Unspeakable pain in the back, in the area of blades — the reason?

When you have back pain in the area of blades, with all the various ointments that are found around the house and wait for the miracle of healing. This symptom may indicate completely different from each other diseases, that require early diagnosis and treatment by a specialist by a neurologist until a pulmonologist or cardiologist.

pain in the back

Causes of pain in the blades

Pain in the region of blades can be observed in diseases and injuries of the shoulders and in some diseases of the organs of the thoracic cage and of the section of the spine.

  1. Injury of the scapula. It is more common direct trauma. This is what happens when a man falls on his back, or gets hit with a fist or kick in the region of the scapula. Very rare blade is broken, when he fell on the live hand. With fractures at this level triangular bone, down otlomok under the effect of thrust muscle shifted down. In the area of the fracture that appear swelling and edema.
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  3. When paralysis of the anterior toothed, trapezoidal shape diamond and the muscles, while cns and the nerves of the back, as well as myopathies developed the so-called acquired pterygoid blade. The cause could be a bruised area of the shoulder girdle or injury long nerve.
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  5. Scapula crucial moment, when active movements in the shoulder joint, with moderate pain and unpleasant sensation of discomfort in the scapular area. It is driven by exostosis shoulder blade or chronic inflammation of The chuck synovial markets.
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  7. Osteomyelitis develops after any external damage to the scapula and is accompanied by symptoms of intoxication and pain in the area of the scapula. Often appear deep intermuscular fatigue striations. Prediction in this disease is almost always is not auspicious.
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  9. The tb scapula is observed extremely rarely, and only in adult patients.
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  11. The volume of the scapula is benign (osteoma, osteochondroma, osteoblastoklastoma, chondroma) or malignant (chondrosarcoma, retikulosarkoma). Identify the x-ray study. If necessary, carry out a puncture for the verification of the character of the tumor.
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  13. Neck or thoracic osteochondrosis, in which hypoxia roots cervicofacial of the brachial plexus, and it appears pain in the shoulder, sometimes giving the top edge, employs day and night, blocking full bed. Move on this is limited.
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  15. Unbearable pain in left shoulder blade may be a manifestation of these terrible diseases, such as myocardial infarction or aneurysm section of the aorta.
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  17. Pain in the blades and the chest may occur in chronic pneumonia, pleurisy and lung cancer.

What to do when it hurts the shooting in the area of blades?

The variety of reasons, we're okay, now I understand why self-medication can sometimes bring more harm, than good. Therefore, it is important that the time to consult your doctor, who will appoint an investigation and appropriate treatment.

  • In injuries of the scapula resort to the use of painkillers (meloxicam, ketonal) and the determination of the limb tourniquet. Often resort to physiotherapy procedures (electrophoresis lidazy and novocaine, ultrasound), which stimulates bone formation corn and reduce inflammation in the area of the fracture.
  • Neurological diseases, heals the doctor a neurologist. It is widely used in the massage and electrical.
  • When osteomyelitis assigned to antibacterial therapy, applied surgical techniques: an autopsy and rehabilitation purulent.
  • When tb patients to the hospital in a specialized clinic, which carried out the particular treatment.
  • When volume process seem surgical treatment: the implementation interscapular -chest ablation, preferably with preservation of the upper extremity (upon availability).
  • When osteochondrosis. appointed by non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (meloxicam, diclofenac), a good help in this case, the acupuncture, spa treatment and manual therapy. Good therapeutic effect is observed during the use of an applicator Lyapko. The applicator was developed by your doctor, Reflexologist, lower back pain, when this happens aid the circulation of the blood of this sector and to intensify anti-inflammatory mechanisms. The basis of the method lies in teaching on Nulla exposure to certain points of our body.
  • If suspicion of myocardial infarction, the patient must be urgently admitted to a hospital in the cardiology hospital, where provided, complete silence, when this takes place the treatment antikoagulyantami and fibrinolytic on the inside. Pain crisis is docked, the narcotic analgesics.
  • Diseases of bronchopulmonary system are treated in the pulmonary department. In inflammatory processes applied antibiotics, mucolytics, expectorant drugs, physiotherapy, inhalation. In the cancer research process seems specific therapy (surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy).

In this way, to reveal the real cause of the disease and prescribe the proper treatment can only be a doctor. To avoid unpleasant consequences, you don't have to pull the call for medical help, one of the stages is the passage of a MAGNETIC resonance imaging examination of the cervical spine, to identify the disease and the individuality.

To pass MRI examination — the most reliable and harmless way to get the correct diagnosis. In this type of research with the health of the patient is not at risk, but it can reveal any cause of negative symptoms. To a large extent the accuracy of the diagnosis depends on the available clinical equipment. In some modern centres use a powerful mri scanner Siemens 1.5 Tesla. High resolution photos are taken is enough to detect even the early stages of the disease.