It hurts on the right side from back: what can I do?

It hurts on the right side with back can with different reasons. Often the disease of the respiratory organs, urinary tract way, the circulatory, the reproductive system. Only after careful diagnosis can accurately make a diagnosis.

The species of pain in right side to back

Unpleasant sensations should be located where the problematic area. The pain indicates a pathological process. Sometimes giving in a specific area of the body. The pain may be different:

  1. cramping pain arise from the fact that the active contraction of the muscle in hollow organs.
  2. Persistent pain occurs, when it is stretched outer shell in parenchymatous structure.
  3. The growing pain speaks about inflammatory process.
  4. Acute dagger says that it stopped some training, clogged up boat, all of a sudden caused internal bleeding.
  5. Pain-прострел is typical for diseases of the spinal cord, the pathology of the nervous system.
  6. Drawing, stupid, aching pain.
  7. The long and the short of it.

Please note that any pain is very dangerous, it marks that the body of serious disorders.

When cause ambulance pain in the right side of the back;

pain in the back part of the back

In some cases, to get rid of the pain, we urgently need to call an ambulance to save the man. An ambulance is called, if a person signs:

  1. The pain is acute and sudden, for a long period of time passes, is detected on the right side.
  2. Under the ribs was intense, unbearable, the person loses consciousness, has to turn the head, it is irreducible.

Causes of pain in right side of back

When there is a diagnosis it is important to pay attention to the character, the localization of pain. To clarify the diagnosis can only be the attending physician. It is important to take into account such factors:

  1. Back pain in the center right, speaks to the serious renal disease.
  2. Pain in the back below the shoulder blade to the right. It's a symptom characterized by a neurological condition, says that защемлен nerve. When it hurts the back right under the scapula, this means that the man has a serious pulmonary disease - cancer of the lungs, bronchi, pneumonia, pleural effusion.
  3. Pain under the flap of the right side is characterized by severe hepatic pathology or disease of the gall bladder, pancreas. When the pain is continuous, be sure to look at the liver. If the pain for a long period of time passes, when there is fever situation, vomiting, nausea, tight muscles of the abdomen. I mean, the guy cholecystitis. In such a situation, the pain can give to the scapula, shoulder, chest.
  4. Pain in the lower back on the right shows pathological process of the spine, intervertebral грыже, problems of the urinary tract. Facilitates the condition may be only after the person to get another position.
  5. In the morning my back hurts from muscular dystrophy, if a man is wrong he took the mattress.

Treatment of pain in right side to back

Cannot immediately drink plenty of medicines, we must first find out the opinion of the attending physician, do not self-medication. On the right side are the institutions, which are important for a full life. To remove the pain, you need to take a painkiller drug. The pain will pass, since it's exactly the reason.

Please note that the symptoms may indicate a different disease. In this case, it is very important to reach out to someone special, so that it can in a timely manner to protect from complications.

When it occurs severe pain in the right side of his back?

  1. Diseases of the respiratory organs - in the course of the pneumonia, pleurisy, when a malignant tumor in the bronchi, the lungs.
  2. Diseases of the digestive system - acute cholecystitis, intestinal colic, appendicitis.
  3. Diseases of the urinary tract - hydronephrosis, retroperitoneal hematoma, pyelonephritis, glomerulonephritis, abscess of the kidneys.
  4. When problems with the spinal column, vertebral column. When a man osteochondrosis, intervertebral hernia, spondylosis.

The characteristics of the pain with the disease of the respiratory organs

When pleurisy bother acute pain. Purulent form is accompanied by intense pain, faulty breathing. Bouts of pain, which is intensified when the person coughs, moves, speak for the dry form of pleurisy.

Inflammation of the lungs in addition to the pain dramatically rising body temperature, there is a strong cough, wheezing, pain intense. Pneumothorax is characterized by sudden pain, which gives the area of the scapula.

The characteristics of the pain in diseases of the digestive system

The pain is localized behind the right side, she speaks often for acute cholecystitis, gives foreleg, the right intercostal space, the shoulder, the scapula. Sometimes intense burning in the lumbar region. The attack can last several hours, days. Dramatically the temperature rises, bother strong vomiting.

Often the pain can be a feature of the intestinal colic, in this case, But must be taken-spa. Dangerous, when the pain occurs with acute appendicitis, is localized on the right side, gives it back. The symptom is a rare, only when appendix appendicular is located behind the cecum, has large dimensions, swells.

Feature of pain of the urinary tract

The pain on the right side in the back we could be talking about a serious renal disease - abscess, hydronephrosis. Unpleasant sensations may be different, often disturbed by pulling, obtuse, acute pain, can be increased when pushing for the waist area. When renal colic pain, acute, also a symptom indicating coronary arteries of the kidney.

Thus, it hurts on the right side with a back can with different reasons. It should be borne in mind that besides the diseases of the internal organs, symptomatology refers to intervertebral hernia, spondylosis, osteochondrosis, pinched nerve. Often the pain is intense, they pay at the back right side. For the time being distinguish pathology in the spine and diseases of the internal organs, we need to pay attention to the other symptoms - pain during movement, stiffness, numbness.

The pain on the right side of, on the part of the back

Even if you feel pain in the right side with the back, even one time, then this is the first warning for deterioration of health, which you definitely should be alert. Some of the organs located in the right abdomen or right under the ribs, may give irradiating pull of the pain is in the area of tenderloin.

The pain on the right side with the back, under the ribs

Pain under the ribs on the right

Such symptoms can begin many diseases, because it requires constant monitoring of serious consideration. We urgently need to install the floor, so as not to lose valuable time and would bring recovery. List the most common diseases that can create painful stimuli on the right side with the back, under the ribs.

Acute cholecystitis

Is the description of the pain can give the pathology of the liver, gallbladder, bile ducts. Particular attention should be given to the strong, cramping painful stimuli in the right hypochondrium, which will certainly become noticeable and in the back.

If there is a characteristic symptomatology, yes, even the human condition is deteriorating, he joined nausea, periodic vomiting, thirst, yellowing of eye sclera, then you can consider a crisis of acute cholecystitis or empyema of the gall bladder.

When it hurts on the right side, sometimes helping to address a similar crisis antispasmodic in it, but to get involved they don't deserve. Pain medication to take need, because pain syndrome has a strong character.

Acute cholecystitis and empiema gall bladder is a very terrible situation, often leading to death, because we will not need to call doctor in the house.

Subdiaphragmatic abscess

Pain under the flap, which is reinforced with a cough, it can lead to formation of sub-diaphragmatic abscess. The pain all the time it grows, it begins to be reflected in the back, joins a high temperature and symptoms of strong poisoning of the body, the health is deteriorating.

Often abscessing abdominal cavity occurs after closed, open wounds and surgical interventions. When refusal of direct medical care, death can occur from leaks in the peritonitis.

Rupture of the liver, of the spleen

Acute pancreatitis

Injuries of the liver full of intense bleeding. When the blood flows down from the dome of the diaphragm, creates pain impulse of great intensity. Begins to manifest the symptom of "roly-stand-up": the man can't be in the supine position.

Symptomatic picture grows slowly, but even with a small cough or physical exercise happens to rupture of the capsule of the liver, which gives a sharp bleeding, pain and hemorrhagic shock.

Acute pancreatitis

When the disease, the pain appears all of a sudden, it becomes quickly girdle, gives subscapular region of the back. No changes in the intensity of pain impulses to the cough, a sneeze, a very deep breath.

Quickly joining severe nausea. After multiple vomiting may experience increased pain often rises in blood pressure.

Pneumonia, lung cancer, diseases of the pleura

The shoot will reflect painful stimuli coming from many and various diseases of the lung and pleura. Characteristic symptoms:

  • the rise of temperature?
  • redness of one cheek?
  • increased pain when deep breathing?
  • shortness of breath;
  • blue nasolabial triangle.

Chronic diseases

The pain on the right side gives you the back - this symptom is typical for many chronic diseases:

  • gastritis;
  • pancreatitis;
  • cancer of the digestive system?
  • ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer.

The pain on the right side of the back to back

The pain on the right side in the back

The right side is anatomical position червеобразного strain. Exactly this organ with inflammation, gives pain reflects to the back.

With acute onset, when he joined: leucocytosis in the blood, aching pain in his right side, with the back down, there was severe nausea, vomiting, then you need directly to arrange the delivery of the victim to the nearest medical institution. Transfer make this as mild.

If you suspect an appendicitis, and even more, if the right side hurts more louder, don't use a heating pad and pain relief medication. Replace warmer bubble with ice, and instead of painkillers give antispasmodic or to leave medicines in general.

The pain on the right side of the back to back

It hurts the neck and the neckline on the sides

Throat hurts when:

  • pathology of the cervical spine of the spine?
  • diseases of the thyroid gland;
  • мышечном spasm it?
  • carotidinia it?
  • blows to the head, neck.

The pain in the throat is caused by viral and bacterial lesions, anti-tumor processes of different genesis, allergic diseases, low moisture of the air.

  • HIV?
  • reflux, gastritis;
  • the voltage of the muscle?
  • pollution in the air.

The pain from the side of the back below

Typical pain can occur as a result of:

  • pathology of the spine?
  • kidney disease, the excretory system is?
  • pleurisy of different genesis, pleuropneumonia in?
  • pregnancy?
  • diseases of the abdominal cavity;
  • inflammation of the muscles.

If painful stimuli are felt from the left side, then you have to suspect a myocardial infarction, angina pectoris.

How to relieve back pain

The pain on the right side of the back may escalate due to inflammatory processes in these organs, which are anatomically located on the right side of the trunk.

And nerve endings, it is difficult to be distributed and shared throughout the body, can transmit the pain in the right-sided part of the body from distant foci of disease.

A field trip to the anatomy

Spine conditionally divides the body into two halves: the right and left. In the case of interest to us right side. Let's start from the top. Lower skeletal part of the fin works right lung, followed him, is the diaphragm, the liver, the gallbladder.

Below is located near to the kidney with ureter. To wrapped up intestine and the appendix.

All tie up blood vessels, wrapped up neural connections, and is covered for muscle tissues that are hidden under the leather cover. Each of the above organs or systems of the body can get sick.

Hence the conclusion: the pain is right in the lumbar spine can cause countless diseases. To diagnose the cause only the symptoms it is impossible for even an experienced doctor.

Only after going through all the necessary kinds of physical, x-ray, inspection, and having passed the exam, the patient will be able to uncover the root of the disease.

This is only the surface of a huge iceberg, which was created by many thousands of lists serious diseases that manifest themselves with different types of pain in the lumbar of the back to the right.

How to relieve back pain

Neglect signals of the body in the form of pain leads to progress serious forms of diseases that can lead to a fatal outcome.

Even if the symptoms are temporary and will pass quickly, the patient will not prevent to pass medical examinations and to reveal the cause of the disease.