It hurts on the left under the flaps

All of these symptoms, the doctor analytically dismantle, on the basis of which has already shaped picture of the disease and the potential diagnosis. Pain in the stomach, most often occur during chronic gastritis, ulcer of the stomach, cancer of the stomach.

To confirm the diagnosis the doctor in the first series of the appoint fibrogastroduodenoscopy (FGDS - a study of the internal surface of the stomach with the help of optical instruments). During the procedure, the doctor on the screen he sees the mucous membrane of the stomach and all available in this defects. During the study, you can set the acidity of the gastric juice, and to get a piece of the tissue for histological examination, if this is necessary. Often to establish the correct diagnosis is also attributed to x-rays.

Sometimes the pain is on the left under the ribs can be displayed in various diseases of the pancreas. Often give in the back, but can appear in front of. In the process of the research is accurate diagnosis.

Such as pain may be associated with diseases and injuries of the spleen. The spleen is located on the side and on the left under the ribs, is encapsulated in the capsule in which there are many nerve endings. In some diseases of the spleen increases in volume and compresses the capsule, which leads to the appearance of pain. Very typical pain in the spleen for this infectious disease, such as mononucleosis. At the same time with this grow and the liver, therefore, the pain can bother you and in the right hypochondrium. The spleen may be increased, and in certain hematologic diseases, for example, when the leukemia.

It is a very dangerous injury to the spleen, which can lead to rupture of this organ and a strong internal bleeding. Sometimes the rupture of the spleen is not associated with the trauma and the disease and it's happening all of a sudden, in the framework of physical tension or even in peace of mind.

Pain behind the left bottom of the fins can be a sign of disease of the pancreas or the left kidney. The pancreas is below the stomach and has his head (which is located in the center and right in the region of the duodenum), body and tail (located on the back and to the left). Pain in the back and on the left under the ribs can be associated with inflammatory processes or tumors in the pancreas. For example, in chronic pancreatitis pain may appear in the center of the abdomen and give the left part of the back. With cancer in the region of the tail of the pancreas pain can be a continuous increasing intensity of the weather.

Pain left back under the fins can be a sign of disease of the left kidney. Thus, in acute or chronic left-sided pyelonephritis pain can be stupid, aching of a permanent nature. When kidney stones disease the pain associated with the passage of small stones. Such as pain, bear the name of the attacks of renal colic, suddenly appear and bring very strong sharp character.

It hurts in diseases of the heart

In various cardiac diseases, also, may occur pain in the left side under the ribs. Of coronary heart disease and attacks of angina pain bring acute flash character, don't last very long and are removed nitroglycerin. If pain, as they don't shoot, the patient may evolve to myocardial infarction.

In inflammatory and exchange-degenerative processes in the area of the heart muscle (myocarditis, myocardiodystrophy) pain in the heart is usually aching or pressing and are often accompanied by disturbances of the heart rhythm.

It hurts when остеохондрозе of the section of the spine

Pain in the left bottom of the fins can be a sign of degenerative disc disease of the part of the spine. They can have the most different character, therefore, osteochondrosis easily confused with any other disease, can cause pain in the left subcostal area.

Pain on the left under the flaps can appear in many diseases. Therefore, when you see them you better to consult a doctor immediately.

What's the meaning of the pain in the left hypochondrium, отдающие in the back left

What's the meaning of the pain in the left hypochondrium

In the left part of the abdomen under the ribs is the stomach, the pancreas, the spleen. In diseases or lesions of any of these organs can cause pain, отдающая in the back.


  • Pain in the left hypochondrium are often caused by problems in the heart, kidneys, intestine. Therefore, the correct diagnosis must consider all symptoms, including, a description and the localization of pain. Of course, to put the correct diagnosis can expert, and based on investigations, tests.
  • Possible causes for the appearance of pain, отдающих in the back - diseases of the spleen and the heart. Strong приступообразная pain, which often gives on the back, can be a symptom of inflammation of the spleen. And if the pain becomes very strong, sharp, growing when you try to move, and additionally accompanied blue skin belly, especially in the region of the navel, you should immediately call an Ambulance, because these signs indicate a possible rupture of the spleen. Before the arrival of the doctor should be applied on the left side of the patient a cool theme - for example, the bubble with ice or a plastic bottle with cold water.
  • "Ambulance" you will also need, if the pain gives you not only back, but also in the shoulder, arm, neck. This may mean for myocardial infarction. In this disease may indicate difficulty in breathing, feeling of strong terror, shortness of breath. In such cases, it is better to be careful, because the procrastination with medical help can be life-threatening.
  • The pain, отдающая in the back, may indicate diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Powerful fat burning pain, often отдающая in the area of the back, often shows the ulcer of the stomach. Another characteristic symptom of this disease are frequent urge to vomit. When ulcers after vomiting pain always reduces.
  • Pain in the left part of the abdomen is gastritis - inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach. When you do this, sometimes the pain may spread in the region of the back. If the person is gastritis with high acidity, pain occurs when you are hungry, and if reduced - after eating. A special feature: for gastritis often occurs nausea, which is not the case when the ulcer.
  • In any case you will have to endure, and to self-medicate, and should consult your doctor and to pass the examination. Why to put the correct diagnosis and to get the most appropriate treatment can only a doctor. If the pain is strong, unbearable, you can take a painkiller and call a specialist. But neither in a coma case I can heat the place where you feel pain.