of the basin is increased because it increases lumbar lordosis, and to keep the balance, the vertebral column, the thoracic is served back together with the shoulders and the head

Of course, walk all the time in this position is not easy - back inevitably starts to hurt, especially in the thoracic and lumbar spine. Thus, the main causes of back pain during pregnancy is normal and are in direct contact from the same position, i.e., it is typical for every woman during pregnancy. is:

  • Change natural curves of the spine and the displacement of the centre of gravity
  • Increase the elasticity of the ligaments and the mobility of the joints the sacrum of the department of
  • Reduce the amount of estrogen - the main hormone involved in the construction of normal bone structure
  • The estrogen deficiency causes fragility of bones and leads to osteoporosis.

Important tips for pregnant women with back pain

Therefore, important tips, who wants to give future mothers, is:
  • The first thing you should do during pregnancy is to ensure the normal daily intake of calcium, preferably with vitamin D, such as one of the most important in the body
  • Also, along the way, you should be sure to take folic acid is very important for the development of the fetus.
  • The lack of folic acid can cause congenital of cerebrospinal hernia your child
back pain during pregnancy reasons

Exercise during pregnancy

During pregnancy you should also be sure to do your daily exercise for expectant mothers. Aren't you afraid that this may adversely affect your baby or you.

Your child activities will be only for the benefit, as it will improve the circulation of blood, nutrition and even mood. For your back workout will be beneficial, since it will allow the exception to spasm with the muscles, thanks to which and back pain, as well as to enhance the muscle-connected system

Additional causes of pain during pregnancy, Also, there are individual for every woman causes of pain:

  • The presence of dystrophic degenerative processes in the spine, even before pregnancy
  • Uncomfortable shoes, for example, is a very tall heel
  • Other diseases or pathology
  • The uterus is alert
  • A mess of the uterus

Lumbar hernia

If a woman has the lumbar hernia, then it must double to enhance the control of disease, especially in the second half of pregnancy:

  • Be sure to visit the orthopedist
  • To do stretching exercises
  • Wearing a support corset . Wearing a corset also, it is recommended to all women who have pain in the back, starting with a 34-week pregnancy.

The difficulties of the last few months

In the last two months before the birth of the baby heavy for women.

The weight of the fetus is already quite decent, and is increasingly pressuring the spine. Pain in the back can buy radicular in nature and to give in the leg, especially when walking

The uterus begins to come down, and pushing other organs of the pelvis, because women experience the symptoms of cystitis

The load on the kidneys in the third trimester is also increased due to the increased volume of circulating by sanguine purificationis system of liquid and increasing the product life of the fetus.

This can lead to pyelonephritis, or even in the symptoms of renal failure, if the women already had before pregnancy, problems with the kidneys kidney Problems can be an additional source of back pain in a pregnant woman

Increased tone of the uterus

A common problem during pregnancy - increased uterine tone. In general, this phenomenon is dangerous in the early stages, with the threat of elimination. In the future, this is not for women, apart from the unpleasant feelings, of any danger.

For what reasons is an increased tone of the uterus; So in simple, and scientifically sound:

  • The kid just hit on the foot, which controls: I don't fall asleep, don't forget about him, ready for the rapid appearance in the light
  • The stress and the bad mood leads to a ton of not only "the fiber of the soul", but also the uterus. Therefore, during pregnancy should you always try to stay calm and be in a good mood, the greater it is so important for a healthy nervous system the future of the child
  • The voltage of the muscles of the back and abdomen spread and the muscles of the uterus
  • In advanced arise false contractions syndrome (Braxton Hicks)

So it becomes "general rehearsal" in the future childbirth

What medicines to be used by back pain during pregnancy

Pregnant women often faced even with such a problem: the poor don't enjoy a lot of drugs. So, to all of us known that non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, we take back pain, for pregnant not allowed. Why? Because they have many contraindications, dangerous for ordinary people, and in its place - even more so.

If a woman during pregnancy is sick or back pain unbearable?

  • For the treatment, you can use preparations, products of bee-keeping
  • Medications antispasmodic, which you can use during pregnancy
  • You can use homeopathic medicines, which is also completely harmless

If you do everything right and comply with these simple recommendations, the pregnancy should be easy and your baby is born healthy and happy.