Pain in the back doesn't go through. Why my back hurts

Almost every faced with back pain. Extremely rare there are those who I have never met this problem. To a greater or lesser extent, with the problem faced by millions of people, and for some it will be a real problem. Often the pain is evident in the lower part of the back. All of this depends on what lumbar vertebrae take the maximum load from the weight of the whole body.What should I do if my back hurts it?


What measures to be taken, if the middle?

Sometimes to display discomfort in the back, enough for some to sit in an uncomfortable position. But this is only the result of a long stay in an uncomfortable position. It expressed the pain in the back, almost always depends on specific factors, and is a serious reason to contact a doctor.

Without the appropriate treatment can lead to serious complications, until you can get on the table. The doctor will need to diagnose the cause of the pain, after which you will need to begin treatment.

If you have manifested these symptoms, go to urgent appointment with a neurologist:

  • 2-3 days I feel acute persistent pain in the back?
  • more than 2 weeks without improvement tormenting chronic pain?
  • for no apparent reason, all of a sudden there is pain in the back?
  • felt pain in the chest, difficult breathing, is accompanied with stomach spasms and high fever?
  • after the injury occurred the pain?
  • the pain is responding to the leg, the knee joint, foot.

Causes of back pain can be:

  • the project, associated with pressure, great exercise, driving the car, the computer?
  • excessive load in the training?
  • sedentary or standing work?
  • the excessive weight.

What not to do with the pain in the back?

The pain is hard to recover, but if you suffer from back pain, stop to do a few things:

  1. Do not lift heavy objects. If your job or exercise is associated with weight lifting, try to resign from it for a while. Allow your back to rest and relax. Do not let yourself to lift something heavier 2 kg.
  2. Don't forget about the sport. The weights should not, but some physical exercise needs to be done. If you don't mind severe pain, do light running or intense long rides.
  3. Don't forget posture in the workplace. The main problem for the health of the back is the attitude that we take when we're sitting. Many constantly slouch. If your job involves sitting, keep your back straight and your legs and both your feet lay flat on the floor. The screen should not be above your eyes. It is recommended to watch for a while from top to bottom.
  4. Don't worry about the diagnosis. It happens that the diagnosis with back pain, you just can't deliver. Don't worry too much about the cause of the pain, of course, if you don't it becomes unbearable. Instead, try more to move, knead, and try to strengthen the muscles of the back.

Prevention of back pain

  • most often you warm up and get up, if for a long time, you're on the computer?
  • if your dropping a lot of time to stand, lean against the wall?
  • wear a backpack, the severity evenly distribute in both hands?
  • when you lift something heavy, bend your knees?
  • avoid sudden movements?
  • every day do exercises with a twisting and pulling, gradients and curves of the body?
  • try to keep your back constantly straight, watch your posture;
  • remove the pillow that you sleep in a special artificial layer.

You don't have to sit and wait, that the pain will pass by itself. If nothing helps and the pain does not subside, ask your doctor immediately. I'll tell you, how to get rid of the pain and even suggests various ways to combat it.

Treatment of acute back pain

Rather, each person throughout the course of life I had to deal with back pain. Sudden attack of acute pain is causing discomfort, agonizing and painful sensations, it makes the man to suffer.

And the question is: pain in the back what should I do?

In such a predicament, should, as soon as possible, to identify the causes of pain and to immediately proceed to eliminate them. Before you start the treatment, consult your doctor - special. Most often, to get rid of pain and maintain the health of the spine using a special exercise program.

Reading the article, you will learn what to do in an acute or "pulling" pain when you need to contact for help to the doctor, to get acquainted with effective exercises for the restoration of the health of the back.

Causes of acute pain in the spine

The main reason for occurrence of back pain are chronic disorders and degenerative processes in diseases.

  • the wrong posture, "curve" spine?
  • weakness of the muscles of the abdomen;
  • diseases of various organ – pyelonephritis, back pain, sciatica, faceted syndrome.

But, except in chronic situations, back pain can occur because of other circumstances. Often, slight pain can be caused by a sudden movement or jolt. The muscles are damaged, and the ligaments and discs are trying to protect the spine from negative influences, come in a strong trend and then abruptly relax. Is the mechanical failure of the διακείμενους the whole system and each load but with the opportunity, for example, normal slope for standing bags, may be the last straw and cause muscle spasm, sprains, and disk offset.


Other causes of pain:

  • lifting weights?
  • great exercise on the spine.

What to do when acute back pain

When this problem occurs, first of all, stop all movement and lie down on a flat surface, as in the prone position with the muscles of the spine the load is applied and reduces the pressure. This promotes relaxation of the body and reduce pain. Don't worry and panic – any problem has been solved. If you are lying on your back, and the pain does not go away – try to change your attitude, lay down on your side? to find yourself in a position in which you will not feel pain.

In what kind of situations you will need to contact for help to the doctor?

You have an accident, you have all of a sudden tingling in the extremities, it will fall and be damaged

spine – immediately call an ambulance!

In case you appear the following symptoms it's worth, also, to call your doctor as soon as possible:

  • back pain does not pass, even if you change position?
  • weakness in the legs, it has become difficult urination and emptying of the bowel;
  • sharp pain on the left side of the trunk.

Presented situations that require additional help from their doctors. In addition to this, for the prevention of pain, you should consult with a specialist should in these cases:

  • the last time, you quickly get tired?
  • the period of menopause in women?
  • compliance with a strict diet?
  • are you a vegetarian?
  • more than 60 years.

Acute back pain – treatment

Your attention presented with a series of exercises for the treatment of back pain. As to the reasons everyone is different, you have to try all the postures and exercises, to find those who are in a position to help. Exercise on a hard mattress or gym mat.

Treatment of pain – on the first day.

In case of aid of pain when you perform any of the submitted exercise, stop immediately, otherwise it will only worsen the problem.

Each exercise will have to perform different approaches to 3 times, increasing every day the number of repetitions to a maximum of 10 times.

Presented exercises will prevent stiffness in the muscles of the back, will reduce the likelihood of developing problems with the spinal column in the future and will ensure muscle tone.

Initial position – lying, a little way up the elbows. Gradually lower your torso down, and then smoothly back to its original position.


Lie down on an equal surface, lift your legs and bend your knees. Hold this position until the account 10, then smoothly lower your legs to the floor.

Initial position – stand with your feet at shoulder width apart. Pull the thigh to one side, and tilt the torso to the opposite. Repeat 3 times.

Starting position – as with the previous exercise. Make the move back, trying to connect to the shoulder, while a little lift of the chin. Return to the starting position. To repeat also up to 3 times.

When acute back pain active treatment with the use of presented complex exercise lasts two days. Then, you will need to return to a normal life without pain in the area of the spine. If the pain doesn't come – please consult your doctor.

Software function of the spine without pain

For the maintenance of muscle tone and spinal health, consider these recommendations:

  • continue to perform the exercises, daily you charge it?
  • watch your posture;
  • take a walk in the fresh air?
  • keep intimate relationship. Sexual activity contributes to the flexibility and relaxation of the lower segment of the spine.
  • do not lift weights.

Watch the well-being, to maintain muscle tone. Remember that the healthy back – is the basis for the general health of the person. You are exercising, make useful exercise, thus preserving the mobility and the job of the spine without diseases and without acute pain until old age!