It hurts fillets – what to do? Why can pain the middle?

Lower back pain occurs quite often. Patients say "it hurts fillets", "pinched waist", "back pain in the lower back". If the pain is inconsiderate, she might say, "they were hurting middle", "draws from the middle", "whines fillets". Sometimes the pain is described as a burning in the back.

Of the kidneys is called the lower part of the back - end side, up to the coccyx. Maybe a word to refer to fillet just got to specify the location in which it hurts. Because if my back hurts, in most cases, the pain is fillets.

my back hurts

What can be lower back pain

Often back pain occurs suddenly, short and acute. In this case we are talking about the back pain (legacy popular name - back pain). The pain is described as a sharp, "shooting". Traffic bound, sometimes even impossible to straighten his back. In every movement the pain gets worse.

Attack pain may last a few minutes, and can last for more than a significant time (a few days ago). That may be so, that the crisis will pass, and the pain to yourself and will not stay, but often the pain returns and the person wont, that injury can hurt them.

Lower back pain can be acute (sudden), can wear the character design and it's years. Slack, but permanent pain in the back, sometimes aggravated, for example, exercise, disease, hypothermia, etc., called lumbar region. Sometimes immediate pain, but in the middle is stored stiffness, the patient is experiencing discomfort.

Causes of pain in the back

Lower back pain can be caused by various causes, however, the statistics are the following:

  • in 90% of cases the pain is caused by problems with the spinal column and the muscles of the back;
  • at 6 % the cause of pain is a kidney disease;
  • 4% - other diseases of the internal organs (urinary tract, bowel).

For a fraction of the spine have a majority of all cases of back pain, and this is not a coincidence. In humans, the center of gravity of the body is located exactly at the height of the waist, and when you walk, all the weight almost fully falls in the lumbar spine (in animals, move to four feet, such a problem does not exist). And when the person sits down, the vertebrae of the middle and of the sanctuary are experiencing the same pressure force, with which plunger pressure of 170 meters layer of water. Of course, that this region is particularly vulnerable.

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system, causing pain in the back:

  • a pinched sciatic nerve. The nerve roots branching from the spinal cord, that should be compressed vertebrae. When this occurs, a sharp, shooting pain. Usually, pinched of the roots is made possible due to degenerative changes of the spine (osteochondrosis): intervertebral discs separating vertebrae between them are destroyed, the gap between the vertebrae narrows, and the sudden movement (tilt, rotation) can lead to a jamming of nervous sectors?
  • sciatica (sciatica). The pinched nerve roots can become infected. Inflammation of the nerve roots is called sciatica (from lat. radicula - "stub"); to indicate inflammation of the sciatic nerve is sometimes used a special name - sciatica. With the defeat of the sciatic nerve can be observed lumboischalgia - pain in the back, spread also in my ass and my foot on the road sciatic nerve?
  • herniation of intervertebral disk - swelling of part of the intervertebral disc in the spinal canal. Occurs as a result of injury or degenerative changes of the spine (degenerative disc disease);
  • myositis of the lumbar muscles. Myositis is an inflammation of the skeletal muscles. The cause of myositis of the lumbar muscles may be hypothermia, or a dramatic intensity.

Also, back pain can be caused by diseases such as multiple sclerosis, degenerative sacroiliitis, osteoporosis.

Prevention of back pain

The appearance of back pain often caused by careless attitude to health. The pain can be caused by:

  • prolonged stay in the same place (e. g., when sedentary work);
  • an incorrect position of the body?
  • low mobility?
  • excessive exercise.

All of these factors favor the development of diseases, manifests itself pain in the back. The risk of the occurrence of the pain can be reduced, if you follow the below advice of doctors:

  • watch your posture;
  • avoid awkward postures at work sitting. Preferably, for to his knees was slightly higher in the hip joints. To do this, use a low chair or the brace under the feet. Put a small pillow between the kidneys and back seats?
  • in sedentary work will have from time to time to get up, to move. Make every hour five-minute breaks? as properly as weights
  • to sleep, preferably on an artificial layer (elastic and quite hard);
  • the weights must be due to bending the knee joints, and no back. That is, you need to sit down, bending your knees, and then straighten them, while maintaining the smooth line of the back;
  • carrying the load must be evenly distributed between the two hands, wearing all the load in one hand (a heavy bag) can't?
  • daily you will need to do an exercise that aims in strengthening the muscles of the abdomen and back.

Lower back pain in diseases of the kidneys

When back pain is important to determine what is the cause - the pathology of the musculoskeletal system, or renal disease (as well as other internal organs). Diagnosis should exercise the doctor. However, there are signs that allow you to assume, that the pain may be due to problems of the kidney or (and) other organs of the urinary system. In the event of these symptoms it is advisable to immediately contact with your doctor-a urologist. Kidney disease (or bigger - the urinary system), you can suspect if the back pain is accompanied by:

  • general deterioration of health (sluggishness, drowsiness, the weakness of the, increased fatigue);
  • swelling of the eyelids, of the face. The swelling is particularly pronounced in the morning, after waking, and subsides by tonight?
  • fever, chills, sweating;
  • loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting;
  • faster or painful urination;
  • change of the characteristics of urine (can be made more concentrated color, or the reverse - a colorless, contain mucus or blood);
  • increase in blood pressure.

Also important sign that the back pain that is caused by the problems of the internal organs, and not of the musculoskeletal system, is the independence from the position of the body: by changing the position of the body and limbs, pain is not increased and is not reduced. However, prolonged exposure to upright pathology check the pain can get worse. Matter and the location of the pain. When kidney disease pain is often observed from one side (usually because she has only one kidney). Kidney pain may not be limited to the kidney and distributed in the course of the ureter, in the groin, external genitals, the inner surface of the thighs.

It hurts fillets: what can I do?

Lower back pain that is a symptom of the disease, that requires treatment. Therefore, you should consult your doctor. But in the case of a sudden attack of acute pain ("οσφυαλγίαα", a typical in sciatica), over all, it is necessary to loosen pain syndrome. Doctors advise:

  • use easily the heat. Tie him up in the middle of a wool scarf or woolen belt?
  • take a painkiller?
  • must pose, which allows you to relax the muscles of the back. It is recommended to lie down on his back, on a hard, flat surface (table); the feet should be raised and bent knees, because underneath this to put a rolled up blanket or pillow. (On the floor to sleep is not desirable, it can purge draft).

Proposed stand - is not a dogma. The patient should feel relief, therefore, there are other stops, for example, which is located on the board to put in it the same the knees bent legs, holding between them a pad. You can try to lie on your stomach and stretch my legs, tucked the pillow under the ankle joints. If acidity of the pain managed to pull, this does not mean that the doctor no longer needed. Without the proper treatment of seizures should be repeated, and the situation as a whole - to deteriorate.

It hurts fillets what to do

What doctor to contact the complaint for pain in the back?

When back pain is better to consult a doctor-therapist, because first of all it requires to determine the disease of any organ causes pain. Depending on the results of the inspection, you may need to consult a physician. Can be defined:

  • consult a doctor-neurologist - for an assessment of the state of the spine, back muscles, and the nervous system?
  • consult a doctor-specialist urologist - in case of suspected disease of the urinary system?
  • consult a doctor-gynecologist - with suspected or in the presence of chronic diseases of the female reproductive system?
  • general blood test general urine test - to confirm or to exclude the inflammatory nature of the disease?
  • x-ray of the spine?
  • ULTRASOUND hip joints ;
  • as well as other studies.