My back hurts: what to do when it is too strong, terrifying pain

Back called the part of the body located between the kidney and lower part of the neck. Back pain accompanies many diseases. So often, that by the number of visits to sanatoria occupy the second place after the ARI.

Common causes of pain

What to do when my back hurts it? Of course, to contact your doctor. Back treatment do neurologists, orthopedics, general practice, manual the doctors. You will understand the real cause of the disease, the course of treatment. The cause of pain may be:

  • osteochondrosis;
  • spondylolisthesis?
  • ankylosing spondylitis (bechterew's disease);
  • back pain;
  • intercostal neuralgia;
  • pregnancy?
  • congenital and acquired curvature of the spine – scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis is?
  • professional factors?
  • prolonged exercise, with the voltage of the muscles of the back;
  • of the tumor, metastases in the vertebral column?
  • the pain gives back in some diseases of the internal organs.

The main diseases that cause pain in the back, you can combine them into various groups: degenerative-dystrophic, inflammatory, myofascial, rare disease. Separately considered pregnancy as a normal condition of the body.

Degenerative diseases of the spine

Low back pain and spondylolisthesis – common diseases, accompanied by pain in the back. The reason lies in the pathological changes in various structures of the spine. Differences and similarities of honey two diseases are the following:

Name of the disease The pain that they cause Causes
Osteochondrosis The defeat of the cartilage of the intervertebral disc, starting with a gelatinous core. Suffer body adjacent vertebrae with the formation of osteophytes, hernias. Injuries, falls, physical and static loads, age.
Spondylolisthesis or faceted arthropathy). Impaired function of the small (posterior) vertebrae with the formation of bone razrastani. The dawning fibrous ring of intervertebral disc, the pathology of the ligaments. Osteochondrosis, injury, physical exercise, changes in posture and function of the foot.

Sciatica, lumbago, intercostal neuralgia, radicular syndrome are synonyms of a disease. This is a consequence of degenerative disc disease, and complex hernia. Hernia bother, compress nerve roots, causing tension and spasm intercostal muscle. As a result, appear severe pain in the lower back that can give in the leg. Not cured disease leading to paresis. The patient feels "creeping chills, numbness, decrease the sensitivity of limbs. The leg is hard to lift and straighten. Creepy pain occurs when the seat, the effort to raise or straighten the injured leg.

If his back is sick due to degenerative disc disease or spondylarthrosis, seriously, you need to work for the treatment. In the initial stage, especially in young people, the disease is reversible. In the opposite case, it takes years with periods of exacerbations and remissions. Over time the frequency of outbreaks will increase, and the back pain only increases.

Inflammatory diseases

Ankylosing spondylosis

Is bechterew's disease, – chronic heavy defeat of the joints of the spine. Has a genetic predisposition. Often affects young able-bodied men in the prime. Sooner or later, the disease leads to disability. Spondylosis begins with changes in records. With the development of the disease arises in vertebrae, which are firmly connected by connective tissue to a fixed structure (bamboo stick). The spine is fully switches to idle state.


If it appears stiff, blunt back pain, lose flexibility of the spine, immediately contact with your doctor. Development of the disease yet, you can pause and prolong the duration of physical activity.

The Disease Kümmel-Verneuil

The bechterew's disease, refers to a group of non-specific spondylosis. Occurs only after injury. Tragedy of the disease lies in the fact that traumatic pain soon pass. The disease hits non-stop indefinitely. The victim of the man considers himself perfectly healthy. The disease manifests itself unexpectedly necrotic changes of the vertebrae, fractures, frequent relapses, horrible pain.


Specific and non-specific inflammations of the spine, caused by different causes. Specific spondylitis are caused by:

  • tuberculosis of the spine (disease Pot);
  • syphilis?
  • gonorrhea?
  • brucellosis?
  • intestinal, bruchnotifozna stick.

Disease accompanied by destruction of the body of the vertebrae with very strong persistent back pain, curvature of the spine.

Myofascial pain

The name indicates that the disease affects muscle and fascia of the back. With the excessive muscle tension, injuries, disorders of posture, when osteochondrosis. the fascia and muscles formed trigger points. Are dense painful education as lumps or heavy weight. When pressure is applied to the spot and massage you are experiencing intense pain.

Trigger area is active and passive. Active regions are places of hypersensitivity and excitability of the muscle, the fascia of the muscle. Dramatically react to the slightest movement of the muscles. In the passive areas of pain occurs only after pressure.


Pneumonia, pleurisy cause pain back pain. In diseases of the heart, the pain can be given below the scapula. Kidney disease accompanied by long-term back pain, lower back. But for somatic diseases, except for the pain in the first place acting other symptoms. For example, when the pneumonia, pleurisy, appear cough, temperature, difficulty in breathing etc.

Physiological pain

Pregnancy is a natural condition of the woman, full of common back pain. During the period of reproductive age of a woman's body bit radical hormonal restructuring. Increases the load on all the organs, systems, in addition to the spine. Changing emotional situation of the pregnant woman.

pregnant girl

Pain from the middle to the beginning of pregnancy occurring with the threat of miscarriage. Is pulling, pain, sometimes lower abdominal cramps. Pain in the latest stages associated with the increased load on the muscles of the back and spine. The woman changes the posture increases lumbar lordosis – another reason for the pain of women in childbirth.

With the threat of a miscarriage and needed urgent help. To reduce the load on the spine, it is recommended to wear a pre-band. At this critical period is important even in the height of the heel should be small.

Other causes


Both benign and malignant, metastases in the vertebral column, when adenome prostate cancer, multiple myeloma is the cause of unbearable creepy pains in the spine and back.

Osteomyelitis of the spine

A rare disease caused by infection and inflammation of the vertebrae microbes: Staphylococcus, escherichia coli, streptococcal. It attacks various parts of the spine. It most often develops in men after 40-50 years. The disease is with a sharp pain of the victim of the department, high temperature, poisoning.

Paget's Disease Of Bone

Or bone disease, occurs in violation of synthesis and the restoration of bone tissue. Appears on the background of autoimmune diseases, ankiloziruûŝem spondylosis, after fractures. It is characterized by the instability and the increased fragility of the bones of the spine.


If my back hurts, must be examined thoroughly. First of all, the doctor carefully examines the patient. The diagnosis is based on clinical and instrumental indicators.

During the inspection it turns out character of the pain, localization, time of appearance during the night, with the change of body position, during exercise, in quiet etc. take into account the presence of associated diseases, that can cause pain in the back, – pneumonia, pleurisy, neoplasms, mental illness, back injury. Then conducted other studies:

  • biochemical and general blood analysis;
  • x-ray in two or more of the hits?
  • COMPUTED tomography of the spine – ct scan?
  • MAGNETIC resonance imaging of the spine – magnetic resonance imaging;
  • the bone scan – download 2-dimensional image after the introduction of radioactive isotopes and other kinds of research.

The doctor better hurts know what types of diagnosis to do. Sometimes, to figure out the cause of the disease, several x-ray. Sometimes resort to additional, more informative types of research.

Regular treatment

Depending on the type of disease and severity, selected a meaningful way for the treatment – conservative or surgical. Patients with acute pain and serious illness treated in a hospital, other outpatient. Surgery on the spine are extremely rare. Priority will be given to conservative treatment, which affects the underlying disease. When the pain appear:

  • non-steroidal drugs?
  • synthetic hormones of the adrenal glands;
  • muscle relaxants you?
  • chondroprotectors it?
  • the synovial dentures.

Sharp pain relief novocain blockade, injections of hydrocortisone, analgesics. Outside the aggravation shown ointments, massage, physical therapy, physical therapy, manual and reflexology. Good results gives you a stay in a sanatorium. To unload a sick spine, wear especially the corsets.

The pain is not only a source of unpleasant sensations. During the initial period of the disease it acts as a protective response, says that the body is going on is not right, and measures should be taken.