Back pain: causes and treatment

Almost every man in a lifetime occurs at least one long episode of back pain, and one-third of adults these unpleasant feelings are repeated regularly. The topicality of the problem is illustrated, at least the fact that for the treatment of back pain every year spent three times more economically than on a cure for cancer.

The duration of the episode of pain is usually about 2 weeks, but many patients have residual effects persist for months or longer. The

parts such as patients that are diagnosed herniated intervertebral disc, disease of the spinal canal, disease of the kidneys, the ovaries and other internal organs, and sometimes malignant tumors, or metastases.

In our article we will briefly describe the basic causes of pain in the back and the distinctive features that help the person to understand that health problems and should consult your doctor.

Possible causes of back pain:

  • the defeat of the spine, ligaments and muscles;
  • impairment of the remuneration and other diseases of the spinal cord;
  • diseases of the internal organs?
  • disease of the connective tissue;
  • depression and психогенные disorders.

It has been proven that back pain tend to occur at low mobility, obesity, smoking, heavy physical work, staying in an awkward posture, the long-term action, vibration, and sharp turns of the torso.

Diseases of the spine, ligaments and joints


Most people with complaints about back pain caused by lesions of the intervertebral disc, the joints between spikes, as well as the same bone of the body of the vertebrae. With age, discs between the vertebrae lose water, it reduces their thickness. As a result, increases the mobility of the individual elements of the spine, which are irritating pain receptors intervertebral joints. I have to say, that often, even in persons with acute "age" changes of the spine back pain no. Often a herniated disc combined with the pain random.

The last few years, more and more importance in the development of continuous pain in the back is the so-called syndrome of the joints with "small faces" — a private form of osteoarthritis, the impressive synovial welding of the spine.

Pain in this syndrome may be single-sided and double-sided, localized around the spine, most often in the lumbar region spreading to the thigh. The pain often occurs in the morning, but during the day it passes, and again amplified after load until the evening. For the first time usually occurs after a strong unpleasant turn or tilt of the torso. The pain increases in the upright position and when разгибании back, drops to a sitting or lying down, with a light bending, the use of props. The syndrome of the joints with "small face" is often repeated.

Often cause pain in the back with the defeat of the spine the following situations:

  • spondylolisthesis – displacement of vertebrae in relation to the other?
  • spinal stenosis?
  • ankylosing spondylitis (bechterew's disease);
  • osteoporosis with fractures of the body of the vertebrae (often in elderly people, particularly women);
  • a large herniated disk (over 5 mm);
  • diseases of the cervical spine.

Insufficient physical activity during the working day — a special feature of the work in the office. No movements, prolonged exposure to an awkward posture causing excessive pressure on the joints and cause pain, discomfort and gradual destruction of the cartilage. Therefore, staff office, it is recommended that you regularly exercise as well as require the funds, protection and rejuvenation хрящевую fabric.

In more rare, but dangerous reasons of pain is referred to the volume, most often metastases in the vertebral column. The risk increases with the presence of the patient of any cancer (most commonly lung cancer, breast cancer and prostate cancer), weight loss, fever, duration of complaints more than a month, over the age of 50 years. Metastasis more often than the rest, relating to the chest portion of the spine.

Another cause of back pain, on the oncology diseases, referred to myeloma. Rare, but there are benign and primary malignant tumors of the spine, for example, a benign tumor, образующееся from the bone marrow, the Ewing sarcoma.

Bechterew's disease be diagnosed at the young age of the patient, morning stiffness of the spine and large joints, improving the situation after practice. The pain often appears on the buttocks. It is characterized by strengthening during the night, so that the patient in the morning can't sleep because of unpleasant sensations.

Back pain occurs with other symptoms, that are observed in the following diseases:

  • psoriatic arthritis?

  • rheumatic disease?
  • juvenile rheumatoid arthritis?
  • Crohn's disease, Whipple's, ulcerative colitis?
  • шигеллез, сальмонеллез.

An important component of a comprehensive treatment is the administration of drugs, the effectiveness of which is aimed at the maintenance and the normalization of the status of joints and cartilage. Injection provides the maximum bioavailability and speed of action of the drug, which helps to stop the progression of the destruction of the cartilage, reduces inflammation and stimulates the synthesis of hyaluronic acid. Thanks to the rapid attack, the result doesn't have to be a long-term courses of the drug-just 20 injection 2 times a year. Apart from the treatment for back pain allows you to reduce the dose and duration of use of NSAIDS.

Osteomyelitis of the spine or spondylitis should assume with long-term fever, the injecting use of drugs or narcotic substances, during the preceding infectious illness or injury, receiving immunosuppressants. Inflammatory diseases of the spine can have and specific nature, that arise in the course of syphilis, tuberculosis.

Identified the so-called indications of serious problems, which require careful examination of the patient:

  • all of a sudden for the first time in life you are experiencing the pain?
  • very intense pain?
  • no dependence of the pain from the position of the body?
  • the pain is stronger during the night than the afternoon?
  • the age of the patient under 20 years of age and over 55 years old?
  • recently moved with a gunshot wound in the back?
  • the probability of infection (inflammation of the urinary ways, immunosuppressants, syndrome purchased immunodeficiency);
  • postponed cancer disease?
  • unexplained weight loss and fever?
  • general weakness?
  • incontinence of urine or feces;
  • the gait;
  • progressive neurological disorder.

The defeat of the muscle


The defeat of the muscles of the back may be secondary: in diseases of the spine, the muscles tense, creating a "protective cordon", holds spine., but of power spasm, and to become themselves the cause of the pain. Often spasm of the muscles occurs initially, for example, with the long-term stay in an awkward posture, or increased anxiety. It's like this: pain syndrome is a relatively benign within and is ideal for treatment with the drug.

Some systemic diseases of the muscles, also, they manifest themselves with pain in the back. These include:

  • medicine polimialgia it?
  • fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia – a fairly common disease that often occur in middle-aged women. It is characterized by spilled pain in the muscles of the torso, weakness, sleep disturbances, changes in skin sensitivity, anxiety, unstable from the chair.

The pathology of the spinal cord and roots

The grip of the roots of the spinal cord, emerge through the holes between the spikes vertebrae, it is more rarely a cause of pain for every 10-th patient. However, when this pain syndrome is stronger and greater, the treatment lasts about 2 months.

Compression (compression) roots cause:

  • a herniated intervertebral disk?
  • hypertrophy yellow ligament;
  • bone increase?
  • stenosis of the spinal channel (for example, due to injury).

The plan for the destruction of the roots (radiculopathy): acute "стреляющая" back pain, violation of the sensitivity in the area of innervation корешка, decreased reflexes, weakness of the corresponding muscles. If grip корешка proven with the help of modern methods of investigation, and drug therapy is ineffective, sometimes resorting to surgery.

Diseases of the internal organs

Pain in the back occurs not only in diseases of the spine or spinal cord, but also accompanies many diseases of the internal organs:

  • heart disease (myocardial infarction, stable and unstable angina, infective endocarditis, aortic aneurysm);
  • diseases of the lungs (pulmonary embolism, pneumothorax, pleural effusion);
  • the pathology of the esophagus and the stomach (ulcer, spasm of the esophagus, esophagitis);
  • inflammation in the kidneys, liver, pancreas, gall bladder.

Usually distinguish these diseases allow two points:

  • a sudden and very intense pain in the back?
  • the signs of destruction of their respective institutions (shortness of breath, wheezing in the lungs, pain on palpation of the abdomen, and so on).

With back pain, specially came up suddenly and is not accompanied by symptoms of disease of the spine, you always have to register the electrocardiogram for the elimination of acute myocardial infarction. Especially this atypical localization of pain with the coronary artery disease is a characteristic of the elderly.

Психогенные disorders

Transition of pain in the chronic form contribute to the social and behavioral factors:

  • financial difficulties?
  • emotional stress?
  • confidence in the inevitable pain of the apparent relationship to the daily job?
  • thoughts about a possible serious illness and disability?
  • depression?
  • the dependence from other people?
  • the strategy of avoidance of the disease, during which the patient has not taken any action for the diagnosis and treatment of the situation.

To what doctor to address

So, for the causes of back pain are varied. Since more often associated with diseases of the spine and spinal cord, when you will need to contact the neurologist. In addition, you may need to consult other professionals: neurosurgeon, oncologist, гастроэнтеролога, cardiologist, surgeon, and consultant. To choose the right professional, you can contact the doctor, who after the initial investigation, you will be able to install advanced diagnosis.