My back hurts what can I do?

The pace of life is increasing each year. But along with the themes themselves are moving is not enough, and physical activities, especially, are reduced.

To catch up with it, quite often we delay then a visit to the doctor, and massage therapist, fitness and strength workout, a beautician and a good stay: I'll do it with the first number, by the Monday, during the holidays and so on. Who gave himself such promises?

pain in the back

Well, and the result – back pain, dental caries, obesity, premature wrinkles, headaches...

And with back problems, must, first of all, given that this load is the largest. There is no doubt that statistics show that the complaints of pain in the back, standing in second place after the common cold!

It is interesting that they start the pain in your back in 20 years, and for middle and advanced age, and to say nothing! And then strongly up questions: why my back hurts, and if my back hurts what can I do?

The problems with the musculoskeletal system in the elderly occur 2 times more often from heart disease.

And last, this issue has been touched and the youth.

Sometimes elementary help exercises to strengthen the back, while in other cases we need a serious treatment...

Why my back hurts

Before determine the treatment of back pain, you need to install the what causes this unpleasant and sometimes dangerous phenomenon.

Causes of back pain are quite different. I'll call it here are the basics:

  1. heredity – reduced exchange to the cartilage, resulting in intervertebral discs evil perceive load and wear out fast?
  2. injury of the spine?
  3. physical inactivity, i.e. reduced motor and physical activity?
  4. obesity, which increases pressure on the spine and joints: the centre of gravity is located at the level of the waist. With the excessive mass of the body shifts that increases the strain on the muscles of the back.

If you do not cope with increased load, this will be transferred automatically to the spinal column. And this leads to a deformation of the vertebral disc, with the result that occurs with muscle pain in the back.

  • because it hurts the back of smokers: people who smoke often complain of back, than non-smokers. This is due to the fact that smokers disrupting the flow of oxygen and current in vertebrate discs, which can lead to degeneration and pain?
  • excessive exercise: class, power sports, heavy physical work?
  • the wrong body position when lifting a weight: you often need to bend over to pick something up, but we need to sit down, then the load will abdominal muscles and legs, we have the most powerful?
  • long-lasting driving cars?
  • disorders of the posture and relax the muscles of the back;
  • congenital dysplasia of the joints;
  • what hurts the middle of my high heels: standing wearing such shoes dramatically increases the load on the muscles, ligaments, discs and lumbar spine?
  • because it hurts my back, in poor quality bed and mattress: old sagging couch or mattress wrong distribute the load on the spine, which may be received during sleep, the shape of the letter "C". Therefore, try to lead your bed in order: drag the couch and replace the layer in the most harsh?
  • transition weights in front of him. Common now, bags to carry the kids can also give back pain. Therefore, as soon as you will be able to wear the kids in the bag behind his back.

The result of a desire to be as all — what you have constantly got a bad back and legs.

back massage

So, try not to get involved in a pair of shoes like this: you have pain not only in the back, but and legs, such as the incorrect distribution of loads in the stand leads to increased pieces big toes.

By the way, when I bought an orthopedic mattress, almost, to forget the pain in the back.

But the mattress should choose with independent sprung (independent spring unit), then you definitely will repeat the shape Of the body and evenly d load. Types of mattress and manufacturers is now very, very likely to choose the right one for the price and the quality.

So, the reason, because it hurts the spine, it can be quite simple – low quality bed!

As you can see, there's a definitive answer to the question: what can hurt the back, it's just not there!

Please note, if you Have

  1. legs are numb, cramps in the calves, heaviness in the waist area — there are serious problems in the lumbar spine?
  2. legs numb, feeling of weakness and tingling in the legs – there may be problems with the blood vessels?
  3. numb and pain in the neck, shoulder, hand or head, periodic dizziness and headache, feeling run chills in the hand or in the shoulder area – there may be a problem with the cervical section of the spine?
  4. severe pain in the back, which gives the right leg, this may be a sign of sciatica or sciatica?
  5. bleeding from the bowel or the bladder, burning sensation, or incontinence of urine?
  6. severe pain in the back between the shoulder blades or in the chest, shortness of breath – there may be a problem with the breast section of the spine.

If any of these symptoms should consult a doctor and to pass the examination. If any of these phenomena – acute, immediately called an ambulance.

Even if these signs don't seem To be very strong, should appear technical, such as the principle of the disease is always treated sometimes easier than in the middle of it.

Only an expert can determine what to do with the pain in the back!

I want to draw attention to what folk remedies are a good thing, when it is set the exact diagnosis. And self-medication without diagnosis is fraught with loss of time serious diseases.

Therefore, the answer to the question: what should I do if it hurts the spine, the back or the loin, is: how is it possible to turn to a specialist neurologist or the therapist!

It should be taken into account that the back pain may be a manifestation of kidney disease or female sexual sphere.

First, the doctor should put the diagnosis, it is unique, such as pain in the back treatment is require special!

If you Have been diagnosed with a disease is the musculoskeletal system, you at home can benefit from the special devices for massage. Now that's enough.

And you can just start to do exercises to strengthen the muscles of the back!

If it hurts the middle of my back what can I do at home? Seemingly, have a pain medication, to warm the small of your back and all will be well! But what to do, I just cannot, in any case!

The problems with the back, the most important, during the start of the treatment. And assign only a doctor can!

But if it hurts the fillets is not the first time, the diagnosis is already installed and contraindications for physiotherapy-no, at home, you can successfully take advantage of special devices for massage, the choice of which now are great enough.

So hernia intervertebral, even in the most complex, respond well to such treatment.

It will help You and the special knitted belt, which can be purchased in the markets and better zone that is associated from the hair of the dog. This, of course, not a masseuse, but it relieves the pain.

I repeat that the consultation with your doctor, especially if the back pain was presented for the first time – is mandatory.

Exercises for back pain

exercises for the back
  1. Lie down on a flat hard surface, put the bottom of the foot pad. Bend and unbend of the leg and the fingers of the hand.
  2. On pillow get, bend the knee of the left leg. Bend and unbend the right leg so that the heel slides in the surface. Repeat 8-10 times and change leg.
  3. Lie down on a flat hard surface, put the bottom of the foot pad. Alternately, lift your hands up.
  4. On pillow get, bend the knee of the left leg. Pull the right foot as far to the edge. Repeat 8-10 times and change leg.
  5. Lie down on a flat hard surface, put it under the pillow of the hip. Straighten out the feet alternately in the knees, with the hips for cushion.
  6. On pillow get, bend the knee and both feet. Pull alternately bent legs to the stomach.
  7. Lying flat on a hard surface, bend the legs. Pull the knee of the right foot maximum side. Repeat 8-10 times and change leg.

Exercise with back pain – very effective tool, just need to allocate time and force yourself to participate in this!

In this article you Will learn what you need to do if my back hurts, that should definitely turn your attention to and what exercises for strengthening the back, you can apply at home.

Give yourself a little attention: your health is in your hands!

Cases we have always a lot of our families, of course, need attention, but let's not forget yourself, loved ones.

And if, in the duration can not be determined, because it hurts my back and not taken timely measures, then it may even become an invalid!