Why does it hurt fillets and taping the sides – отдающие pain in the lower part

Pain in side and back – a common phenomenon, which can have dozens of reasons, from diseases of the musculoskeletal system, which ends with disturbances of function of the organs of the abdominal cavity and urinary tract.

To accurately diagnose pathology that causes unpleasant feelings back to the site blades, you must first determine the nature and characteristics of unpleasant sensations. What does the pain I felt at the same time from both sides in the middle and on the sides, or can such a situation implies a serious risk for the health?

The causes of the pathology

Pain, that feels at the same time side at waist level and at various points, in medicine is called reflected – the mechanism of development is a nuisance for many branches of the nerve.

For this reason, the pain in the lower part, отдающая in other places, in some cases, indicates that the symptoms are so blurred and vague, that even the patient himself is not able to locate their source.


In the view of the middle and the sides are the various organs – is the bottom part of the lumbar then the kidneys, the belly, the genitals in women, therefore, for accurate diagnosis with pain syndrome in the ribs and back, you need to consult your doctor.

Discomfort in the back and sides and can be appear in healthy people, due to the hypothermia or excessive physical exercise, but in this case it will be temporary and will disappear after rest.

The species

Description of pain plays an important role in determining the reasons – each one of pathologies typically has a clinical course will have to be taken into account when determining the diagnosis.

  • Acute pain is typical for situations that require rapid treatment to a doctor, and sometimes immediate medical attention. Shows severe pathological processes in the internal organs or structures of the vertebral column to the number of them can be attributed to hepatic and renal colic, diseases of the GASTROINTESTINAL tract, kidney and reproductive system in the acute phase, a hernia in the spine, neuralgia.
  • The discomfort occurs in chronic pathologies, most frequently in diseases of the spine osteochondrosis, протрузия, scoliosis etc. in particular, if it occurs after a long stay in the same position or physical exercise.
  • Тянущий pain syndrome is a common symptom of the disease of the reproductive and urinary system in females as well as disorders of the function of the liver.
  • In addition, it is often observed in pregnant women in the second or third trimester because of the pressure of a growing fetus.
  • Stupid pain may indicate inflammatory or infectious processes in the gallbladder and kidneys, sometimes for diseases of lumbar and sacral part of the spine.
  • Steep and painful crises are observed in sciatica, протрузия and грыжах of the intervertebral discs, as well as renal and hepatic cramps, spasms in the intestine and other organs.
  • The discomfort you feel constantly, often shows inflammatory and infectious pathologies of the urinary bladder, kidney and reproductive system, can also be felt during pregnancy.
  • Herpes pain syndrome, which usually works a symptom of pancreatitis and other diseases of the digestive system, urinary system, gynecological diseases: severe pain in such cases, speaks of the acute course of the disease, mild – chronic form.

Description pain is a subjective concept, therefore, to determine the cause of the disease solely on this indicator impossible – must be taken into account in addition to the symptoms and other factors.

Because it gives the right and left hand

Diseases of the spine

Degenerative processes, trauma, and other abnormalities of the vertebrae, the intervertebral disc or nearby structures (nerves, muscles) – common causes unpleasant sensations in the side.

Often in this case, suffers the lumbar or the sacral vertebrae section of the spine, rarely the pain may go below due to a failure of the department.

The displacement of the spinal discs

Spondylolisthesis is a displacement of the body of the vertebra on the other with the deviation of the axis of the spine. Generally this situation is often referred to as a "displacement of the intervertebral disc", but such a formulation is incomplete, since it can be changed exclusively vertebrae.

Pathology is developed for a variety of reasons (injuries, age-related changes, wrong load etc.) and leads to irritation of the optic nerve or a total ущемлению, which causes swelling, inflammation or pain in the back.


Degenerative changes in the spine, or osteochondrosis, most often seen in older people.

Due to the impact of negative factors operating procedures of the cartilage of the spine are being violated, because they lose the elasticity and regeneration capacity.


The main symptoms of degenerative disc disease – restriction of mobility of the spine and burning, pain or pulsating pain in the back, including the back and sides.

If symptoms persist necessary apply a visit to the doctor.

Fractures of the vertebrae

The fracture of the vertebrae – a serious injury of the musculoskeletal system, which requires extensive and comprehensive treatment. Violation of the integrity of the bone is derived from the external influence (strong hit, falling from a height, etc.) and is manifested primarily by pain syndrome.

The features depend on extent and localization of damage, but more often the pain syndrome is intense, herpes zoster character, accompanied by neurological disorders – sensory disturbances in the extremities, headaches and etc.


Scoliosis is a deformity of the spinal column that causes a to the right asymmetry of the shape and disruption of the functioning of the internal organs.

In the early stages of the disease manifests suffering and pain syndrome in different parts of the back (damage to lumbar spine is localized on the sides and the lower back), increased fatigue and reduced mobility of the spine, when it began a pathological process there may be a problem with the urination and the movement.

Ankylosing spondylarthrosis

Ankylosing spondylarthrosis (bechterew's disease) is a quite rare pathology of the musculoskeletal system, which affects between vertebrates, the shoulder and тазобедренные joints.

In a number of symptoms include pain in the back and sides, enhanced with the muscle tension and the change in the weather, curvature of the spine, paresis, and paralysis. The disease end-stage, progresses slowly, but steadily, and usually leads to disability.

Копчиковая hernia

Копчиковая hernia is less common than herniation in other parts of the vertebral column, including vertebrae of the sacrum of the department more sturdy and durable.

It develops due to a combination of factors, the number of which are included and degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system, infection and inflammation of internal organs, injuries.

When is the грыже the patient feels intense pain in the area of the coccyx and the fillets that have been given to boca, and crotch, is amplified in a sitting position and not taken painkillers drugs.


Of hernia that often suffer women, as the most common провоцирующим factor of the disease acting a difficult birth.

Diseases of the internal organs

Racing feeling in the back and on the side, in pathologies of the internal organs are called secondary. In contrast to the symptoms of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, not related to movements or change of position of the body, and are accompanied by disorders of the work of the other systems of the body.

Disease мочеиспускательной system

Disease мочеиспускательной system, that can cause pain in the side, include inflammatory and infectious processes in the urinary bladder, formation of stones, obstruction of the ureters.

Depending on the clinical course of the pathology, unpleasant sensations can be sharp, to have a different intensity, and often accompanied by disorders of urination, increase of temperature, general weakness.

Kidney disease

The characteristics of pain in the side when pathologies of the kidney is that you are a little above the middle, often have herpes character and give the lower part of the abdomen, the region of the navel, in the groin. Certain diseases of kidney (polycystic, malignant tumors, pyelonephritis) grow slowly, so they are not accompanied strong discomfort, and kidney pain, and obstruction of the ureter, the pain is so intense, that sometimes causes pain shock.

Cirrhosis of the liver

Cirrhosis of the liver – a serious disease, which is characterized by the loss of tissues organs and replacing them fibrotic fibres, and often leads to death. The pathological process may indicate the pain in the back, which can wear herpes character, but often is found on the right side, bitter taste in the mouth (manifested in the morning hours), periodic disturbances defecation, and weight loss.

Pathology of the intestine

Disorders of bowel function, gallbladder, pancreas, and other organs of digestion manifest discomfort of this nature in the abdomen, the back and the side, but with the deterioration of diseases some intense and sharp pain.

As a rule, is clearly associated with food intake (shown with an empty stomach, after eating or eating certain foods) and accompanied by abdominal distention., increased gas.

Characteristics in women

The women, the pain in the rib observed more often than in men, due to the anatomical characteristics of the female body. In the abdomen the fairer sex are the genitals, which often cause discomfort in the pelvic area, and carpets of infection and inflammation have develop more often than in men.

In diseases of women

Pain in the side – it's not unusual for women with a hormonal background change, congenital disorders (e. g., the rejection or загибе of the uterus).

Other causes believers of the pain – rugs infections, fibroids, adnexitis, endometriosis and other inflammatory processes.

Moreover, the symptoms of the above diseases – disorders of menstruation, sterility, deterioration of general health.


Many of the women, the pain in his side is normal, the norm during the menstrual period – in this case he has pain character, is easily removed by taking antispasmodics and is not accompanied by additional symptoms.

During pregnancy

During pregnancy discomfort in my side and back usually occurs after the first trimester, when the developing embryo begins to press the spinal column and internal organs.

During the first weeks of reproductive age is a symptom can be a sign of hormonal changes in the body, relaxation of the ligaments and muscles, as well as incipient miscarriage – in this case pain wear strong character, accompanied by bleeding or bloody discharge from the vagina, weakness and deterioration of the general situation.

After giving birth

Pain in the lower part of the abdomen, flanks and waist feel all women, no exceptions – it's part of the recovery of procedures on the reproductive system. Immediately after birth can be quite strong, but in a few days will subside gradually, and for two-four weeks to disappear completely.

Characteristics in men

The male population causes pulling pain, отдающих in boca, lower abdomen, groin and legs, as a rule, are prostatic hyperplasia, prostatitis, rarely cystitis and other diseases of the urinary bladder. Among other events, may be noted the difficulty in selection of the urine, sexual dysfunction and impotence, diseases, sexually transmitted infections, there are purulent discharge from the urethra.

When infections of the genital men, the treatment must pass both partners, even in cases, when the symptoms of the disease in women who are missing.

The methods of treatment

To self-medicate with frequent pain in the side, categorically it is not recommended, especially if accompanied by additional events – any activities that can be lubricated picture of the disease, затруднив diagnosis, or aggravate the patient's condition.

Physical THERAPY

Physical therapy – one of the ways to eliminate the hassle with pathologies of the musculoskeletal system and menstrual cramps. The exercise should be performed carefully, it is not loading the muscles too hard, avoiding any sudden movements and the strengthening of the pain.

During the pregnancy, and for gynecological diseases nice effect given by the breathing exercises and yoga, but before class you will need to consult your doctor and review the available contra-indications. In addition, you can do a light massage with circular movements, or just take a walk in the fresh air.

Physical therapy

Физиотерапевтические methods are applied only after the acute period, be accompanied by a strong inflammatory and infectious process, the increase of the temperature and other symptoms, remains behind.

As treatment procedures for their patients, it is recommended that electrophoresis with various drugs (painkillers, improve nutrition and regeneration of tissues), UHF, магнитотерапия, electrical stimulation, mud, paraffin and озокеритовые application. This technical report and the duration is determined by the doctor depending on the characteristics of the clinical course of the disease and the general condition of the patient.

Lower pain in the back and sides may have a different intensity and character, but in most cases it is an alarming symptom that requires prompt diagnosis and treatment.