It might hurt the back of the bowel disease

The human body – complex organization. The disease one of the organs can lead to pain in others. This applies bowel. It occupies a significant portion of the abdomen. The disease have an effect on the whole body. So, you may have a bad back from a bowel? Can.

It might hurt the back of the bowel disease

The mechanism of pain

The cause of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract may be an infection, and contact with pests, for example, worms. May fail in the task, because of the malignant and non-malignant tumors, disorders of the endocrine system and other. Sometimes malfunctions caused by hereditary causes. Example – the lack of any enzyme.

The intestinal tract takes up a significant percentage of the space in the abdominal cavity of man. Usually, the affected area of the intestine expands in size. This puts pressure on other organs, including the spine.

For a long effects and the increase in load that results in impaired function of the spine and disturbances in the function of the musculoskeletal system. The same applies for the pain, from the affected area are transported to other parts of the intestine and of the digestive system as a whole. Will be transferred to the spine., resulting in the appearance of pain in the back.

What is risk?

Inflammation and other causes have led to ulcers of the bowel, and peritonitis – violation of the integrity of the shell of the affected area. If it's not broken, in the abdominal cavity of a man takes the content of the intestine (food residues, which are burned, hydrochloric acid, enzymes). The abdominal cavity of them is not protected. There begins purulent inflammation. This leads to damage of the internal organs and for the general infection of the blood in the body. If in time not reveal, comes death.

In addition to this, disorder of the gastrointestinal tract, and pain in the back can be we're talking about oncological diseases. For example, cancer of the colon.

What risk

Other causes of back pain

However, the pain can be caused by other causes. Need to sort out your symptoms. To crisp them to verify need to analyse them. It is sometimes resonate with one another and can talk about various diseases. Requires a comprehensive diagnosis of the organism. Therefore, in every pain, you should see a doctor. Only he can put a clear diagnosis. Beaches of the disease can lead to serious consequences and death.

The disease, which can damage the fillets may be different. This can be inflammation of the appendix, inguinal hernia, intervertebral hernia, kidney disease, prostate cancer, infections, back pain and more.

The women added to this are menstrual cramps and premenstrual syndrome, diseases associated with reduced hormonal background, damage to the reproductive organs, ectopic pregnancy. Each of these symptoms. If for to self-medicate, you can put the wrong diagnosis, and, instead of reasons to deal with the consequence. For example, if the inflammation of appendicitis for the treatment of the back, the rubbing and the planet, you can run a disease and to get peritonitis.

There were cases, when the patients with pain in the spine suspected of the disorder of the gastrointestinal tract and was going to heal yourself. Early treatment to a doctor allowed to reveal osteochondrosis. In other cases, people who do self-medication lost oncological diseases of the intestine. A set of one – self and madness folk medicine can lead to irreparable damage to the health.

Localization of pain

Localization of pain

Part of back pain can talk about a specific disease. In diseases associated with the stomach aches close in this top of the lower part of the back. Apart from this, any diarrhoeal disorders. There will be pain and disorder of the pancreas. The pain should be accompanied by increase body temperature, swelling, pain in the lower part of the thorax and the abdomen.

In diseases of the kidney back pain should be focused around them — in the middle and lower part of the lower part of the back. In addition to this, it will increase the frequency of urination.

The same procedure can be accompanying e, which is caused by the movement of kidney stones and their salts emit the data, causes, and pain due to the intestine can easily be distinguished from sciatica. In this case defeat is lodged the spinal cord of man. The symptoms will only relate to the musculoskeletal system. Will occur in areas that are associated with this. It is worth to take into account, that the sciatica may manifest in combination with other diseases. This may seem like a completely different disease.

It hurts the gut

The intestine is in the abdominal cavity. In the first place, the pain should be displayed right there. The intestinal tract is divided into two parts, performing different functions – slim and colon. Symptoms of intestinal of the pain depends on which of these is satisfied. Different diseases in different ways implications for pains in the spine.

It hurts the gut

It started here, bowel disease will have an impact in other parts of the body. The difficulty is that in the early stages of the disease are difficult to observe. You can get it for a slight indisposition. For example, due to excessive food intake, or alcohol. With the development of begins to feel pain in both the intestine and other organs. They can be of a different nature:

  • Lower abdominal cramps?
  • Pain?
  • Pull?
  • Piercing;
  • Burning.

The disease may be accompanied by the lack of chairs or an increase in the frequency, nausea and vomiting, change of diarrhea and constipation, etc. diseases of the bowel pain focus on the affected area of the intestine. When you post a structures of the intestine, can cover the entire area of the cavity of the abdomen, and is reflected on both sides of the body. If phase loss is small, then the pain will be there. Right here lies the cause of the difficulty of diagnosis.

The diagnosis of the disease

In diseases of the back should an urgent appeal to the doctor. In such cases, aid can have a gastroenterologist, proctologist or oncologist. The direction of the therapist, after a superficial examination of the patient. You will be assigned a series of tests. After these will occur in the overall picture of the status of the health of the body.

The diagnosis of the disease

The tests include x-rays, ultrasound, ct and mri, blood and urine tests, the endocrine system. This is a common diagnosis of the organism, during which the research shall be subject to all the possible causes of back pain. Whatever disease, you will show yourself. Doctor to be able to do this. According to the results of the is determined by the diagnosis and a course of treatment.