Why does it hurt my lower back in women

Dear readers, as it is often when the pain in the back, we believe that it is osteochondrosis. But that's the way it is? Back pain - a fairly common disease, and one of them the symptoms are just pain in the back. These pains occur when the damage to the intervertebral disc , which then leads to damage of the locomotor and nervous system. Pain in the back, of course, there are men and women. Women causes of pain, maybe even more, and sometimes they don't give live a normal and fulfilling life.

back pain women

Well, if not disease, osteoarthritis, back pain, there are, what to do in this situation? Let's see to this problem and to find out why my back hurts women, and if you can get rid of back pain without pharmaceutical intervention? Learn tips.

Back pain - reasons for

The reasons can be various. It is asymmetrical in the spine, hormonal imbalance, the wrong posture during sleep or at the table, sudden movements. Let us consider in more details take a look at all of these moments.

Spine post - this is the axis of the human body, which performs the function supports and participates in the movements of the trunk. Spine. it has curves, it's lordosis - part of the spine, bowing forward (cervical and lumbar section) and a curved part of the spine, curved back (the thoracic and the sacral vertebrae section). The curves of the vertebral column contribute to the maintenance of human balance, serve as a kind of shock, soften vibrations, caused by the movement of the body.

If these normal curves change, then it's the stretching of the ligaments of the device, the displacement of the vertebrae, which is causing pain. Usually the change of twists is going on with the long and wrong position of the spine.

Causes of pain in the back - wearing weight

Heavy bags

heavy bags

Asymmetrical in the spine is more likely to occur from the wear and tear burden. How often do we see the image, when a woman goes with heavy bags, the weight of which sometimes reaches 8-10 pounds. The men, to the knights: seeing a woman with heavy bags, help.

Even if you do not take account of shopping bags products, sometimes women bag weighing no less! Why not just a lady's handbag: bag, various creams, medications, hygiene items, wallet, money, phone There may be and a bottle of water (all of a sudden drink you want) and pack it with a sandwich, Yes, you, women, you know that there is something else missing.

A small child

No less heavy is the child, sometimes too often in your hands. At home, when your baby is cranky, the only way to calm him down, is when the child will take it in hand.

With the development of your child, increases, and the weight of the. They say that the load does not draw. But sometimes some mothers for so long bring on the day of the child, that night I didn't feel the back pain.

For a walk, the child may be, or to put it in the cart. Or there are now these κου'φώματα -backpacks for walks with the kids, kengooryatniki, very convenient for parents, as well as the weight of the child in a sling evenly located across the back of the adult.


During the second half of pregnancy, women are often seen lower back pain, in the end are already of a permanent nature. The reason these headaches is the following.

During pregnancy under the influence of the hormone relaxin going on relaxation of the ligaments of the device. Since the fetus has disturbed the balance due to the increased belly, accompanied by tension of the muscles of the lumbar spine and the load on the spine.

To exclude back pain during pregnancy, starting from the second trimester of pregnancy, it is recommended to wear a bandage, which will not only eliminate pain, but also to serve as a good prevention of stretch marks in the skin of the abdomen.

Female breast

Now in vogue women and girls have a great and wonderful cleavage. But you know, the men, as it is difficult to bear this burden?

In this scenario, it becomes a redistribution of the centre of gravity, occurs relaxation of the ligaments of the device and the tension of the muscles of the back. For this is not the case, you should be very careful approach to the selection of a bra. It is not a trivial factor will exercises to strengthen the muscles of the breast.

Useless belly

Useless belly of a lot of hateful, because it is and I don't look beautiful, but outside of this can also experience pain in the back. This is explained simply. The accumulation of fat in the waist area and abdomen leads to the displacement of the vertebrae in the lower back, with age, the load on the spine increased, pain is amplified.

To avoid this possibility, you need to strengthen the glutes and back muscles, when it is elastic and trained, so muscular corset, which does not give change vertebrae.

Wearing high heels

high heels

Wearing constantly high heels is dangerous, not only because of the risk of flatfoot and education pips away. This is another reason for occurrence of back pain. Back pain due to wearing high heels may appear not only thin, but also the complete women.

This is due to the fact that when wearing shoes with high heels, it increases the load on the feet, changing gait. Trying to keep balance and walk more beautiful, women, unknowingly tilted when the legs slightly forward, so most shifting the center of gravity. From here and back pain.

To avoid this, try to walk in shoes with a little heel go at all. And nails let for holidays.


Too often I see the picture, when it comes to a young girl, which underestimated the line of the pants, yes, in the bazaar, short jacket. And on the way claus! Back in the nude and, therefore, supercooled. And the result looks like myositis - inflammation of muscles of the back, or worse - inflammation of the kidneys.

Sometimes in such pain a few treatments, various medications and ointments can not do, have to run quickly to the doctor.

Hormonal imbalance

It is one of the causes of back pain. Hormonal imbalance usually occurs on the eve or during menstruation. Can cause a change in the pain threshold, usually during the monthly threshold for pain increases and the pain sometimes is horrible.

During the course of menstruation in women in the body is fluid retention, body weight increase, the displacement of the centre of gravity of the load on the muscles of the back, what leads to the appearance of pain pain.

The wrong posture

The wrong posture of the spine can be long and monotonous place, for example, during sleep, when you sleep on your stomach. To spine. I suffered, during sleep, try to save the normal position of the spine. It's enough to put a pillow under her belly.

Incorrect posture during sleep can be, when you are sleeping on very soft bed. Hence the conclusion: to sleep on a mattress of medium hardness.

And how we sit for a long time for the desktop in the same position, say a lot. Repeat I am not, but I note that the breaks must be in every 40-60 minutes. Or will suffer from back pain.

Sudden movements

This is something that does not love our spine, so it is a sharp move. Trained athletes can afford to jump up sharply, but a couple of times, and any sudden movements may cause harm. And what can we say about ordinary mortals, that's the last time you went to the gym for physical education classes at school.

Wake-up, especially of bed in the morning, try not to make hasty moves. The night all the muscles are relaxed and have some time to wake up. Get up from the bed slowly, gradually.

What to do to not have back pain

  1. To strengthen the muscular system, firming the muscles of the chest, waist, doing physical stretching exercises. This will not allow you in any situations change vertebrae.
  2. When wearing weights note that the weight of such burdens does not exceed 10% of the weight.
  3. If you feel this is not back pain, then this is an excuse to go to the doctor. Self-healing is not engaged.