What to do, if it hurts your lower back?

it hurts the lower back

Pain in the lower part of the back can make the person is completely incompetent, such as walking, move, or even be located in such a symptom can be very problematic.

This article discusses the possible causes of pain in the lower part of the spine. Describes the manifestations of the disease, methods of diagnosis and treatment.

The problem of painful events in the area of the spine is most important for the elderly. But doctors often hear complaints that it hurts your back at the bottom of the spine, from younger subjects.

Pain is the name for any problems in the body. It is not a separate disease, often, is a manifestation of individual pathology. Various lesions of the axial skeleton are the most common causes of pain in the lumbosacral area.

Causes of pain in the spine and the symptoms of the disease, the cause

Pain in the back, in the lower part of the spine may be the cause of various diseases back. Be surprised can be any structure of the spine — joints, vertebrate discs, muscles, ligaments, tendons.

Predisposing factors for the development of disease is:

  • injury?
  • age-related changes?
  • the sedentary way of life?
  • system of the disease?
  • excessive load on the spine?
  • excess weight?
  • a number of infections.

There are a number of diseases, with which the pain in the lower part of the back expressed more strongly, that it violates the normal way of life.

Table no. 1. Diseases of the spine and their events:

Of the disease The symptoms
Bechterew's disease — chronic inflammatory disease of the spine. Most often develops in the joints area of the sacral part of the spine. The disease progresses gradually. The symptoms that occur depending on the stage. At an early stage, the disease is almost asymptomatic. In the morning it hurts at the bottom of the spine, in the small limitation of mobility. These symptoms disappear after physical exercise. With the development of the disease, symptomatology is enhanced. In an advanced stage of develop typical for this disease deformity of the spine — stop the petitioner (the photo).
Herniated lumbar spine — swelling pulpous core of the disk over the time interval between two vertebrae. The main symptom is the pain in the lower part of the spine. Displayed for infringement of the nerve roots. The pain can give in my butt and leg. There is a decrease in range of motion, it becomes difficult to bend, to climb the stairs. There is a violation of the sensitivity of the skin in the affected area — the worse the feeling of cold or hot.
The sacral vertebrae back pain — degenerative-dystrophic disease of the spine and of the intervertebral disc. The pathology manifested by pain in the buttocks and lower the tone in the calf muscles. This is the reason for the restriction of motor activity. Patients complain of fast fatigue, tiredness. Pain in the lower part of the spine does not allow to select the appropriate position for sleeping, so the body can fully relax. Increases the sensitivity of the feet makes them convulsants. The skin of the extremities, dry, skin.

In addition to the above diseases, pain in the lower part of the spine can cause diseases of the internal organs. Therefore, when the appearance of pain should contact a doctor for the diagnosis and monitoring of therapy.

Methods of diagnosis

Methods of diagnosis

Before, how to the treatment, the doctor must find the cause of the pain. Given the complexity of the diagnosis, which is used by all the possible methods of investigation.

Advanced diagnosis is still in the stage of the investigation and the examination of the patient. To verify this, you will need to laboratory and instrumental research.

  1. Analysis of blood, urine, puncture of the bone tissue. The details of the analyses may show the presence of inflammation, rheumatoid factor, various infections, increase the level of uric acid.
  2. An x-ray. X-ray shows the condition of the bones of the spine, the presence of osteophytes, the height of the articular fissure. So the x-rays you can see the presence of herniated intervertebral.
  3. The computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging. Processes allow to study in detail the vertebral column and the bones, layers consider surrounding soft tissues, to determine the presence of cancerous tumors.

The early diagnosis allows the prevention of development of complications and to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment.

What should be the treatment

Treatment of pain in the lumbosacral portion of the spine depends on the cause, is intended to address. The treatment is individualized.

But in any case you will need to be integrated:

  • medical treatment?
  • physical therapy?
  • physical therapy?
  • folk medicine.

When it hurts the spine at the bottom, you will need to reduce the pressure in it. To do this the patient is assigned to bed rest and wearing orthopedic κου'φωμάτων — corsets, bandages, lumbar of orthoses and time.

People with excess weight has asked the low calorie diet. Should be excluded from the diet of fatty, fried foods, smoked foods, canned goods, pastries and cakes.

Of the disease in its early stages amenable to conservative therapy. When you are running pathologies need surgery. More and more spend minimally invasive operation, which is less traumatic, reducing the recovery period.

Medical treatment

Treatment drugs occupies an important position in the correction of diseases of the axial skeleton, leading to an improvement of the situation of the patient with the right combination of drugs. Medical treatment is aimed at addressing the causes and the symptoms of the disease, the restoration of the functions of the spine.

Price to medicines can be quite high, but without them can not achieve positive results.

Physical therapy

Physical therapy

Almost all the medical institutions dealing with the treatment of the musculoskeletal system, offer patients to ease the situation, using a variety of physical therapy. Physiotherapy is considered as an efficient method, since after applying a reduction of pain and inflammatory processes, improve blood circulation and nutrition of articular tissues, accelerates the recovery of the whole organism as a whole.

  1. Electrophoresis. With the use of galvanic current to the tissue of the spinal column of imported drugs. The dose of drugs reduced, but this does not reduce its effectiveness.
  2. Laser treatment. Enhanced light beam affects the nerve roots and is experiencing neurological symptoms. It stimulates the restoration of damaged tissue.
  3. Magnetic treatment. It is the most effective method of treatment of degenerative disc disease lower back. The electromagnetic field of low frequency improves blood circulation and restores mobility in the waist area.
  4. The focused ultrasound. Ultrasonic waves effectively eliminate pain and inflammation. Have a lifting action on the affected area.

The treatment can be continued in sanatoria, where patients are offered all kinds of medicated baths, of the soul, the mud.

Physical therapy

Physical therapy

Physical THERAPY in diseases of the sacral part of the spine is appointed after an extensive examination of the patient for the exclusion of relevant pathologies and the complex forms of the disease, which can cause deterioration of the patient's condition.

The patient is given detailed instructions for the execution of the exercise:

  • the workout must be regular?
  • rate of implementation of exercises — slow, with continuous monitoring of the health?
  • the exercises are performed smoothly, without sharp movements?
  • can't be changed regardless of the intensity and order of exercises?
  • the classes are interrupted with increased pain in the back?
  • during the pauses useful to hang on the line for a minute.

Exemplary of the exercises that you can read, looking at the video in this article.

Folk remedies

The man feels a huge hassle, when it hurts on the lower part of the spine. Therefore, in the course of coming any ways to deal with this pain. Along with traditional therapy, it is used and folk medicine.

There are many, proven centuries media that help to deal with unpleasant manifestations of diseases of the spine:

  1. Compress of black radish. Grate the root vegetable, to press and mix with the cream. In the middle of it we put the mixture, cover with cling film and tie up woolen cloth. To keep a half-hour, it allows powerful burning sensation.
  2. Honey rub. The middle of intense pound of honey for the normalization of the circulation of the blood. The procedure is done before bedtime.
  3. Increase of temperature dry heat. Sew from thick fabric container and fill barley, buckwheat, salt, or cherry with the seeds. Warm up in the oven or in the microwave oven and attach to the bottom of the back.
  4. The infusion cinquefoil. Dry root cinquefoil medium-sized grind and pour half a liter of vodka. Persist month. Take a teaspoon 3 times a day.

Efficiency popular recipes long been recognized as official medicine. But before applying them you should consult your doctor.

Folk remedies for the treatment of back pain that are prepared from natural ingredients

The situation, when the person hurts the back, in the lower part of the spine feels discomfort, requires an immediate treatment to a doctor. Timely extended medical help reduces the risk of complications.